Dying for Fame: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

‘Dying for Fame,’ a Lifetime film directed by David Benullo, follows tabloid reporter Anna, whose report on an influencer turns her world upside down. Driven and ambitious, Anna is a professional who values authenticity and accuracy in her work. When she is assigned to create a profile for an influencer called Juliet, she soon discovers that most of her followers are fake. When she confronts Juliet during an interview, the influencer instead chooses to talk about a stalker who has started to scare her.

Feeling that Juliet is deflecting her accusations with a narcissistic tale, Anna ignores her stalker story and instead publishes the information surrounding her falsified followers. Soon afterward, Juliet is reported murdered, and Anna is overcome with guilt for not having believed her. Determined to make amends, she sets off to find the killer, down a path that will lead her to unveil further deception and secrets. The film takes us through quaint suburban homes, eerily quiet neighborhoods, and an urban landscape, naturally generating curiosity about where it was filmed.

Dying for Fame Filming Locations

‘Dying for Fame,’ tentatively titled, ‘Deadly Influencer,’ was filmed entirely in and around Los Angeles, California. Principal photography began on February 18, 2023, and was wrapped up by March 6, 2023. The cast members seem to have really enjoyed their experiences on the set, with posts on social media talking about how much of a blast it was to film. Let us go through the filming locations chosen to lens the murder mystery.

Los Angeles, California

Similar to a majority of Lifetime productions, ‘ Dying for Fame’ was principally filmed in and around the capital of Hollywood. A sprawling metropolis in Southern California, Los Angeles has been a cinematic hub renowned for its extensive history in the film industry. It houses some of the largest and most specialized filming studios and backlots in the world, some of which are used in the creation of Lifetime movies. One such destination was likely used in the creation of ‘ Dying for Fame’ as well.

The city’s versatile settings from scenic beaches and bustling downtown streets to the palm-lined boulevards of Beverly Hills, make it a fitting destination for the filming of Lifetime crime thrillers. In addition to the availability of diverse urban neighborhoods, experienced film crews, and supportive filming policies make the city a quintessential center for cinematic storytelling. Some  prominent murder mystery movies to have been filmed in Los Angeles include, ‘L.A. Confidential,’ ‘Se7en,’ ‘The Killer,’ ‘The Night Walker,’ and ‘Gone Girl.’ Lifetime’s ‘Secret Love Triangle’ also found a comprehensive shooting destination in the city.

Dying for Fame Cast

The film is led by Dylan Raine essaying the role of Anna. This is Dylan’s debut feature film, and she shared her excitement on social media after finishing its shooting, saying, “That’s a wrap on my first feature film! I’m so lucky to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew, very excited for what’s to come.” She is joined by Amelie Anstett acting the part of Juliet, and Kristina Clifford enacting Meg. An actress, dancer, and model based out of Los Angeles, Anstett is known for the YouTube series ‘Chicken Girls,’ and ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof.’ Kristina Clifford has previously appeared in ‘Butt Boy,’ ‘Dark Light,’ and ‘Tiny Cinema.’

Nick Ritacco acts out Ryan Tate; the budding actor has gained experience essaying the roles of Massey in ‘Homeland,’ ICE Agent Rob O’Leary in ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ and Officer James in ‘Deadly Girls Night Out.’ Supporting cast members include Daniel Bisla as Front Deskman, Ron Bregenzer as Handyman, Shane Campayne as Artie, Megan Henry as Lex, Ian S. Peterson as Club Guy, Ty Trumbo as Holden, and Terry Woodberry as News Editor.

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