Lifetime’s Danger Lurking Under My Roof: Filming Locations and Cast Details

The John Murlowski directorial, Lifetime’s ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof,’ is a thriller movie that follows Roxanne Robinson who believes in the notion that charity begins at home. So, she doesn’t hesitate to welcome new neighbors — Ella and Lucy — and rehome them in the garden of her perfect family home. However, when her teenage daughter, Macie, goes missing, she instantly regrets her decision to let Ella and Lucy get close to her family as the two are the prime suspects in the case.

Alternately titled ‘Deadly Debt’ and ‘Living Next to Danger,’ the movie touches on some important subject matter worth diving into, including how blind trust in strangers can be dangerous to one’s loved ones. When it comes to the setting, most of the action takes place in the residence of Roxanne and the surrounding areas, making one wonder where exactly the Lifetime movie filmed.

Danger Lurking Under My Roof Filming Locations

‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof’ was filmed entirely in California, particularly in and around Los Angeles. As per reports, principal photography for the thriller movie commenced in December 2022 and seemingly wrapped up within the same month. Given the vast and versatile terrains as well as its connections with the Hollywood industry, California makes for a suitable filming site for different productions, including ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof.’ Now, without much ado, let’s find out more about the specific locations where the Lifetime movie was shot!

Los Angeles, California

Almost all the pivotal sequences for ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof’ were lensed across the city of Los Angeles. The production team supposedly roamed through numerous neighborhoods and streets of the Entertainment Capital of the World and set up camp to tape different important scenes against suitable backdrops. While several interior portions were recorded on location, it is possible that a few of them were shot in one of the film studios situated in and around Los Angeles, such as Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures Studio, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studio, and Raleigh Studios Hollywood, to name a few.

Since there are several exterior scenes throughout the movie, chances are high that you spot some local landmarks in the backdrop. Some of the attractions that you might want to watch out for are the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles City Hall, Griffith Observatory, Olvera Street, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the US Bank Tower. Besides ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof,’ LA’s locales have been featured in several film and TV projects, including ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ ‘Memento,’ ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’ and ‘Scandal.’

Danger Lurking Under My Roof Cast

In the Lifetime film, Kristi Murdock essays the character of Roxanne Robinson, whose teenage daughter goes missing. Throughout her acting career, Kristi has had several notable film and TV projects to her name, including ‘Secrets on Sorority Row,’ ‘Furry Little Christmas,’ ‘Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Hazardous Duty,’ ‘Husband, Wife, and Their Lover,’ ‘Spring Break Nightmare,’ ‘Picture Her Dead,’ and ‘Abandon Ship.’

Meanwhile, Noémi VanSlyke portrays Macie Robinson, the missing daughter of Roxanne. Other than ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof,’ she has been a crucial part of the cast of another Lifetime production titled ‘My Diary of Lies,’ where she plays the role of Natalie. The thriller movie also features other actors in supporting yet important roles, such as James Hyde, Sassan Saffari (Detective Davis), Amelie Anstett (Lucy), Alisha Ricardi (Ella), Jordan Hubbard (Officer South), Grace Aubry (Sasha), Noah Brown (Ryan), and Brian Robert Burns (John Carter).

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