Lifetime’s Dying in Plain Sight: Filming and Cast Details

Helmed by Michelle Ouellet, ‘Dying in Plain Sight‘ is a story based on the true events, of an overweight girl pressured into dieting to the point of developing a life-threatening eating disorder. Morgan is a high school student with obesity whose mother, Kim, has recently gone through a divorce. Kim draws Morgan into her routine by focusing on eating clean as a coping mechanism. When immediate results are not apparent for Morgan, she is told that she simply needs to try harder. Relying on ill-informed friends, Morgan uses various unhealthy methods to completely stop eating.

The side effects of Morgan’s unhealthy crash diet hit her hard, ultimately leading her to collapse and be rushed to a hospital. She is found to be severely malnourished, with acute kidney failure and a low red blood cell count. The emotional film explores the social taboo related to obesity, and the simplistic thinking regarding fitness prevalent in society. Through Morgan’s experience, we come to understand the unbearable pressure and humiliation often attached to weight. The Lifetime movie draws us into Morgan’s daily life, covering various facets of her struggle in her home, school, gym, and even while hanging out with friends.

Where Was Dying in Plain Sight Filmed?

‘Dying in Plain Sight’ was filmed in and around the city of Calgary in Alberta. Filming likely began in October of 2023, and was wrapped up by November 4 of the same year. The cast and crew appear to have found working on the film to be quite fulfilling. For actress Nicola Correia-Damude, who is also a fitness influencer, working on the film was a deeply personal affair. “Making this movie was such an incredible experience. As someone who has lived with eating disorders most of my life, telling this story meant so much to me,” she posted.

Nicola Correia-Damude added, “It is such an honest and uncensored look at how our culture and the toxic beauty and wellness industries have robbed generations of women of our confidence and self-love.” Let’s take a closer look at the locations used for the creation of this film.

Calgary, Alberta

A cosmopolitan town steeped in Western culture, Calgary served as a comprehensive filming location for ‘Dying in Plain Sight.’ Most of the film’s cast and crew and crew, along with the production company, are based in the city. Polyscope Productions, partly responsible for the movie’s creation, is located at 10 Vandoos Villas Northwest, Calgary. The film crew made use of various urban locations around the metropolitan city to set the backdrop for the Lifetime movie.

Nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, this vibrant city, known for its friendly locals and stunning landscapes, offers a diverse array of locations to capture the gripping narrative. Calgary’s skyline, featuring modern architecture juxtaposed against the majestic backdrop of the Rockies, provides filmmakers with a dynamic canvas for lensing impactful sequences. The downtown core, with its sleek skyscrapers and bustling streets, provides a contemporary backdrop for cinematic narratives.

Calgary’s proximity to natural wonders such as Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country further expands the scope of cinematic possibilities. Filmmakers can seamlessly transition from urban scenes to breathtaking mountainous backdrops, providing a diverse range of settings within a short drive. A thriving film community, coupled with film-friendly policies and efficient permit processes, makes Calgary an attractive destination for filmmakers. The city’s support extends to local talent, both in front of, and behind the camera, contributing to a collaborative and welcoming atmosphere for film production. As such a number of prominent shows and movies have been shot in the city, including ‘Fargo,’ ‘The Last of Us,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife,’ ‘The Revenant,’ and ‘Prey.’

Dying in Plain Sight Cast

The film is led by Raffa Virago, who essays the character of Morgan Cruz. The actor can also be seen in ‘Macy Murdoch’ as Billie and ‘Fellow Travelers’ as Gloria. In the Lifetime production, Nicola Correia-Damude takes up the role of Kim Cruz. She has had a decades-spanning acting career, with productions like ‘Shadowhunters,’ ‘Burden of Truth,’ ‘The Boys,’ and ‘Coroner’ to her name. Carlos Gonzalez-Vio joins the production by stepping into the character of Nick Cruz. You may have seen him as Cortázar in ‘The Expanse,’ Lucas Guerrero in ‘Designated Survivor,’ Dr. Silva in ‘Orphan Black,’ and T-Town in ‘Kidnap Capital.’

Supporting cast members for the film include Raven Dauda as Jenn Owens, Anna Cummer as Olivia, Adrianna Di Liello as Emmy Harrison, Yanna McIntosh as Ms. Norris, Barb Mitchell as Dr. Franklin, David LeReaney as Dr. Shoemacher, Mykayla Lumby as Madison, Lorelai Carey as Aimee Woodhouse, and Shawn Seward as Gage Hill. Additionally, the film also features Jenny Steele as Erika Sloan, Susan Serrao as Rhonda Hill, Dwight Layne as Nurse, Tyler Duffy as Security Guard, Sonia Deleo as Group Leader, Steven Miller, Mackenzie Sutton as Plus-Sized Woman, Kendra Sargeant as Thin Woman, Cara Azevedo as Support Group Member, and Elizabeth Longshaw as Amber.

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