Echo 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Echo 3‘ is created by Mark Boal. The action thriller series unfolds the events after Amber, a research scientist, gets kidnapped in Colombia. Consequently, the situation gets tense for Prince and Bambi as they follow her into the wilderness to rescue her. Episode 7 of the series is titled ‘Red Is Positive, Black Is Negative.’ This episode witnesses Prince and Bambi’s further attempts to extract Amber from the black site facility and bring her home safely. We see a few known faces make a comeback into the plot of this episode and, by extension, into the series. If the happenings have left you somewhat confused, then don’t worry because we have broken the episode down for you. Let’s dive into the details. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Echo 3 Episode 7 Recap

‘Echo 3’ Episode 7, titled ‘Red Is Positive, Black Is Negative,’ opens with Prince and Bambi at a safe house. They call their teammate, Roy, to help out as a reinforcement. Prince and Bambi have Momo tied up in one room of the house, and they are waiting for Tariq to call. They wait patiently and try to keep their heads straight for the upcoming action plan.

In the meanwhile, Violeta, the journalist who helps Bambi send a message to the rebel troops, is featured in the episode. She has nightmares from the camp where she was kept. The extensive camera and security setup convey how scared and terrified she has become after the kidnapping. She goes to work despite her husband questioning her mental condition. Violeta is working on a story that talks about the kidnapping in Medellin (Momo’s kidnapping).

On the other hand, Bambi’s mother, Maggie, comes to Colombia. Bambi is scared for her safety, so he keeps her close. He tells her the truth about their current situation. As Bambi and Prince head out to run some errands, three strange men enter the safe house. It seems that their sole objective is to get Momo out. They kill Roy and go to rescue Momo. At the last second, Maggie wields a gun and kills the remaining intruder.

Prince and Bambi come back home to a scene of blood and dead bodies. Bambi ensures Maggie’s safety and sends her back home. The duo resolves to take some difficult steps to get their voice heard. They take Momo to a remote setting outside the country. Mitch arrives at the location to see the progress. However, he leaves after calling Tariq. Momo’s ultimate fate and Prince and Bambi’s final plan are revealed in the episode’s climax.

Echo 3 Episode 7 Ending: Do Prince and Bambi Kill Momo?

After Mitch leaves, Prince and Bambi connect a car battery to his penis to torture him. Tariq witnesses the horrors on the phone, but he does not even lift a finger to help his brother. Prince and Tariq get into a heated argument. At first, Tariq claims that his hands are tied and that he cannot do anything to save Amber. But, as the argument progresses, his claims change as he mentions he doesn’t wish to let Amber go.

Prince gets enraged and threatens to shoot Momo. Bambi stops him at the last second. Prince and Bambi realize that this plan was useless since Tariq already disowned his brother. Furthermore, Momo is saddened to see his brother leave him to the enemies. Tariq claims that his family left Momo because he is disloyal and never respected what they stood for.

Consequently, this situation proves how ruthless and merciless some people can be. Tariq witnessed his brother getting horribly tortured, but his party and his political agenda were more important to him. Although Prince and Bambi don’t shoot Momo, they work towards executing Plan B.

Why Does Bambi Contact Agent Foster?

The last time we saw Agent Foster was when Prince and Bambi arrive in Colombia and get the lay of the land. Foster works at the American Embassy and she briefed them about the situation. Prince and Bambi’s Plan B is extremely intricate and involves a lot of illegal activities. As a last resort, the duo plans to extract Amber from the black site facility in the midst of guards and heavy security.

Bambi gets in touch with Foster to request her to cut off the facility’s communication radio to the Venezuelan army. He informs her that he needs 2 hours to get to the facility and execute his plan. Foster is reluctant to agree as she does not have that authority. Furthermore, she hints towards looking at the bigger picture. She mentions Mitch’s involvement in Momo’s kidnapping and tries to make Bambi understand the risks of his actions.

Ultimately, Foster agrees to cut the comms for only 48 minutes. Bambi has no choice but to accept the terms and work towards getting his sister out. In the meanwhile, Prince gathers a team of experienced men to perform the extraction. He lured them with money and offers to pay them a lot after the work is done.

These ample efforts showcase Prince and Bambi’s dedication toward Amber. She is indeed the heart of the family, and the duo will do anything to save her. From killing people to risking their own lives, Prince and Bambi will stop at nothing to see Amber out of the horrendous facility.

What Is Violeta’s Story About?

As we already know, Violeta is a successful journalist in Colombia. She is respected and idolized by many people for the work she does. After she gets to know about the kidnapping in Medellin, she strives to write a story about the incident to get the truth out. She is working on this article for the Times newspaper. Prince and Bambi are responsible for the kidnapping, and everyone knows that now because of Twitter. Their pictures from the stadium are all over social media. The thing that concerns Violeta the most is the government and law enforcement’s inability to take action.

Violeta ponders upon the country’s trajectory as they are going backward, instead of forward. She writes an all-exposed truth of the incident and even takes a statement from the country’s President. He does not reveal anything and stays silent in his opinion of the situation. Hence, Violeta gets more suspicious. Agent Foster comes to visit her as well. Violeta figures out that Foster is helping the American men in executing their plan. Ultimately, Violeta’s story does not get published because of the CIA’s involvement. A person high in the chain of command pulls the story, and Violeta is angered over her country’s status in front of the United States of America. Thus, her suspicion is consolidated that her country is not doing enough to get out from under the USA’s thumb.

Eventually, this proves how corrupt and powerless some agencies can be. Once an order from the higher-ups comes to them, they have to follow the order nonetheless. Nobody can rebel or question the authority as that leads to getting vanished or even death. Violeta sees no other option, but to drop the story she worked so hard on.

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