9 Hot Anime Games You Must Play

Sex games have always been a major part of the underground gaming scene ever since the inception of the industry, as has been the case with every other popular media platform. However, unlike other mediums, sex themes have not really taken off in games primarily because of the fact that gaming as a whole is targeted towards a younger audience in general. Still, developers continue to toy with the idea with various AAA games now, including small sections that cater to a more adult audience. However, they are few and far between and therefore, smaller independent developers have taken it upon themselves to fill up that gap. Hence, we decided to compile a list of these lesser known ones that have a unified focus on sex, you know, for the benefit of the entire community! Let us know if you have any other games in mind and we will definitely check it out. Here’s the list of best anime sex games. The list includes free anime sex games, 3D animated sex games and gay anime sex games.

9. Ryoujoku Jinmon Reipu Fukushuu Hen

Okay, so a major flag alert for this one! The first few titles contain questionable material, so please proceed at your own risk. Ryoujoku Jinmon Reipu Fukushuu Hen is a sex themed adventure video game developed and published by Liquid in the year 2008 in Japan. It gathered somewhat of a cult status due to its violent pornographic theme during the first couple of years before spreading like wildfire among the community. The game has been repeatedly bashed by critics and gamers alike due to its sexist and violent sexual themes that really degrade women.

The whole gameplay revolves around the simulation of a guy having his way with women without consent. It is evident that fetish plays an important role behind the development of such titles without any second thoughts behind moral values. Considering all of this, it is actually a pretty in-depth simulation. It can clearly be understood that a lot of time and effort have been put into the development of this title, with even more fans dedicating their time to improve it. As a result, there are several mods available for the game, which change the core gameplay along with customizing the characters. This is one title you should definitely check out at your own discretion and don’t go around blaming us for introducing you to it. You have been warned!

8. Slavemaker

While we are on the topic of questionable games, let’s get Slavemaker’ out of the way. ‘Slavemaker’ is an adult themed fan made parody of the relatively popular title ‘Princess Maker’. Even though the game play elements of this one are more tamed than the one we talked about before, it still manages to break its way out of what is socially acceptable.

The main purpose of the game is to train slaves so that they are adept with day-to-day activities. Now, while we in no way support a game which simulates the training of slaves and eventually selling them off in the market, we cannot deny that the gameplay here is extremely addictive. This is not because of the theme of the game but because of the gameplay alone. If the developers happened to stick the same gameplay elements on top of any other non-sexual game, even then it would turn out to be extremely addictive. This speaks volumes about the amount of effort and dedication that have been put forward into the project and we wholeheartedly wish the game developers would channel their efforts towards a more socially acceptable cause so that the rest of the gaming community can benefit from it.

There are several slaves that you need to train during the course of the game, each having their own specifications and a set amount of time. Training takes place in the form of several activities with sexual ones getting preference above others. In-game items such as clothes, outfits and potions help you along the way in your attempt to create the perfect slave. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’ll say my life, but oh well!

7. Babysitting Cream

Furrie alert on this one! If you happen to be one of those people who get really triggered by furries, then we highly suggest that you stay away from it. ‘Babysitting Cream’, as the title suggests, is an adult themed babysitting game that revolves around the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ universe. Developed and coded by well known underground indie game developers Aval0nX and Avian, it is considered to be one of the more accessible and tame furries out there.

The project started back in the year 2013 when the stable version 1.01 was released and still continues to this day. The latest update posted by the developers on their official blog page was on the 30th of January 2019, so it’s safe to say that the project is not dead. You play as Sonic, who is approached by his next door neighbour, Vanilla the Rabbit to babysit Cream as she needs to go away for the weekend. The usual babysitter, Amy, is busy at the moment, so Vanilla is really in a tough spot. She promises to thank Sonic when she returns, if he manages to complete the task at hand. Since she has promised ‘big’ rewards when she returns and is also providing all the expenses and commodities required for the task, this is an opportunity to die for. She hands over the keys to Sonic and leaves him hanging on the doorway alone with his thoughts and promises of things to come.

6. Sentimental Shooting

‘Sentimental Shooting’ is one of those rare sex themed games that can actually be called a game. It contains all the elements that make up a game at its core, while decorating the shell with adult themes. This makes for a perfect sex themed game that you can actually enjoy instead of simulating sex or training slaves. It plays like an old school shoot em up where you are required to control a flying vehicle that’s traversing through enemy territory. On the background, there are several good looking scantily dressed women who lose their clothing as you progress through the levels. There are enemies all over the screen whom you need to constantly blow up in order to protect yourself from their line of fire.

However, the biggest challenge is not being able to shutdown every last one of your enemies but in averting your eyes from the destruction which are those beautiful women. This is an extremely frustrating part of the gameplay and the loud and vibrant background score does not help either. You will find yourself constantly shifting your focus from your enemies towards your otherworldly goals, killing yourself in the process. This aspect of the gameplay is extremely hilarious and we highly recommend that you try it out for yourself.

5. X Tetris

X Tetris is another sexual themed adult video game that really manages to challenge your focus and concentration. The concept is very original and it manages to keep the game play interesting. This is not something we can say about most adult themed sex games. It is extremely fun to play and the background score is lewd at best, holding true to its roots of indie sex games. You will not face any of the boring old blocks that you are used to while playing ‘Tetris’. Instead, they have all been replaced by men and women dolls that have been stripped down to their bare minimum.

The purpose of the game is to align two characters so that they are able to have sex, resulting in them being wiped out from the board. We have never played a Tetris game that’s so hilariously original. We were actually surprised with the amount of changes in the title, so much so that it feels like a new game in itself. A bit of credit here must be given to the developers for reinventing a classic in such a manner. If you are looking for a casual sex themed game, then we highly recommend that you place this one high up on your wishlist. Just remember to turn the volume down if you’re playing this in your office (not recommended!).

4. Corruption of Champions

May we interest you in a title that literally abbreviates down to ‘CoC’? No we aren’t kidding or trying to put you down in any manner; this actually is a game and also happens to be quite popular among the indie adult sex gaming community. ‘Corruption of Champions’ is a text based online erotic flash game that found popularity due to its in-depth role playing mechanics. You are the chosen one in a village that has a long history of sending champions to the demons in order to protect it. This year you have been chosen and hence you must make your way through the portal to the world of the demons in order to subdue them.

In the beginning, you are presented with a character creation screen where you are able to customize the various attributes of your character, which will have an underlying effect on the gameplay. As you progress through the game and level up, you are able to select several perks for your character that provides it with additional powers. As your character becomes more powerful, you will not only be able to crush your foes but also humiliate them in ways that will seriously question your morals. The experience is very old school and will definitely take you back to the days when games were just lines of text, so don’t go around expecting hand drawn graphics or art.

3. Trials in Tainted Space

If ‘CoC’ is something that does not manage to spin your interests, then how about we offer you some ‘TiTS’ instead? Man, this will never get old! However, all puns aside, ‘Trials in Tainted Space’ is another well made text based online adult sex game developed by Fenoxo, the same guy who made ‘CoC’. Often considered to be the sequel to ‘Corruption of Champions’, the gameplay is extremely similar and reminiscent of the latter title. You are able to create your own character and customize its various attributes that have an overall effect on how your character behaves.

Things then get more interesting as you go on an extensive sci fi adventure where you will encounter several characters with various abilities. You need to take them down in a linear fashion in order to gain experience and level up. There are various items that will help you along the way, such as toys and consumables. In addition, you are also able to customize your armor, melee weapons, ranged weapons, shield, clothing as well as your undergarments. This is one game you should definitely try out if you’re looking for an extensive text based sex themed experience.

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2. Date Ariane

Date Ariane’ is an extremely polished sex themed choices game where the ultimate goal is to befriend and date an extremely hot girl named Ariane. She is the type of woman who likes to go out on Saturday nights while having her wits about, so don’t try anything funny or she will definitely turn you down. However, if you manage to prove your loyalty and intelligence, then you do have a shot with her. Just remember to brush your teeth after having a meal and everything will be fine. This game again manages to surprise its players through its in-depth mechanics. Most people really get into the experience expecting a sleazy dating simulator but are later shocked by the amount of strategic depth required to ultimately win over Ariane. Even when Ariane is topless during critical moments due to any incident that might occur (read: pizza date), she is extremely adept with her values and will quickly turn you away if you try something funny. It also requires you to be somewhat knowledgeable about art and general knowledge, you know, something your partner also perhaps expects in real life! Some real food for thought here, folks!

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1. Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo’ toys with themes that most people would not even associate with and pulls it off brilliantly. Developed and published by Four Leaf Studios in the year 2013 for Windows PC, macOS X and Linux, it is considered to be one of the best bishōjo-style visual novels out there. You play the character of Hisao Nakai, a young sickly child who is transferred to a new special needs school called Yamaku High School. His life changes entirely after he leaves behind his old acquaintances, but things take a more positive turn when he meets five beautiful girls studying with him. This is where the game leaves you with your choices, free to your will. We highly recommend this one to people who are looking for a definitive adult-themed sex game for their consoles, even though it is a bit more on the mellow side. Get ready for ’em feels, lads!

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