16 Games Like Dark Souls You Must Play

‘Dark Souls’ is an action role-playing game available for all platforms. This game is the part of Souls collection first released in 2009. Until now this collection has launched four games ‘Demon’s Souls’, ‘Dark Souls’, ‘Dark Souls II’, and ‘Dark Souls III’. The game has single and multiplayer modes. The primary mechanism of the game is to journey in unknown areas to find out about them. If you are a fan of ‘Dark Souls’ and have completed the series, you must be waiting for the next installment. Here is the list of games similar to Dark Souls that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Dark Souls for ps4, mac, android, iphone, Xbox One and even online.

16. Ashen

When it comes to the “Souls-like” genre, there are many games that try to force their own identity through their gameplay, design or mechanics. Ashen does none of that and yet it manages to be one of the most unique experiences you will have when playing a game from the genre. Ashen even borrows its name from ‘The Ashen One’ from Dark Souls III. The game is liberal in its choice to borrow Dark Souls’ progression system and combat mechanics. However, the game manages to offer a unique world and there are co-op features thrown in as well. If you like the Dark Souls series but have been too scared to delve in due to the challenging gameplay the games are known for, Ashen is a great way to start off. When it comes to bosses, you are presented with just 5 in the base game which is quite less when you compare it to the likes of Dark Souls. The enemies are quite challenging to beat and you have to spend some time learning the movement and attack patterns to truly master the game.

15. Eitr

If you are a fan of Norse mythology, you will be familiar with the tale of Lagertha, the shield maiden. Your fate is determined by three Norns who weave the fates of every living being with their sacred loom. With your destiny being shattered because of Loki’s interference, you get thrown into the nine Norse worlds that are connected by Yggdrasil to uncover the mystery of your fate. Unlike most of the other titles of the genre, Eitr is not particularly demanding when it comes to system specs. Despite the 2D art, the developers made sure that the worlds look beautiful with lush animations and amazing visual effects. Movement and weapon usage are key to survival just like any other Souls-like game. You get to learn a number of new attacks as you make your way past nightmarish creatures and terrifying warriors who want to stop you. Instead of the traditional experience point system that you would find in standard RPGs, you are presented with a Favor system instead. You have the option of choosing between your standard upgrades and more powerful enhancements and perks that get weaker each time you die. The loot system is completely random and the durability system makes it very important for you to manage your items better. Overall, Eitr is one of the best indie Souls-like games ever made because of its brilliant presentation in an isometric view.

14. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice just released and the game received scores on par with Resident Evil 2, which is one of the best games of the year. While the title is far from what you would expect your standard FromSoftware game, it is still one of the best ‘Souls-like’ games of this decade. The world is extremely engaging and you’ll find a lot of hidden items and experience the rich lore that the game has to offer. You also have the classic New Game+ mode just like the Dark Souls games, so you will be able to explore and find anything you may miss out in your first run. You have access to prosthetic gadgets and stealth plays a major factor in-game which is something that you would not find in games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls.

13. The Surge

The Surge is essentially a futuristic Dark Souls which a bunch of cool weapons. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world and the developers put in a lot of effort into making the environments look beautiful. Once you are done playing through the game for the first time, expect greater challenges in the New Game+ mode which will ramp up enemy difficulty including their health and damage. The title can take you about 30 to 40 hours to finish the first time but you can keep on replaying it without losing weapon and character progression. The sci-fi setting sets The Surge apart and while some may argue the combat is a bit too slow and mechanical, the touch of realism amidst the madness is what makes The Surge such a treat. The Surge 2 is in the making and should be out sometime soon as well, so if you are not too keen on playing an older title you can simply wait for the sequel for current-gen hardware.

12. Nioh

Nioh is one of the best Souls-like games that borrows the FromSoftware formula but it retains a personality of its own. The game has a number of unique mechanics like summoning spirit guardians or running through Twilight missions. You also get to play with a friend if you want a co-op experience but at least one of two co-op partners needs to have completed a mission to play it together. You can easily sink in hundreds of hours into the game to master the combat and perfect the art of in-game combat. The gritty art style combined with the stylish combat mechanics makes Nioh very difficult to put down.

11. Lords of The Fallen

Unlike traditional games that have been inspired by Dark Souls, Lords of The Fallen has fluid combat mechanics that cannot be matched by other titles on this list except by Sekiro. While you can cheese some of the bosses by swinging your strongest weapon and getting lucky with some powerful hits, you can’t get away with it for long. It is important to identify attack patterns and abilities of your foes if you don’t want to die over and over again. The game is notorious for its difficulty and a number of players might find it far more challenging than any of the Dark Souls games. However, once you start getting the hang of the combat it is a very satisfying experience. You need to figure out the best combos that suit your fighting style and make use of potions at the right time to give yourself an edge over others. The game is perfect for veterans of the Souls-like genre who are looking for an even more challenging experience with unforgiving mechanics and brutal gameplay.

10. Bloodborne (2015)

The gameplay of ‘Bloodborne’ takes you into the sector of Yharnam in a Gothic-stimulated metropolis. Here inhabitants are afflicted by a sickness called “blood-borne” and also you as being the hunter search out the complete blood to locate the cure. for the duration of the adventure, you come upon several beasts and gigantic things, but finally, you throw out the plague with your efforts.

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9. Darkmaus (2015)

‘Darkmaus’ is one of the great video games like ‘Dark Souls’ and its whole reincarnation. The idea is to prevent cats, mice, evil monsters and different enemies instead of usual beasts and monsters. The gameplay is challenging and pinnacle-notch. You begin as a lonely little mouse, and all through the map, you stumble upon one-of-a-kind beasts such as cats. The fight is genuine, and you have to react quickly to survive the attacks of your bigger enemies.

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8. Necropolis (2016)

The game includes realistic graphics and, you can also explore dungeons to locate treasure, unique stuff that will come up along with accomplishments. Every dungeon is filled with loot that lies next to a big monster that you have to kill to take it. It comes with a systematic fight system, but nonetheless, you have to be tactical and to think to make a move. It’s a retro game, like ‘Dark Souls’ that you can experience playing in the fully unique environment.

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7. Examina (2015)

‘Examina’ is a remarkable game that requires you to take into account all the physics which you have learned until that point. You are in a dungeon and the idea is to experience a completely unique combat system which looks as if different video games like ‘Dark Souls’. On every occasion you have to stab or take a swing on enemies, you need to be precise. It is a top-notch game with the intention to offer you with unique combat experience.

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6. Hollow Knight (2017)

‘Hollow Knight’ lets you embark on an underground adventure wherein the ruined country lies with bizarre monsters and treasures. It encourages you to explore the map as plenty as you could. There are also enough open areas, so you can explore each and attempt to find their meaning. There are several enemies who are not easy to beat. You need to be at the top of your game to complete it. You may get the similar experience and amusement as playing ‘Dark Souls’.

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5. Demon’s Souls (2009)

‘Demon’s Souls’ is another one which comes on the list of games similar to ‘Dark Souls’. You will be dropped in an atmosphere that is part of a  gloomy fantasy world, and together with a few action bits, you begin your journey. There’s like a bunch of enemies to fight, and when you don’t want to have battles, then you could focus on upgrading your stock tool. Gameplay is full of rewards in case you complete your assigned challenge that you can use to get more guns and overall improves stats.

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4. Bound By Flame (2014)

In the game, you play as a hero who’s at the task to maintain the complete demonic invasion faraway from the human international. The game is essentially role-playing in a dark fantasy world, similar to ‘Dark Souls’. Your decision making impacts your journey and your skills as a result, so that’s an exciting factor. Gameplay remains interesting as you may be regularly introduced to the enemies that reveal dark strength. Endless quests keep you going all the time, and you can get entry to numerous side quests too.

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3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (2009)

Despite the fact that this unique game doesn’t comply with the identical pattern and formula of ‘Dark Soul’. However, it’s going to provide you exciting and painful battles with enemies who will make your hair grey. Fight moves and boss encounters are similar due to the fact that you may control your assets, fitness, and stamina to fight the big monsters. But, you have to be smart about your battling tactics. It’s vital to recognize when to guard, when to attack and when to heal because in any other case, it is hard to defeat the monsters.

2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)

‘Castlevania: Symphony of the night’ changed its perspective after this specific edition. it works through 2d adventure/motion that is inspired by means of ‘Symphony of the night’ and of course, ‘Dark Souls’. The game contains interesting action adventure within the world of Dracula, Gothic atmosphere and monsters all around. It includes a top-notch storyline that you may experience, especially in 2D. You just need to fight monsters, improve your equipment by collecting resources and fight massive enemies which can be hard.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

In case you need to enjoy an extraordinary RPG game from this era, then you need to choose ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’. It provides a lot more than ‘Dark Souls 3’. The game takes place in a fantasy land where you have to fight against evil monsters and forces which can be done using sword fighting abilities and arcane magic. The plot is a tale about lone-ranger, Geralt who desires to get answers to all the questions in his life. It offers combat style similar to ‘Dark Souls’. It has powerful enemies who will strike you in moments while you don’t pay attention.

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