Gretchen Mol to Star in Lauren Meyering’s ‘Margarita’

Gretchen Mol’s upcoming movies now include an intriguing character study! The Cinemaholic can announce that the actress will headline debutante filmmaker Lauren Meyering’s ‘Margarita.’ The mother-daughter relationship drama, also written by Meyering, will start filming in Portland, Oregon, in August and conclude in September. Academy Award-nominated Alix Madigan, best known for ‘Winter’s Bone,’ produces the film with Michael Sherman.

The plot revolves around a 26-year-old woman named Margarita, distinguished by her red hair and an enormous affection for horses. The rebellious young individual often alienates others with her blunt honesty and contempt for societal norms. Jobless and living with her mother, Sandy, Margarita’s life is turned around when the former’s battle with cancer further restrains her desire to live an independent life.

As the narrative progresses, Margarita finds a job at a Halloween store, which boosts her self-confidence. This newfound development begins her coming-of-age journey as she soon joins a children’s dance troupe specializing in hobbyhorse dance routines. As she dedicates herself to the art of dance and social bonding for an upcoming competition, Margarita remains unaware of her mother’s worsening condition. Amid preparations for her performance, Sandy must find the strength to share the devastating news with her daughter, who — having finally found the shining light of hope she has been looking for — is focused on the imminent spotlight.

Mol first gained recognition in 2002 with her leading role in David E. Kelley’s Fox series ‘Girls Club.’ She achieved widespread fame with her portrayal of Gillian Darmody in all five seasons of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ More recently, the actress starred as Michelle in Showtime’s ‘American Gigolo‘ and Linda Mason in HBO’s ‘Perry Mason.’ She was also part of the cast of films such as ‘False Positive,’ ‘Palm Trees,’ and ‘Power Lines.’

Meyering has been involved in various aspects of filmmaking, including casting, writing, directing, set decoration, and cinematography. ‘Margarita’ marks her feature-length directorial and screenwriting debut, though she has previously written and helmed several short films. She also directed the limited series ‘Max and Mandy’ in 2019, broadening her career across mediums. Meyering’s multifaceted experience in the industry enhances her vision to tell a female-driven coming-of-age story, adding depth and a personal touch to the project.

Portland is a prominent location for entertainment productions in the Northwest. The drama will have no shortage of local talents, as made evident by the ongoing casting processes that aim to feature teens and tweens with dancing and acting skills. Over the years, the city has hosted the shooting of various notable projects, including the popular shows ‘The Flash‘ and ‘Grimm,’ as well as movies like ‘Into the Wild,’ ‘Twilight,’ and ‘Captain Fantastic.’

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