Hallmark’s A Zest for Death: Filming Locations and Cast Details

An unforeseen predicament sets afoot in the life of Hanah Swensen in ‘A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery.’ The Hallmark and Movie Mystery production chronicles the journey of detective and bakery owner Hannah Swensen, whose life is upturned when her mother, Delores, a real estate agent, discovers the dead body of a homeowner. Faced with the menacing threat of a murderer at large, Hannah embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. As the plot unfolds, things become more complicated for the protagonist, who finds that the victim was once a frequent patron of her bakery, The Cookie Jar. ‘

In the hopes of uncovering the mystery behind the gruesome murder, Hannah unearths the shocking truth about the killer’s identity. Enlisting the help of Detective Mike Kingston, Hannah fends off impediments in her investigation while also balancing her feelings for Mike. The situation becomes more complex when Hannah’s mother, Delores, and her sisters, Michelle and Andrea, partake in the investigation. Helmed by Shannon Kohli, the Hallmark production unfolds a tip-toeing mystery in a scenic location. So, if you’re also curious and want to know where ‘A Zest for Death’ was shot, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Where Was A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery Filmed?

Like past editions of Hallmark’s Hannah Swensen productions, the filming for ‘A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery’ followed in British Columbia, Canada. The principal photography for the mystery film reportedly began on June 12, 2023. The filming was wrapped up at lightning speed and supposedly finished by June 30, 2023. Now, without further ado, let’s look at the locations where the protagonists uncover the shocking mystery by making use of their sleuthing skills.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Consistent with its previous editions, ‘A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery’ was also shot in and around British Columbia in Canada. Most of the movie is lensed around Vancouver, a seaport city in British Columbia. Other locations include Maple Ridge, located in the northeastern section of Greater Vancouver. With its serene and quaint setting, the location delivers the perfect backdrop for depicting a tight-knit neighborhood. In the movie, the city acts as a pivotal hub of activity for the residents, as hinted by Hannah’s bustling bakery. The location poses as a stand-in for the town of Lake Eden, Minnesota.

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Moreover, the movie has to be consistent with previous editions of the Hannah Swensen stories. Consequently, mirroring the locations remains equally central to the story and its production. Given its picturesque surroundings, it is no wonder that Vancouver is a favored location for North American productions. The incentives provided by the Canadian government to filmmakers also lead creators and production companies to opt for this location. This brand new edition to the series picks up on the cliffhanger of ‘Carrot Cake Murder,’ where Hannah hands back Detective Mike the engagement ring. So, in addition to uncovering the truth, Hannah also traverses uncharted territory as she tries to assuage her relationship with Mike and solve a ticking mystery.

A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery Cast

The Hallmark production features Alison Sweeney reprising the renowned role as Hannah Swensen. The actress joins hands with the mystery series following her legion of credits. Some of her renowned portrayals include Samantha “Sami” Brady on the soap drama, ‘Days of Our Lives.’

Sweeney is also known for work in ‘The Irresistible Blueberry Farm,’ ‘Christmas at Holly Lodge,’ and the ‘Chronicle Mysteries’ film series. Viewers will also see Cameron Mathison reprising his role as Detective Mike Kingston. The cancer survivor and fitness enthusiast has starred in numerous Hallmark productions. Some of his previous credits include, ‘At Home in Mitford,’ ‘A Summer to Remember,’ ‘Very, Very, Valentine,’ ‘Love, of Course,’ and ‘A Christmas to Remember.’

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