Is Choose Love’s Scott Michael Foster Married or Dating? Who is His Girlfriend?

Image Credit: Scott Michael Foster/Instagram

The quandary of choices plagues the protagonist in ‘Choose Love.’ The Netflix romantic comedy movie revolves around Cami, a woman who feels like she has missed out on life. As she begins to question her relationships and is pushed to choose between a steady boyfriend, the one who got away, and a charming rockstar, several humorous themes follow. Scott Michael Foster is the one to play Paul, Cami’s long-term boyfriend, who inevitably becomes the center of a love triangle. So, if you want to know more about the actor who embodies the role of this hapless man whose stable love life takes a sudden hit, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Scott Michael Foster’s Age and Background

Although born in Winfield, Illinois, Scott Michael Foster grew up in the suburbs of Dallas after his family relocated to Highland Village, Texas. Growing up, he found inspiration through his family and two elder sisters. Following the latters’ footsteps, he also dabbled in local theatre at a very young age. While his formative years were shaped by an inherent interest in entertainment and movies, the actor also focused on his education.

Foster graduated from Edward S. Marcus High School in Texas prior to attending the local Collin County Community College. Here, he studied the Quad C Theatre Program, which eventually propelled the now 38-year-old to kickstart his dreams. As for his familial life, in 2019, Foster and his sisters had to sustain an unfortunate tragedy when they lost the matriarch of their family. Nevertheless, of course, he still remains thankful for all the time he got to spend with her and repeatedly showcases his love and affection for her on his online platforms.

Scott Michael Foster’s Profession

After accruing some experience in theory, Foster decided to actualize his dreams. To this end, he dropped out following one semester in college, took the plunge, moved to Los Angeles, and chose to refine his abilities. The then-aspiring movie star attended acting classes while simultaneously booking commercials and auditioning for roles. In the years that followed, he was able to secure several jobs in independent films and small acting gigs.

Finally, in 2007, Foster bagged the part of Cappie on the ABC comedy-drama television series, ‘Greek.’ This role proved to be the breakthrough he needed in his career. For the next five years, he gained wide renown for his work on the show. At the same time, he also devoted time to his own oeuvre. In 2011, Foster wrote and starred in Comedy Central’s ‘Neighbros.’ Following this feat, he even guest-starred in several productions like, ‘Law & Order: LA,’ ‘Melissa & Joey,’ ‘Friends with Benefits,’ and ‘Parenthood.’

Subsequently, Foster continued to hone his skills in front of the camera and appeared in the Emmy Nominated series, ‘The River.’ He also acted alongside David Duchovny in ‘Californication,’ followed by a stint opposite opposite Anthony Edwards and Carmen Ejogo for ‘Zero Hour.’ While his performances in ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Blood & Oil,’ ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ and ‘You’ have been widely acclaimed, Foster has even accrued renown for his musical talent. In fact, this television and movie personality plays guitar and is part of an indie rock band called Siren’s Eye. They released their debut EP in 2009 and have since enthralled audiences. All of this enabled him to showcase his acumen in Netflix’s ‘Choose Love’ in 2023.

Scott Michael Foster’s Girlfriend

Foster’s work hasn’t just earned him wide renown and recognition. In addition, it has also given him a chance to discover a romantic relationship with a fellow colleague. Scott Michael Foster is currently in a relationship with Carson Fagerbakke. The duo seemingly started dating in 2019, shortly before the time they made their relationship public through social media. The ‘Greek’ actor and the ‘Dynasty’ actress have since starred together in the 2021 movie ‘Love, for Real.’ While these co-stars have never divulged any details about their relationship, it is apparent they share deep respect and affection for one another.

In addition to attending several events together, Foster and Fagerbakke continuously take to their social media to appreciate their partners. The couple is currently based in California and are pet parents to two cats, Jack and Maisie. While the former has sustained the loss of his dogs, Charlie and Oliver, he still enjoys the companionship of his cats and reminisces about the fifteen years he shared with his furry friends. It also appears as if when Foster and Fagerbakke aren’t engaged in work commitments, they like to unwind and take road trips.

Foster was also supposedly dating Laura Prepon a few years ago. It is purported that the couple was together for five years before calling it quits. Nevertheless, the movie personality continues to experience bliss with his current partner, Carson Fagerbakke. As such, we continue to await all the professional and personal milestones Scott Michael Foster will achieve in the future!

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