Is Dorothy Dead or Alive In Servant Season 3?

With Tony Basgallop at the helm, the psychological horror-thriller series ‘Servant’ is one of the most fascinating and brooding shows on the roster of Apple TV+. With as few as four characters and a miraculous baby, the series creates an ambiance of crippling horror. The story follows Leanne Grayson, a babysitter with a horrific past, whose application is selected by Dorothy Turner, the Turner matriarch. As Leanne steps foot in the house, supernatural occurrences unfold.

On the other hand, the family finds a semblance of normalcy with the baby being alive. Meanwhile, they get the idea that Leanne may be part of a secret cult. The story has progressed a year by the end of the third season, unraveling chronologically. The volatile and secretive Dorothy remains at the center of the story, whose final fate at the closing of the third season keeps the viewers thinking. So, is Dorothy dead or alive? Let us probe into the anatomy of the fall. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Dorothy Dead or Alive?

No, Dorothy is most likely not dead. Dorothy is ecstatic to find Jericho back in the house at the beginning of the third season. Leanne has made amends with her captor in a classic Stockholm Syndrome situation. However, Leanne knows that she can always protect herself with her supernatural powers, while we cannot say the same about Dorothy. Despite all the signs present, Dorothy fails to see the hidden connection between Leanne and Jericho. After finding Leanne’s diary, she gets increasingly paranoid of Leanne’s presence around Jericho. Dorothy keeps Jericho to herself, maybe a little too close, which leads to Frank, her father, involving his psychiatrist friend, Dale MacKenzie.

After her diagnosis, Dorothy has a significant breakdown, while Leanne keeps her patronizing stance. Leanne is well aware of her role in tying together the Turner family, but Dorothy mixes things up in her mind. While she is okay with Sean feeding the homeless children, she is averse to them touching her toddler son. While Dottie still thinks of Leanne as a servant, she keeps her beguiling stance.

Meanwhile, even after the psychological breakdown, Dorothy cannot accept the fate of being a “subordinate” to Leanne in the house. In the end, she spews venom towards Leanne, revealing her genuine emotions. As Leanne apologizes, Dorothy falls on the floor from the top of the stairs. Some people may naturally suspect supernatural forces at play. However, it can also be that Dorothy falls plainly due to the infestation of the wooden railing.

Now let us consider two cases — the first case being Dorothy coming out alive. There are several reasons to think that Dorothy comes out of the incident in one piece. Firstly, Leanne thinks of Dorothy as her mother. If she has somehow caused the fall, she will make sure that Dorothy remains alive, especially as she has promised Sean the same. We do not think Leanne has that much hatred for the family to want Dorothy dead.

Moreover, Dorothy remains a central character, and losing her would change the show’s dynamic, and the writers would not want her altogether absent from the next season. Therefore, in the first case, Dorothy lives, but she may have to rush to the emergency room after the fall.

However, in the second case, Dorothy dies, which is less likely. However, considering she falls a distance of more than 20 feet, the injury may be severe, especially if she falls on her head. If you rewind the fall, you will see that Dorothy bumps twice on the railings before finally dropping on the ground. The bumps may lower the impact. Dorothy’s death may veer the drama in a sinister direction, and we may finally see the family falling apart. However, considering both sides, we hope that Dorothy lives to see another day.

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