Is Garrett Randall Dead or Alive In Yellowstone? Is Will Patton Leaving the Show?

The fourth season finale of ‘Yellowstone‘ brings the storyline of the hit on the Duttons to a conclusion. Although Terell Riggins is believed to be behind the attacks, the actual perpetrator is revealed to be Garrett Randall, the biological father of Jamie Dutton. Viewers are well aware that the Duttons do not spare their enemies. Therefore, if you are wondering whether the season 4 finale is the end of the road for Will Patton’s Garrett Randall, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Garrett Randall Dead In Yellowstone?

In the sixth episode of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4, Jamie learns that Garrett is behind the attacks on the Duttons. Although he tries to keep this information under the wraps, Beth finds the truth in the season finale. She learns of Jamie’s connection to Riggins and confronts her adopted brother. However, Jamie reveals that he had nothing to do with the attacks, and it was all Garrett’s doing. Beth warns Jamie that Garrett will turn on him when he receives an opportunity. She insists that Garrett is merely using Jamie to get the Duttons’ land. She gives Jamie two options, both of which will result in his death sooner or later.

Jamie begs for his life, and Beth gives Jamie a third option. Jamie talks to Garrett before his father leaves the town. The conversation seemingly confirms Jamie’s suspicions that Garrett is simply using him. Consequently, Jamie shoots his father dead to save his own life. We also see Jamie carrying Garrett’s dead body to dispose of it. Thus, there is no doubt that Garrett is dead and his son is the one who took his life. In the end, Garrett’s own machinations prove to be his undoing, and he suffers a poetic death at the hands of the son he tried to manipulate.

Is Will Patton Leaving the Show?

Actor Will Patton is best known for playing the role of Captain Dan Weaver in ‘Falling Skies.’ He joined the cast of ‘Yellowstone’ during its third season, appearing as the long-estranged biological father of Jamie Dutton. Patton’s performance as the superficially charming and quietly menacing Garrett Randall is mesmerizing and makes for an unconventional foe to the Duttons. However, with the death of Garrett, it seems like Patton’s time on the show has come to a conclusion. Garrett serves as the principal antagonist of the fourth season. Therefore, his death delivers a fitting conclusion to the particular story arc of the Dutton family’s saga.

Although there is a slight chance of Patton reprising his role through flashback sequences, it remains to be seen if such a return materializes in the future. Fans of the actor’s performance need not be disheartened as Patton is set to appear in the Western mystery drama ‘Outer Range.’ Therefore, fans can look forward to seeing more of the actor through his next gig. As far as the ‘Yellowstone’ universe is concerned, the death of Patton’s character is enough confirmation that his time on the show has come to an end. We will certainly be remembering Patton’s Garrett Randall as one of the most menacing threats the Duttons have faced.

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