Who is Terrell Riggins in Yellowstone? Does He Know the Duttons?

Yellowstone‘ has no shortage of foes for the Duttons, who are desperately trying to protect their family land and legacy. In the fourth season of the show, the family members recover from the attacks on their lives and search for the mysterious figure behind the hit. A surprising name pops up during John’s quest for revenge that will certainly leave viewers confused. The person we are talking about is Terrell Riggins, and if you wish to learn more about the character and his motivations, here’s everything we know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Terrell Riggins in Yellowstone?

Terrell Riggins is first introduced in the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone.’ Before his actual appearance, viewers see a picture of him on his jail records which Chief Rainwater hands to John. As John learns from Checkers, Riggins coordinated and executed the hit on the Duttons. He is also the leader of the Montana Free Militia and keeps tabs on his mercenary network from within the prison.

Early in his life, Riggins served in the army and received an honorable discharge. Sometime later, he turned into an anti-government mercenary. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison, and his first actual onscreen appearance is in the fifth episode of season 4 titled ‘Under a Blanket of Red.’ Actor Bruno Amato plays the role of Terrell Riggins in the series. Amato is known for his performances in several hit shows such as ‘Lucifer,’ ‘The Big Show Show,’ and ‘True Story.’

Why Did Riggins Attack the Duttons?

As previously stated, Riggins played an important role in the attacks on the Dutton family. When John finds out about Riggins’ part in the hit, he is surprised as he is unaware of who the man is. Therefore, Riggins’ motives behind the attack are hard to nail down. However, when Jamie looks into Riggins’ jail records, he finds that Riggins was a cellmate of his biological father, Garrett Randall. Jamie arranges a meeting with Riggins and offers him full immunity in exchange for the name of the person who ordered the hit. Shortly afterward, Jamie confronts Garrett, who admits he ordered the hit on the Duttons, thereby confirming Jamie learned the truth from Riggins.

However, it appears that Jamie has decided to keep this information to himself. As for John, the Dutton patriarch believes that Riggins attacked the Duttons to send a message to rival gangs. His objective was to attack one of the strongest families in Montana to prove how dangerous he could be. Alas, viewers already know that is only half the truth if there’s any truth to it all. John’s understanding of Riggins’ motivation could be a lie concocted and passed on by Jamie to protect Garrett. For now, Garrett’s role in the hit remains hidden from the Duttons, while Riggins will most likely become the fall guy. John intends on killing the person responsible for the attacks on his family, and Riggins will undoubtedly feel the wrath of the Dutton patriarch eventually.

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