Is Judy Robinson Adopted in Lost in Space? Who is Her Biological Father?

‘Lost in Space’ follows the adventures of the intrepid Robinson family through space and their attempts to safely return to the human colony in Alpha Centauri. John and Maureen, along with their three children, form the central family, and the epic sci-fi escapades are underpinned by the emotional ties that bind the close-knit unit.

Judy is the eldest Robinson sibling and is put in charge of all the children on the Resolute when tasked with evacuating the ship. She takes after John, with his gritty determination, and is as headstrong as her mother, Maureen. But Judy also takes after another influential character, and her place in the Robinson family is an interesting one. Let’s get to know where Judy Robinson comes from. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Judy Robinson Adopted?

No, Judy is not adopted. She is Maureen’s biological daughter, and season 3 gives us a few glimpses of the time when she was born. Being her first child and the result of a previous relationship, Judy causes some drastic changes in the younger Maureen’s life. We learn that the young mother, who holds an engineering degree, puts her plans of becoming an astronaut on hold in order to become a mother. Maureen is also heard saying that she will not risk Judy losing a parent and will therefore not embark on dangerous space missions. Years later, we see Maureen discuss with a young Judy how the latter can grow up to become a doctor in space, something that eventually comes true by the end of season 3.

Though she imbibes many of John’s qualities, most notably his steadfast bravery, Judy is not his biological daughter. There is initially some friction between them, and Judy initially seems to be closer to Maureen. However, this later gets smoothed over, and John reveals (at the end of season 2) that the only way he is able to let Will and Penny embark on a separate space mission is with the knowledge that Judy is watching over them. As the only young adult of the family, Judy is a crucial part of the Robinsons and has been a part of John and Maureen’s family even before the birth of Will and Penny.

Who is Judy’s Biological Father?

However, for all her attachment to the Robinsons, Judy also earnestly follows the story of her biological father, the celebrated astronaut Grant Kelly. Having left for a failed space mission when she was a baby, Grant could not spend any time with his daughter, which is also why we see Maureen raising Judy alone for most of her childhood. Since Grant’s spaceship, the Fortuna, is believed to have been lost in space, Judy grows up believing her father is dead. On multiple occasions, we see her look up at the plaque of his name, which is prominently displayed on the Resolute.

However, in season 3, Judy discovers that Grant is still alive, cryogenically frozen aboard the stranded Fortuna. She revives him and then has a hard time not revealing immediately that she is his daughter. Eventually, Grant finds out that Judy is his daughter, but not before she impresses him with her skills and bravery during a rescue mission.

It is interesting to note that Judy’s character is heavily influenced by both her biological parents. She is perpetually driven by Maureen’s ambition and reveals that she feels the immense pressure of living up to her mother’s lofty dreams. In addition, Judy feels overshadowed by her father’s iconic legacy and is therefore even more driven to take on dangerous missions and responsibilities that others her age would be unable to shoulder.

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