Lifetime’s Don’t Sell My Baby: Is the Movie Inspired by a Real Life Case?

Lifetime’s ‘Don’t Sell My Baby’ is a thriller drama movie that narrates the story of a high school senior Nicolette, who has been transferred from one foster home to another for most of her life. As if things couldn’t get worse for her, she discovers that she is pregnant and carrying the school quarterback’s child inside her. Thanks to the support of one of her teachers, Sandy, Nicolette finds some much-needed consolation and comfort. But when she decides against the idea of putting her soon-to-be-born child up for adoption and disappears out of the blue, Sandy worries that someone may have abducted the future teen mom.

Originally titled ‘Danger Rocks the Cradle,’ the Lifetime movie is helmed by Roxanne Boisvert and stars Devin Valentina Cecchetto, Fallon Bowman, Maia Jae Bastidas, Gabriel Davenport, Frank Fiola, and Emma Fiorante. The themes of teenage pregnancy and abduction are not unheard of in real life, which makes sense why many of you might wonder if ‘Don’t Sell My Baby’ is based on a true incident. Well, allow us to eliminate your curiosity by providing you with all the information about the same!

Don’t Sell My Baby is an Original Screenplay

No, ‘Don’t Sell My Baby’ is not based on a true story. However, the credit for coming up with an enthralling and realistic storyline at the same time must be given to Michael Perronne, who made the most of his creative mind and exceptional writing skills. Moreover, given his experience writing screenplays for various other film projects such as ‘Saving My Daughter,’ ‘Here Kills the Bride,’ and ‘The Nature of Romance,’ it was comparatively easier for him to conjure up the screenplay for the Lifetime thriller.

Teenage pregnancy, the predominant subject matter in the film, is not uncommon in reality. Not only that, the ill-treatment and abduction of adolescent girls are also, unfortunately, quite common in society. For instance, take the case of the unnamed 14-year-old girl who was found alive and pregnant, hidden in a closet, after disappearing for over a year. She allegedly ran away from her foster home before getting abducted in September 2021. After the young girl was discovered, she was taken to the hospital immediately to do some checkups, and then it was found that she was about five months pregnant.

There is another reason why you might feel like ‘Don’t Sell My Baby’ is authentic and falls under the realm of reality, as the themes and elements discussed in the film have been explored in many other productions over the years. One of the aptest examples has to be that of the 2017 Argentinian drama movie titled ‘Invisible.’ Starring Mora Arenillas, Mora Arenillas, Diego Cremonesi, and Jorge Waldhorn, the Pablo Giorgelli directorial follows a teen named Ely whose life turns upside down when she finds out that she is pregnant.

Like Nicolette in ‘Don’t Sell My Baby,’ Ely in ‘Invisible’ starts feeling hopeless, afraid, and upset simultaneously, not knowing what to do next. So, as you can see, it is not just the characters that are similar but also a few storylines that run parallel when it comes to the two movies in question. Overall, we can conclude that despite some seemingly authentic subjects and themes, it does not change the fact that the Lifetime film is a work of fiction.

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