Is Parker Schnabel Still on Gold Rush? Where is He Now?

‘Gold Rush’ has been a hugely popular show for Discovery Channel ever since its premiere in 2010. The reality series revolves around various miners and their hunt for gold in Alaska, the Klondike region, and sometimes other places in South America and western North America. The series has paved the way for a number of spin-off shows that focus on the various cast members of the original show and underline their popularity.

Naturally, fans of the show monitor every news and rumor surrounding their favorite cast members and often fear if any of them is exiting the series. If you are a fan of series regular Parker Schnabel and wish to know about his status as a cast member and current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know in that regard!

Is Parker Schnabel Still on Gold Rush?

Parker Schnabel has been a main cast member of ‘Gold Rush’ since the show’s very first season. During the second season, Parker’s grandfather, John Schnabel, the original owner of the Big Nugget, their family gold mine, stepped down from his day-to-day responsibilities. Therefore, he entrusted Parker with running the operation after the Haines native showed promise at a young age.

Parker became the leader of the Big Nugget’s operation at the tender age of 16 and proved that he has what it takes to succeed in this line of work. In the fourth season, he started a second operation and has continued to run both operations successfully. Parker’s tenacity and leadership abilities have made him a hugely popular figure among the show’s fans, and he has been integral to the show’s success and longevity. Aside from appearing on ‘Gold Rush,’ Parker also regularly appears on the various spin-off shows and headlines ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.’

Parker’s most recent appearance comes in the show’s eleventh season finale titled ‘Endgame.’ At the end of the episode, after a tumultuous season affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Parker (and his crew) delivered a record-breaking total of 7504.9 ounces of gold worth an astounding $14 million. That should suffice to prove that Parker is at the peak of his prowess. Therefore, it is hard to imagine he would be quitting the show anytime soon. The show’s producers, network, or Parker haven’t made any official announcement about his exit from the series. So as of now, Parker is still a part of the ‘Gold Rush’ cast and also one of the best-performing members.

Where is Parker Schnabel Now?

In the season 11 finale, Parker Schnabel also hinted at being interested in more plants and expanding his portfolio. He also suggested that he will be returning to the mining scene next year. While ‘Gold Rush’ hasn’t been officially renewed for season 12, it is almost certain that Parker will return in the new season. For now, it seems like he is spending some quality time with his family and making plans for the next gold mining season. After the record-breaking total of season 11, Parker will have the tough challenge of topping that performance in the new season, and we can’t wait to watch if and how he manages to do that.


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