Is She the Wolf Season 1: Where Are the Contestants Now?

Netflix’s ‘Is She the Wolf?’ is a Japanese dating show that features a captivating set of cast members. In the debut season of the reality series, the ups and downs that these celebrities went through while trying to find love truly touched the hearts of many. After all, the various complications that plagued their path to happiness kept us all guessing just what the results would be. Well, it’s been a long time since the show aired and fans must be eager to know about the current whereabouts of your favorites from season 1.

Julie is a Fashion Model Now

We are starting with Julie, AKA Ju!ie is a musician trained in China who has garnered much success in the Japanese entertainment industry. The artist launched her latest single, “What is Love?” in December 2022, and earned the praise of many. While her on-screen role as a wolf meant that her romance with Robin Furuya did not have a happy ending in the show, fans are certainly hopeful that they might rekindle their connection. With over 163K Instagram followers, Julie’s popularity is certainly unquestionable, and she often also works as a fashion model for different brands.

Robin Furuya is an Actor Today

With his charming personality and photography skills, Robin Furuya has undoubtedly earned much love from viewers worldwide. The reality TV star is also a skilled actor and was recently seen in ‘Vivant’ and ‘Kekkon Yoteibi.’ When not living in Tokyo, Japan, Robin is based in Hawaii and often frequents between the two places. He also seems to have developed a close friendship with Mikako and Honoka Nishimura, with the former using a picture clicked by Robin in her latest musical project.

Sakurako Okubo is an Actress Now

Up next, we have Sakurako Okubo, who also was asked to play the role of a wolf in season 1 of the Netflix show. The talented actress turned 25 on July 20, 2023, and her recent projects include ‘Marumaru-chan’ and ‘Akai Ringo.’ With over 185K followers on Instagram, it is easy to see that Sakurako enjoys much love from the public, who happily rooted for her during her time on the Japanese reality show. Whether or not she has decided to become romantically involved with Tomoki Yonemura remains to be seen though it has not stopped their admirers to hope that their story gets a happy ending in real life.

Tomoki Yonemura is Exploring TV Industry

The heartfelt gestures shown by Tomoki Yonemura during his time on the show made him beloved by the public. As he stated in the show, the reality TV star has recently stepped foot into the world of entertainment television, with ‘Is She the Wolf?’ being his first-ever project. However, we are positive that with his determination and dedication, Tomoki will soon leave a massive impact as an artist, having already formed close bonds with many of his co-stars from the Netflix series.

Mikako is Focusing on Her Music Now

Part of the Japanese girl group called Faky, Mikako has been working with the group since 2013, acting as its Captain, Vocalist, and Stylist. In fact, on August 7, 2023, the group released their latest single titled “Summer Dive,” and it has been streamed over 22 thousand times on Spotify. They are also preparing for the release of their upcoming single on September 12, 2023. Additionally, Mikako will be joining Faky for their show on January 13, 2024, titled “ONEMANLIVE 2024 -DEPARTURE-.” With over 78K followers, the singer herself is a respected figure, though she has not yet shared any updates regarding her romance with Masaki Nakao. Mikako does seem to have formed a good bond with Robin Furuya and Honoka Nishimura.

Masaki Nakao is Focusing on His Acting Career

Masaki Nakao is well known for being a part of ‘Power Rangers Dino Force Brave’ in 2017, though he has certainly worked on several more projects since then. Some of the actor’s most recent works include ‘Kabe Sa Doujin Sakka no Neko Yashiki-kun wa Shouninyokkyuu wo Kojiraseteiru’ and ‘Aitsu ga Kamite de Shimote ga Boku de,’ with him acting as the main character in both shows. The artist has an Instagram following of over 101K and certainly seems to have won over people from across the world with his performance in the Netflix show.

Who-ya is a Music Artist Today

Let’s now talk about Who-ya, who primarily works under the banner of Who-ya Extended and has been creating waves in the Japanese musical industry since 2019. The artist has recently released two new songs, with “Repentance Dance” making its debut on July 5, 2023, while “Gimme Your Tears” was released on August 7, 2023. Who-ya has also provided music for several television shows, including anime, and was even nominated during the 6th Crunchyroll Anime Awards for the Best Opening category thanks to his song “Vivid Vice” from ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’  Fans of the singer will be glad to know that he will be performing live on November 24, 2023.

Taiju Shiratori Continues to be a Kickboxer

As fans of the Netflix show might already be aware, having seen him in action on-screen, Taiju Shiratori is a professional Muay Thai kickboxer, having previously donned the role of a boxer. Following his match against Daizo Sasaki, which viewers saw in season 1, he fought against Alexis Sautron on June 24, 2023, at MTGP Impact in Paris, France. While the match was initially ruled as a victory for Sautron by knock-out, the result was later overturned to a no-contest due to issues with timekeeping. Part of Team Teppen, Taiju is trained by Hiroyuki Nasukawa and is a fighter in the Bantamweight division. While many are curious whether or not his romance with Honoka Nishimura has blossomed into something more, the kickboxer has not yet shared an update about the same.

Honoka Nishimura is a Content Creator Today

We are pretty excited to talk about the beautiful Honoka Nishimura, whose on-screen chemistry with Taiju Shiratori has helped her even more love from the masses. Previously a hair and makeup stylist, she gained fame as a member of the Last Idol family, a group of female musicians that officially disbanded on May 31, 2022. Since then, Honoka has continued to work in the entertainment industry, though she is also active as an online content creator. Her Twitch channel has over 50K followers, while her YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of more than 67K. Similarly, Honoka has over 267K followers on Instagram. Additionally, the reality TV star seems to have become good friends with Mikako and Robin Furuya and recently shared pictures of them spending time together.

Gabby is a Successful Today

Proud of her heritage as a Japanese and Latin American woman, Gabby works as a successful model and is presently partnered with Tencarat. In fact, she recently graced the cover of the Autumn 2023 edition of the Nail Venus magazine, an achievement that she seemed more than happy to share with her admirers, having amassed an Instagram following of over 98K. When not working hard, Gabby enjoys spending time with her friends and has been over the moon about her Netflix appearance. While her potential romance with Taiju Shiratori did not pan out, the fans are hopeful that she will soon find her happily ever after.

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