Is Jenna Dewan’s Bailey Nune Leaving The Rookie?

After her introduction in the third season, Jenna Dewan’s Bailey Nune becomes an integral part of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie.’ As John Nolan’s partner, she becomes a friend of the police officer’s colleagues. In the fifth season of the show, Bailey’s life gets threatened when the serial killer Rosalind Dyer traps her in a container to hurt Nolan. Although Bailey survives the near-death experience, the viewers are still concerned about her, especially because of Dewan’s reduced screen time in the current season. If you are alarmed about the actress’ future in the show, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Bailey?

The fifth season of the show depicts an eventful phase of John Nolan’s life. As a training officer, he starts to guide Celina Juarez, the new rookie at the station. His nemesis Rosalind Dyer returns to his life, nearly killing Bailey. As far as his personal life is concerned, Bailey proposes to him and he replies yes. Although she becomes an essential part of Nolan’s life, Dewan’s character doesn’t feature much in the season. Since the show has been focusing less on John’s personal life, except for his engagement, fans are understandably worried about Bailey’s fate in the show.

In addition, the presence of Jenny, the sister of Nolan’s superior Tim Bradford, in Nolan’s life may have further alarmed the viewers concerning Dewan’s possible exit. Although Nolan and Bailey get engaged, the current season has established that they are ultimately two different people without appealing compatibility. The viewers can’t be blamed for expecting Nolan and Jenny’s union since the latter aligns with the former personality-wise. After a divorce, Jenny is in the same stage of life as Nolan and they have displayed noticeable chemistry when the latter has been helping her settle in Los Angeles.

If Jenny and Nolan decide to end up together, it is more or less a surety that Bailey’s character arc will be concluded with the same narrative development. Does that mean we are seeing the last of Dewan in the show? Let us share our take on it.

Is Jenna Dewan Leaving The Rookie?

As of now, neither ABC nor Jenna Dewan has released a statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘The Rookie,’ indicating that we shouldn’t worry about the imminent departure of Dewan. Although the actress’ screen time is not as much as the admirers of the character would have wanted, Bailey remains a pivotal part of Nolan’s life and as long as it remains the same, Dewan most likely will be a part of the show’s cast. Since Nolan and Jenny’s acquaintance hasn’t grown after their initial meeting, the former’s relationship with Bailey isn’t severely threatened.

The decline of Dewan’s screen time in the show can be due to the current season’s focus on Tim and Lucy Chen’s relationship. As the season progresses, we may see Nolan and Bailey’s storyline progressing, possibly when they will seriously think about the preparations for their wedding. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Dewan most likely will continue featuring in ‘The Rookie.’ In the upcoming episodes of the season, we can look forward to seeing them planning their potential wedding in detail. As a couple, they may also try to be more compatible, even if it means not welcoming Celina to their house anymore.

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