Land of Women: Where is the Apple TV+ Show Filmed?

Eva Longoria’s Apple TV+ series, ‘Land of Women,’ adapts Sandra Barneda’s eponymous novel for a compelling mix of drama and comedy. Created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, the story follows the chaotic turn of events in the life of a New York-based socialite, Gala (Longoria), when her husband embroils the family through financial crimes. Gala, along with her aging mother, Julia (Carmen Maura), and teenage daughter, Kate (Victoria Bazua), escapes the country. However, their hopes are once again short-lived when dangerous criminals, led by the social media-obsessed hitman, Kevin (Amaury Nolasco), come after them.

Shot in both Spanish and English, ‘Land of Women’ captures the struggle of leading women to start anew amidst swirling small-town gossip threatening to expose long-buried family truths. The characters also face innumerable relationship conflicts with each other, as well as with other villagers, such as Amat (Santiago Cabrera) — a kind-hearted villager who develops feelings for Gala — and Mariona (Gloria Muñoz) — Julia’s estranged sister, whose unresolved resentment resurfaces. With no shortage of stunning landscapes, ‘Land of Women’ inevitably makes viewers wonder where these beautiful places actually are.

Land of Women Filming Locations

‘Land of Women’ is filmed entirely in Spain, utilizing two primary locations perfectly encapsulating the series’ blend of urban tension and rural charm. The first season of the show began filming on September 27, 2022 and lasted throughout the fall and winter until February 2023. Longoria not only served in the lead but also as an executive producer who assisted the production, partaking in every crucial process. Her vacation in the European nation — combined with her boredom with frequent CGI-dominated content on television — inspired her to seek a project worthy of the location, flipping the conventional methods to develop a project.

Sharing this idea with Ramón Campos led to the discovery of the titular novel, a perfect chick flick where the surroundings would play an equally significant role. Within weeks, they gathered a fitting storyline set against the scenic backdrop of Spain while also recruiting the services of talented directors — Jacobo Martínez, Kenneth Biller, and Carlos Sedes and cinematographers — Daniel Sosa Segura and Andreu Rebés. Locations were scouted and managed with the assistance of Neus Casajuana, who expertly sought wineries and farms.

Barcelona, Spain

A city renowned for its vibrant culture and stunning architecture, Barcelona is a significant filming location for ‘Land of Women.’ Several locations in the capital city of the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia in the Pyrenees mountain range in the city are heavily utilized to tape the show. The crew members extensively searched for various iconic and lesser-known spots throughout to capture the urban aspects of Gala’s life before her flight from New York. One such disguisement includes the historical landmark, Casa provincial de la Maternitat, located at Travessera de les Corts, 131, Les Corts, 08028, which served as the exterior of Kate’s school where Gala picks her up right before fleeing.

The bustling streets raised the elements of chaos and cat-and-mouse chases between the family and their hunters. The historic buildings and modernist landmarks of Barcelona added a cosmopolitan feel to the series, contrasting with the tranquility of the rural settings. Layna Sheppard, a newcomer who appears in the recurring role of Maggie, posted glimpses of her visits to Barcelona’s popular sites.

Girona, Spain

The village of San Lorenzo de la Muga in the Girona province of Catalonia also plays a crucial role in the series, providing the setting where the mothers and their daughters seek refuge. The narrow streets, rustic houses, and beautiful landscapes of the village offered a stark contrast to their cozy yet chaotic lives in New York. These societal and cultural readjustments add a comedic touch to the ‘Land of Women.’ Scenes involving unpredictable rainfall, the socialite women’s inability to don high heels at vineyards, and their difficulty sharing a room amidst the sun-kissed region, surrounded by wilderness, can not help making viewers chuckle.

The cast and behind-the-scenes crew members capitalize on the village’s authentic charm to create a sense of place integral to the narrative. Victoria Bazua, who plays Kate, found particular joy in scenes that required raw, uninhibited acting. In an interview with LA Times, she recalled feeling most at ease during a sequence where she had to swim into a roadside body of water. This scene also depicts the Spanish acting legend Carmen Maura — whose on-screen persona battles dementia — reliving her wild youth by skinny-dipping with forbidden boys. The ease at which she faced the chilling waters surprised the crew, who had cautiously summoned scuba-geared lifeguards in advance.

Known for its medieval charm and bright ambiance, the town — with a population of less than 200 — became the perfect backdrop for the series’ exploration of Julia’s secrets, Gala’s romance, and Kate’s coming-of-age. Shooting ‘Land of Women’ in these diverse locations came with its own set of challenges and rewards. Eva Longoria often posted glimpses of these experiences on Instagram while also spending quality time with her 4-year-old son, who was also seen at the sets of season 1 and slated the clapperboards before filming.

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