Lifetime’s Locked in My House: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Adrian Langley, ‘Locked in My House’ introduces us to Caris, a working woman with a well-paying job and a loving husband. When she visits a fertility clinic, Caris is sexually harassed by Dr. Marrick. Profoundly unsettled, Caris approaches the police but is told she needs more evidence or people stepping up against the doctor. At the behest of her friend’s urging, Caris goes public with her allegation, and as a result, women who have had a similar experience with Dr. Marrick join her in a campaign against him.

One of the other victims, Renee, becomes particularly close with Caris. When she comes across a drunk Marrick attempting to commit suicide on the railway tracks, Caris saves him and locks him in her basement to get a confession. As the authorities search for Marrick and a manic Renee seeks to bury the doctor for good, Caris will have to determine how far she is willing to go for revenge. The Lifetime thriller film unfolds around a quintessential suburban neighborhood that effectively contrasts its increasingly chaotic narrative.

Where Was Locked in My House Filmed?

‘Locked in My House’ was primarily filmed in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. The film crew seemed to have had an eventful time behind the scenes, and some took to social media to appreciate their team members. “Great crews, great talent, and great times,” wrote photographer Darren Goldstein in the caption of a picture he uploaded on Instagram. “Huge shout out to (Cassie Keenan) and all her creative talent and vision while producing and directing these shoots.” Let us take you through the filming destinations chosen to create the Lifetime movie.

Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Filming for ‘Locked in My House’ took place across the sprawling metropolitan region in southern Ontario, encompassing the city of Toronto and its surrounding municipalities. Alongside Vancouver, Toronto is known as the Hollywood of the North because of the eclectic range of backdrops offered by its urban sprawl and surrounding cities.

In the opening sequences of the film, we are treated to an establishing shot of an upstate neighborhood of Whitby. Known as one of the best places to live in the country, Whitby is a charming town located in the Durham Region of Ontario, bordering Oshawa. Using Whitby as the backdrop for Caris’ home and neighborhood presents us with a picturesque, family-friendly environment. Its idyllic background is juxtaposed with the darker elements of the film’s narrative. Whitby boasts a strong sense of community and a rich cultural heritage dating back to the late 18th century.

Another recognizable location featured in the film is the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, which stands in for Caris’ office building. Situated in the heart of downtown Brampton, the center provides office and coworking spaces alongside a range of services to incubate small businesses. The business center is among the city’s efforts to attract and cultivate local businesses to foster innovation and drive economic growth.

Toronto’s hub of major film studios, production facilities, and post-production services makes it an attractive destination for filmmakers. The city’s film industry has grown significantly in recent years, serving as a center for both domestic and international movie projects. The production company behind ‘Locked in My House,’ Chaplain Media East, is also based in the city.

Locked in My House Cast

Natalia Brown leads the thriller film as Caris. Hailing from Timmins, Ontario, the prolific actress is known for her work in ‘The Strain’ as Kelly Goodweather, ‘Sophie’ as Sophie Parker, and ‘Nightmare Alley’ as Lilith’s Receptionist. She can also be spotted in the Lifetime movies, ‘A Widow Seduced’ and ‘Smart Home Killer.’ Starring opposite her as Dr. Marrick is seasoned actor Damon Runyan. You may recognize Runyan from his essaying of Coach Carson in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation,’ Charles Falco in ‘Gangland Undercover,’ Ujilli in ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ and Paul Rutherford in ‘Home Before Dark.’

The movie features Lora Burke as Renée. Burke can be seen in Poor Agnes as Agnes Poelzl, ‘Motherly’ as Kate, ‘Lifechanger’ as Julia, and ‘For the Sake of Vicious’ as Romina. Actress Lara Amersey steps into the role of Julia Hapsburg. Amersey is known for her work in kids’ television, including her performance as Vanka in the YTV series ‘Monster Warriors.’ Her film credits include ‘Christmas with the Knightlys,’ ‘Country Hearts,’ and ‘Well Suited for Christmas.’ Other actors adding their talents to the film are Morgan Kelly, Beth Hornby as Paula, and Jinny Wong as Henrietta.

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