Love After Lockup Season 5: Where Are They Now? Who are Still Together?

We TV’s ‘Love After Lockup,’ which premiered in 2018, features various couples with at least one of the partners having spent time in prison. The unique reality show is well-known for its intriguing cast and love stories that are more adventurous than most couples you might come across on television. Season 5 of this entertaining series provided viewers with insights into the lives of various couples who learn to live together once more. As such, it is only natural that the world is curious about just what they have been up to these days.

Britney and Kerok Are Blissfully in Love

Let’s start with Britney Cruz Alvarado and Naykerah “Kerok” Galberth, who are still together. The couple may have had some issues during their time on the show, but they seem to be going strong and are in love more than ever. The two often spend time together and enjoy traveling to beautiful places. Kerok is also proud of his skills as a rapper and can be booked by those interested. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the pair continues to celebrate special occasions together and are more than open about their affection for each other on social media.


Renuka Expressed Her Grief at Asonta’s Funeral

We are deeply saddened to share that Lacitrus “Asonta” Gholston passed away on September 1, 2023. The reality TV star was involved in a fatal car accident in his home state of Georgia and continues to be mourned by many. While Asonta and Raneka Hayes seemingly broke up sometime prior to the accident, the latter did attend his funeral and professed her continued love for him. At the time of the accident, Asonta’s partner, Alexis, was five months pregnant. Raneka is now based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is affiliated with Fetishs’ byneek, Loyaltys1st, and Street Money Small.

Melissa and Louie Are Still Dating

Up next, we have Melissa Leist and Louie Fojut. Fans will be glad to know that the two are still together and are far from shy about expressing their love for each other. Despite the on-screen tensions between Melissa and Louis’ mother, Donna, it seems like the three may have found a path that works the best for them. Based in New Jersey, the pair seems to be doing well in their respective lives. Louie now works as a Fitness Coach and a Recovery Specialist. Meanwhile, Melissa has amassed quite a fan following on the internet, as evidenced by her nearly 18K followers on Instagram.


Sharae and Anthony Got Engaged Again

Having known each other for over two decades, Sharae Scott and Anthony Redding continue to be in a relationship. In fact, Sharae shared with the world in November 2023 that her partner had given her yet another ring, something she could not help but cherish. That said, it does not seem like his troubles with the law are over. As per reports, Anthony was arrested on October 31, 2023, in New York for possession of a drug called cocaine hydrochloride. His preliminary hearing for the case was set for December 1, 2023.

As for Sharae, she continues to dominate the world of business. She is presently both the CEO and CFO of ChooseWiselyCW, a company run by her and Anthony. The reality TV personality is also the CEO of Hookah Hunniz and the CFO of Anthony and Sharae Foundation. More than anything, she is proud of her role as a mother to her children.


Chelsea and Mikey Prefer to Lead Private Lives

Let’s now talk about Chelsea and Michael “Mikey” Harmon, whose relationship, for the most part, has taken place while the latter has been behind bars. While it initially seemed like the two might be in it for the long haul, Mikey’s recent revelation regarding his actual sentences may have doomed the couple’s relationship. Neither party has shared an update regarding their status as a couple, with Mikey likely still in prison, though he did become eligible for parole on February 1, 2023. Disregarding that, he has to stay in prison at least until October 20, 2029, with a maximum stay until March 9, 2035.

Andy and Brittney’s Current Relationship Status Remains a Mystery

Given the tumultuous nature of their relationship, fans are quite curious about the relationship between William Andrew “Andy” Kidd and Brittney. The couple did seem on the rocks after it was revealed that Andy was actually still married to his second wife Mindy. However, in September 2023, he filed for a divorce, which was granted in October 2023. As such, Andy is now a legally unattached man. Whether or not this means a rekindling of his relationship with Brittney is something that neither party has shared as of writing.

Joynomi and Redd Have Gone Their Separate Ways

It seems like the relationship between Joynomi Davis and Graylen “Redd” Noldon has come to an end. The latter confirmed the development during an interview in November 2023 and has also changed his Facebook relationship status to single. Both parties did have their fair share of troubles in the show, but we are positive that many of their fans will be disappointed to see that the two are no longer together. Presently, Joynomi enjoys spending time with her son, Sway, whom she adores very much. On the other hand, Redd seems happy to enjoy life to the fullest now that he is out of prison.

Tayler and Chance Are No Longer Together

Tayler George and Chance Pitt, the couple whose life story has captivated the world for a long time. The two have now confirmed that they are no longer together. In fact, Tayler’s recent social media activity suggests that her partner may have cheated on her, having shared a text post in November 2023 that stated, “I don’t care what anyone says. Cheating is a choice, not a mistake, and loyalty is a responsibility, not a choice.”

Despite their separation, Tayler and Chance continue to co-parent their son, Mason, whom they both love very much. While Tayler may have her grievances against Chance regarding how their relationship turned out, she does not seem to mind his dedication to being a father. Apart from Mason, Tayler is also a mother to three girls. Both of them and their son are based in Elsberry, Missouri, and seem thankful for all the public support.

Justine and Michael Are Enjoying Marital Bliss

Justine and Michael Persaud remain happily married and seem to be enjoying life to the fullest. Their move to Las Vegas, Nevada, may have been shrouded in doubt initially, but it seems to have worked out for the two since then. The couple has gained much popularity over the years due to their prominent role in the We TV series, with Justine having over 132K Instagram followers. In Dember 2023, Justine and Michael released their first-ever collaboration song called “Gangster S–t,” with Michael already having established himself in the field of music.

Aris and Cameron are Now Parents

We are excited to talk about Aris and Cameron Morton from Tampa, Florida. The latter of the two spent two years in prison for trafficking and possession of marijuana. The couple is still happily married and never misses any chance of showering each other in love on social media. In fact, they were ecstatic to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in July 2023. Aris and Cameron recently welcomed their daughter into this world and are always happy to spend time with her.

Cameron especially seems to have fully embraced his role as a father. He also continues to work as a content creator under the name of OG Kam while also pursuing his passion for music. Meanwhile, Aris is studying Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management at Southern New Hampshire University and will complete the course in 2024. While she had been working at Optum as an Appointment Scheduler, she left the job in October 2023.

Lindsey and Blaine Are Enjoying Life With Their Children

Having converted their friendship into a relationship, it seems like Lindsey Downs and Blaine Bailey are still very much together. The couple continue to shower each other with love on Instagram and have earned much support from their fans. Blaine also enjoys spending time with his children, including his son Kaygan. He is also close to Lindsey’s daughter, Miley, and the five have come together to form a heartwarming family.

Shavel and Quaylon Are Now Engaged

We are now focusing on Shavel Rice-Moore and Quaylon Adams, whose time on the show has undoubtedly been one you can’t help but follow avidly. The couple is actually happily engaged, something that the world got to know in August 2023. For all intents and purposes, it seems like the bride-to-be is happily preparing for her upcoming wedding while also spending quality time with her daughter, Mi’elah. Quaylon is also quite close to Mi’elah, having proposed the idea of adopting her in the show.

Shavel remains quite appreciative of Quaylon, something she expressed happily on his birthday in November 2023. “I’m Proud of all your accomplishments. I can’t wait for the world to see all the great projects you got coming. This has been a long journey for the both of us. We been tested and made it thru the ups & down and not giving up,” she stated, while also proudly pointing out how Quaylon never went back to prison. Now based in Lewisville, Texas, Shavel owns a hair collection company named after her daughter, while Quaylon is the CEO of Wedawave Productions.

Shawn and Sara Are Married Parents of a Daughter

We are pleased to share that Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac are indeed still together. The couple got married in 2021 and welcomed their daughter Addilyn into this world in October 2022. While the reality TV stars have not had the smoothest journey as a married pair, they are determined to remain by each other’s side for better or worse. Shawn is also a father of six more children whom he seemingly co-parents alongside Kelly, his former partner. The reality TV stars have a tow truck business and enjoy the company of their loved ones. While they are not very active on social media, they have been more than happy to promote the We TV series.

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