Love is Blind Brazil Season 4: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind Brazil’ revolves around the idea that love transcends physical attraction. Contestants form connections without seeing one another, only meeting face-to-face after deciding to get engaged. The fourth season featured individuals who had experienced heartbreak, divorce, or separation or wanted to give love another chance. With a diverse group of participants from various backgrounds, all seeking their perfect match, the season was highly successful, leading many to the threshold of marriage.

Ariela and Evandro Are No Longer In Touch

Ariela Carasso and Evandro Pinto started their relationship positively, which was marked by mutual respect. However, issues arose once they entered the real world. Ariela knew about Evandro’s two daughters, who were the same age as her daughter, but she was unaware of his older son, with whom he was reconnecting. She also discovered that he had a recent fling just before joining the season and meeting her. As time went on, Ariela struggled to accept Evandro’s complex life, and Evandro felt stifled. Realizing their relationship wouldn’t last, he left the season prematurely. Since then, they have remained apart and do not even follow each other on social media.

Ariela is currently focusing on her career as an event manager. She began her journey at IMEX as a Marketing Executive and, since 2020, has been working as a Head Manager at an event planning agency. In February 2024, she launched ACarasso Events, based in São Paulo, Brazil, providing event management services to a diverse clientele. Additionally, Ariela has established herself as a digital creator, gaining popularity on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Since the season aired, she has been doing reviews and commentary on each episode, generating significant fan interest. As a single mother to a 9-year-old daughter, Ariela balances the demands of her business and her online presence while working towards providing her daughter with a secure and nurturing environment.

Evandro, who began his career as a security officer, is now working as a Lifestyle Scalper Trader. He is dedicated to establishing his business to provide for his two young daughters, who mean the world to him. Recently, he has also started reconnecting with his 12-year-old son and is working on building that relationship. When not working, Evandro enjoys spending time with his family, including his parents and children, centering his activities around them. One of the things he does for himself is play football, and as a true fan, he finds contentment whether he gets the chance to play or watch.

Marilia and Patrick Have Gone Separate Ways

Marilia Pinheiro and Patrick Ribeiro had a rocky start when Patrick initially confused Marilia for someone else, leading her on unintentionally. It wasn’t until he clarified his feelings with true conviction, expressing his genuine vision of a future with her, that Marilia felt reassured and could trust him. Despite a few bumps in the real world, where Marilia perceived Patrick as less mature, they found common ground on their wedding day. Both wanted to stay together but agreed they needed more time to decide on marriage. However, it seems like the couple have split up, and Patrick is already in another relationship with Fernanda Carneiro. Fans have been alleging that he was still with her while he was on the season, and it has been creating a lot of stir.

Marilia Pinheiro is a professional banker, but her family is her top priority in life. Her parents, Mario Pinheiro and Solange Delfino, have repeatedly expressed their pride and unconditional love for her. With her newfound fame as a reality TV star, Marilia has also ventured into content creation, sharing snippets of her life, attending carnivals, going out to dinners, and vacationing in places like Santa Catarina, Indaiatuba, and Rio de Janeiro. Accompanied by her dog, Scott, Marilia has been excelling despite the recent break-up and even bought a car in June 2024. She has decided to march ahead and wait for a companion who will treat her right.

On the other hand, Patrick has an all-consuming job as a Traffic Manager. When he’s not occupied with work, he enjoys spending time outdoors. From cycling to swimming, he loves being challenged in different ways, and the gym is his go-to for energy, motivation, rejuvenation, and relaxation. He is also a digital creator and has successfully collaborated with brands like Flou Wear and Burger King Brazil. Patrick shares his insights from the season with fans, and this is the direction he envisions for his career shortly.

Alexandre and Renata Seem to Be Making Things Work

Renata Giaffredo and Alexandre Thomaz seemed like a couple who had to combat many issues, work towards trusting each other, and build something solid. When they stood by their promises, they quickly became the audience’s favorite couple. Their marriage at the end of the season felt like a dream come true for both. They seem to be still married, as Renata often posts videos on social media with her wedding ring still on her finger. Although they haven’t made any public appearances together since the season ended and are keeping a low profile, they remain married for now.

Renata Giaffredo and Alexandre Thomaz are settled in São Paulo, Brazil, where they enjoy independent careers that allow them to lead a luxurious life. Renata is a lawyer, while Alexandre owns an event management company and works as a production artist. He is responsible for organizing Baile do Alemão and Aroeira, two of Brazil’s most successful public events, making him a sought-after figure in the industry. As a power couple, they both understand their priorities and dedicate as much to their relationship as they do to their careers.

Despite their differences in profession, Renata and Alexandre share many values and interests. Foremost among these is their love and respect for family. Both are adventure and travel enthusiasts. In April 2024, Renata climbed the top five highest peaks in Brazil, showcasing her love for beaches and mountains. On the other hand, Alexandre has a passion for scuba diving and trekking. Their fans will soon see them embarking on an adventurous trip together.

Ingrid and Leandro Marçal Have Ended Their Union

When Ingrid Santa Rita first spoke with Leandro Marçal, she felt an immediate connection, but she approached their relationship cautiously, considering her responsibilities as a mother to two daughters. As they grew closer, both families also bonded well. When deciding whether to marry, they didn’t hesitate to say yes, but the two have gone separate. In a heartfelt post, Ingrid spoke about facing challenges and feeling weary. She said she would share more about her marriage, but now she needs time away from it all. From the message’s sentiment, one can gather that it was not as blissful a time for her as her fans wanted, and she would open up in her time.

Ingrid has made Osasco, Brazil, her home, where she resides with her two daughters, Maria Eduardo Santa Rita and Rafaela Preta, whom she considers the greatest gifts in her life. Ingrid shares a close and friendly relationship with her daughters. Professionally, she works as an architect and is the founder of Makeda Arquitetura, where she has garnered recognition for her outstanding work. Beyond her architectural pursuits, Ingrid has a keen interest in fashion and was spotted at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week in April 2024, showcasing her stylish and beautiful demeanor.

Leandro is a trainer who uses social media to promote himself and his business. As a fitness influencer, he regularly shares health and lifestyle tips tailored especially for men. His content often includes workout routines that have helped him achieve peak physical fitness. With about 40,000 followers on Instagram alone, Leandro has garnered a significant following from those who appreciate his advice and fitness insights.

Vanessa and Leonardo Plácido Are Building a Future Together

When Vanessa Kurashiki and Leonardo Placido started talking, Vanessa initially hesitated and became interested in another male contestant. However, her confidence in Leonardo grew with each interaction, and she began to see a future with him. Their love developed in a traditional sense, and when asked if they were in love, both affirmed their feelings. They appear to be together still as they continue to wear their rings, and Leonardo referred to their house as “our home” in a comment on a co-star’s post, suggesting that the newly married couple is settling into their life together.

Vanessa and Leonardo, both seasoned lawyers, navigate their professional lives in distinct spheres that offer them a profound understanding of each other’s professional demands. Vanessa serves as a Judicial Coordinator at Valid, specializing in contract and corporate law. She handles intricate legal matters with precision and expertise. Her role involves overseeing judicial processes and ensuring compliance within the corporate landscape.

Leonardo has established himself in independent practice, where he practices law and explores his passion as a therapist. This dual role allows him to leverage his legal acumen while delving into the complexities of human psychology and emotional well-being. Vanessa and Leonardo have actively engaged with their digital platforms, offering fans insights into their lives beyond the show. They share glimpses of their routines, from fitness regimens to their favorite hangout spots, showcasing their evolving lifestyles. Their online presence documents personal milestones and reflects their mutual influence on each other’s habits and interests.

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