Love Island All Stars: Where Are They Now? Which Couples Are Still Together?

With a season as full of star power as Peacock’s ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ the viewers are bound to be curious about the latest updates in the lives of those who played a prominent role in the series. In the eleventh season of ‘Love Island UK,’ the fans ended up seeing five different couples reaching the finale thanks to their on-screen performance. Now that the show is over and the contestants are back home, the viewers are asking where they are and if their relationship is going as strong as ever.

Molly Smith and Tom Clare Are the Winners

Thanks to their on-screen chemistry, Molly Smith and Tom Clare ended up winning the all-stars season of ‘Love Island UK.’ Since their time on the show, the couple has confirmed that they are still in a relationship. “I walked in and got the girl I wanted from day one; it’s the start of something really special with me and Molly. She means so much to me, and walking in the Villa for the second time, I was unsure if I’d actually meet someone, but I genuinely feel like I’ve found someone amazing in Mol who I can’t wait for the future with,” Tom confessed on Instagram.

Molly has echoed the sentiment, stating, “I feel so lucky and grateful to have had such an amazing experience and left with someone very special who I’m excited for the future with.” She and Tom have also posted a picture of them together with the caption “Start of something new,” confirming the love that they have for each other. Presently, Molly works as a model and is affiliated with J’adore Models as well as Force 1 Management. Tom is also affiliated with the latter organization and serves as an ambassador for eBay UK.

Callum Jones and Jess Gale Are Exploring Their Connection

The romance between Callum Jones and Jessica “Jess” Gale has helped them earn many fans, with people curious about whether or not the two are together. Since their exit from the show, Callum shared in ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ podcast that while he and Jess are not officially a couple, they have continued to see where their bond will lead them. That said, the two did recently share a photograph with each other, confirming that they remain on good terms.

Callum, who is now a full-time influencer with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, seems happy with his status as a runner-up of ‘Love Island: All Stars’ alongside Jess. Speaking of the latter, she is currently affiliated with Rizzo The Agency, a group based in London, UK, that specializes in Public Relations and Talent Management. The latter often works as a model and remains on good terms with her twin sister, Eve Gale.

Josh Ritchie and Sophie Piper Are Happily Together

Up next, we have Joshua “Josh” Ritchie and Sophie Piper, whose journey together was one that the viewers followed avidly. One of the most firm confirmations of the couple’s continued relationship has actually come from Sophie’s sister Rochelle Humes from ‘This Morning.’ during one of her recent appearances on the show, Rochelle stated that she had “met my sister’s new boyfriend for the first time.”

Moreover, Josh and Sophie have shared a picture of them together with the caption “Just the beginning,” indicating that they are still in a relationship. As of writing, Josh is proudly associated with Royal North West Construction. Meanwhile, Sophie continues to work as a model and is now affiliated with The MiLK Collective, a talent management agency focused on model and creative artists.

Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran Have Not Shared an Update

Georgia Steel and Tobias “Toby” Aromolaran are a couple whose television journey together started during their appearance in ‘Love Island Games.’ Since their time on the show, Georgia seems to be keeping quiet about her plans, though Toby has shared that the two are adjusting to their new normal and seeing how things will work out for them. He has also shared that while they are “locked in,” they are waiting to make things “official” until they meet each other’s families.

Affiliated with Off Limits Entertainment, Georgia is a proud ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association as well as Fashion Nova. She also has an interior design business under the name of At Home WIth Geesteel. As for Toby, he has his own podcast that often features celebrities and is called ‘Fancy a Chat?’ He is also a member of the Hashtag United Football Club as a Forward.

Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison Are Still Together

Last but not least, we have Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison, who have confirmed that they are still in a relationship. In fact, Georgia shared a video of Anton visiting her in Essex, UK, and bringing her perfume as a gift. The two even have pictures of them together that have made their supporters extremely happy, with many wishing them the best for the future. Given that Anton is based in Airdrie, UK, the two have much distance between them, but they have been able to keep their connection going.

“We have been texting, which is quite cute; very nice to be texting and just see what happens,” Georgia shared in a question-answer session on social media.“It’s been so nice to miss each other; there is no pressure on us.” While Georgia is affiliated with International Artists Management and Force 1 Management, Anton is exploring his skills as a businessman and fitness expert. He si currently affiliated with Attune You and Mac-Corns. Along with his mother, Sherie Ann Danyluk, he also seems to have a podcast called ‘What’s The Crack?’

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