Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Love on the Spectrum‘ is a reality dating series that revolves around a set of young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of love and relationships. In general, dating is complex, but for those who are neurodiverse, it comes with an added assortment of challenges. That’s what this series aims to illustrate. However, we also realize that everyone craves the same things, so we’re not that different after all. And now that season 2 of this educating and captivating show has launched on Netflix, let’s find out what its cast is up to today, shall we?


Michael, a fan favorite from seasons 1 and 2, yearns to find a partner, be a husband, and have a house to call his own. His only dealbreaker is if she’s tomboyish or goth and doesn’t like to be/dress formal sometimes. The 27-year-old has tried his best, yet things haven’t panned out as he had hoped. We saw him on dates with Amanda and then with Heather on the respective installments. Therefore, he has chosen to pause his search for love to focus on spirituality, hoping that his soul mate would soon find him naturally. Michael continues to adore ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and the English and German culture.


When we first met Ronan, the kind, reliable, and compassionate youngster confessed that he felt like the only thing missing in his life was a girlfriend with whom he could share his experiences. That is how he was introduced to Katie, who’s just as pure and romantic as him. The duo gradually built a deep connection and began a relationship. Thus, we’re glad to report that they still seem to be together. Apart from this, Ronan volunteers at a local race track and plays Tuba in a district band. He also keeps himself quite busy, as he takes drama classes, plays piano, does karate, and does rock climbing.


Like Michael, Mark has appeared on both seasons of Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum.’ The 30-year-old aspiring paleontologist with an unparalleled love for dinosaurs experienced his first real relationship with Chloe Hatch, but it was a whirlwind adventure that fizzled out soon after. Although Mark continues his quest for “the one,” he looks happy and healthy, which is all that matters. According to sources, he works part-time at McDonald’s Bateau Bay and lives in Central Coast, New South Wales, adjacent to his parents’ place. He also continues to enjoy bike riding, reading books, playing video games, and going to the gym.


Kassandra has come across the phrase, “but you don’t look autistic,” quite a bit in her life. However, she doesn’t pay much heed to it since she knows and understands that her brain is what makes her different, and no one can see that. Not one to shy away from her disability, it’s one of the very first things Kassandra reveals to someone new, so her dates were no exception. Sadly, despite a good date with Sam and a follow-up, she walked away single because the spark wasn’t there. At 28, with a degree in theatre and philosophy, Kassandra is a teacher, actor, singer, and cosplayer.


Teodora AKA Teo dreams of having a love story like that of her parents, who are best friends and lovers. They adopted her from Romania at the age of 3, so she has spent half her life in Texas and half in New South Wales. At 22-years-old, she finally decided that she was ready to jump into the world of dating, which led her to Morgan and Rosie. The latter is who charmed Teo the most. Yet, after some one-on-one time together and the declaration of love, they realized they’d be better off as friends, which they still are. Teo is a model and actress from the Blue Mountains.


Jayden was in the middle years of his adolescence when he knew that he was bisexual. However, even with his diagnosis, it took him ages– shortly before ‘Love on the Spectrum’ came to light– to completely grasp that he is autistic. With that acceptance, he started finding a partner and went on two incredible dates. The one with Daniel Matthews stuck, except it’s unclear where they stand at the moment. Nonetheless, we know that Jayden lives in Gympie, Queensland, where he works at the Nelle Frances Sensory HQ to help others like him. He also does aerial acrobatics and hopes to write a book inspired by his adoration for languages and history.

Jimmy and Sharnae

We first met Jimmy and Sharnae in season 1 of this series, where they got engaged, and in season 2, we watched them tie the knot. Thus, of course, they’re continuing their relationship as a married couple and seem happier and stronger than ever before. The Berresfords have jobs at the moment, which makes them feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Jimmy is a school cleaner, whereas Sharnae is a cashier at a local Woolworths store. The former also has a YouTube channel which he uses to spread awareness about autism by sharing his own experiences.

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