Luxe Listings Toronto Season 1: Where Are the Real Estate Agents Now?

Exploring the real estate market of Toronto, Ontario, Amazon Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto’ is certainly a captivating show. The series primarily follows various real estate agents active in the area who are doing their best to become the best in the area and not let any leads go. The task is certainly not easy, especially when competition remains high. However, the cast of the show’s very first season was easily able to impress the viewers with just how dedicated they are to their work.

Peter Torkan is a Proud Father of Two

Having worked hard for many years, Peter Torkan is not only a Founder and Managing Partner for Team Torkan, but he is also the Managing Partner for The Agency Toronto. Indeed, his team is affiliated with The Agency, which is known across the world for its work in the real estate industry. Along with his wife, Paige Torkan, he has made luxury sales worth $1.6 billion. His work has not only gained him a position in the top 0.5% of agents in Toronto, but he is also one of the top 5% performers of The Agency, a feat that is certainly impressive for many. More than anything, Peter cherishes his time with his two daughters, including Rosana Torkan, who also appeared briefly on the Amazon Prime show.

Paige Torkan is a Jewel Within The Agency

Paige Torkan, who has been married to Peter Torkan for nearly three decades, has served as one of his strongest pillars. Not only is she a Founder and Managing Partner for Team Torkan, but she is also considered a Broker of Record by The Agency. Together, she and Peter have actually sold luxury properties worth well over $1.6 billion, cementing their position as a dominant power in Toronto’s real estate market. The real estate agent seems to cherish her personal connections even more dearly than her professional ones but tries her level best not to let them come into conflict. She is especially quite proud of her two daughters, including Rosana Torkan.

Brett Starke Spends Time as a Volunteer

President of The Starke Group, Brett Starke has been active in the real estate industry since at least 2011. He even served as a part of the armed forces for three years after the 9/11 attack and now oversees his group’s work in both Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario. Apart from being in the company of his friends and family, the real estate agent likes to be with his adorable dog, Dasha. He also seems to believe in volunteer work and is presently part of JA Central Ontario’s Board of Governors. He is also a Company Program Lead Advisor for JA Worldwide and the President of the Board of Directors of the Conservative Party of Canada’s branch in Spadina-Fort York, Ontario.

Caitlin Clemmens is No Stranger to Reality TV

Interestingly, the Amazon Prime show is far from the first time that Caitlin Clemmens has appeared on television. She was actually one of the female contestants of ‘The Bachelor’ season 23, trying to woo Colton Underwood. She even made a comeback in season 6 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’  though both opportunities did not seem to result in a romantic connection for her. Presently, she is a huge part of The Starke Group, serving as a top agent and Senior Director of Sales. Her work has made her one of the most sought-after agents in Toronto, something that she does seem to take pride in. As a part of Junior Achievement Canada, she is a volunteer by heart and enjoys spending time with animals, especially horses, given her skills as an equestrian.

Taylor Donovan is Now an Engaged Woman

Serving as the Operations and Transactions Manager of The Starke Group, Taylor Donovan has been with Rare Real Estate since September 2021. She also works as an agent in the field and is known for catering to the needs of her clients and providing them with the best service possible. Apart from progressing well in her professional life, Taylor likes to spend time with her future husband, Jeremy Briggs. The latter had proposed to the reality TV star when they were in Lisbon, Portugal, on August 27, 2023. Taylor herself enjoys traveling and has been to many countries like Italy, Mexico, and Scotland,

Scott Starke is in a Blissful Relationship

Younger brother to Brett Starke, Scott Starke is an active part of The Starke Group. He has actually been with Rare Real Estate since March 2022 and now serves as a Senior Associate for his team. Thanks to his brother, he has learned much about the intricacies of the real estate market. When not working hard, he likes to be in the company of his girlfriend, Claudia Tirado B, and the two can often be seen happy on social media. Scott also likes to go on walks with his Bernese Mountain dog, Toby, and is a massive fan of the Toronto Football Club (AKA Toronto FC). In fact, one of his favorite pastimes seems to be supporting the sports team’s match at BMO Field at 170 Princes’ Boulevard in Toronto.

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