Marvel’s Blade Begins Production in the UK in Q4 2024

The filming of Marvel Studios’ ‘Blade’ is set to commence in the United Kingdom in the fourth quarter of 2024. Mahershala Ali headlines the cast of the movie, which is directed by Yann Demange. Michael Green penned the final screenplay of the project. In addition to Ali, Mia Goth and Delroy Lindo will also star in the superhero film.

Demange’s most recent directorial project is the short film ‘Dammi,’ which follows a man’s journey back to Paris as he grapples with past experiences and encounters strange glimpses of the present while attempting to reconnect with his estranged father. Additionally, Demange helmed an episode of the TV series ‘Lovecraft Country’ and his credits include projects like ‘White Boy Rick,’ ‘Top Boy,’ and ‘Criminal Justice.’

Ali most recently portrayed G. H. Scott in Netflix’s ‘Leave the World Behind,’ in which a family’s tranquil retreat turns sinister when a cyberattack disrupts their devices and unexpected visitors arrive. He also lent his voice to Uncle Aaron in ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ and portrayed Cameron/Jack in ‘Swan Song,’ a poignant tale in which a terminally ill man grapples with a complex solution to spare his family from grief in the near future.

Goth’s recent credits include Gabi Bauer in ‘Infinity Pool‘ and Pearl in Ti West’s horror films ‘Pearl‘ and ‘X.’ Lindo, on the other hand, is known for playing Adrian Boseman in ‘The Good Fight’ and Edwin Alexander in ‘Unprisoned.’

‘Blade’ underwent several changes during its development, with at least five different writers involved. According to sources familiar with the script revisions, one iteration shifted the narrative focus towards female characters, emphasizing life lessons, and pushed Blade into a supporting role. Amid rumors of Ali considering leaving the project due to script concerns, Feige opted to reset the creative direction by bringing in Green to start afresh. There is speculation that the studio aims to produce the film on a budget below $100 million, diverging from Marvel’s usual high-budget approach. The project is scheduled to be released on November 7, 2025.

“We’re working on it. That’s the best I could tell you,” Ali told Entertainment Weekly about the challenges encountered during the development of the movie. “I’m really encouraged with the direction of the project. We’ll be back at it relatively soon. […] I’m sincerely encouraged in terms of where things are at and who’s on board and who’s leading the way as far as the writing of the script and the directing and all that,” the actor continued.

The United Kingdom, where the shooting of the film will start, previously hosted the shooting of several noteworthy recent releases, including ‘The Gentlemen‘ and ‘3 Body Problem.’

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