Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second season of ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ follows Jeremy Renner’s Mike McLusky as he deals with the aftermath of the prison riots. In the seventh episode, titled ‘Drones,’ the fragile peace established by Mike is threatened after DA Lockett’s death. Meanwhile, Kyle makes a startling discovery. After trying his best to keep matters low-key, Mike must take the gloves off by the episode’s end. If you are wondering how Mike’s new approach will affect the dynamics in Anchor Bay, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 2 episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘Drones,’ opens with a drone surveying the Anchor Bay prison. It is used to drop a secret package inside the prison that is kicked up by a member of the Mexican gang led by Gunner. The box is then handed over to another gang member working in the kitchen. The inmate opens the package and converts the cocaine inside it into small packets to be passed around the prison. Meanwhile, Mike McLusky speaks with Deverin “Bunny” Washington in the prison yard.

Mike chastizes Bunny for having the DA killed. Mike is unhappy with Bunny and insists that he is resolving the matter. However, Bunny believes he did the right thing by clearing Mike’s path. On the other hand, Mike thinks that killing the DA made matters worse for Mike. Nonetheless, Bunny is only concerned with getting out of prison. However, Mike asks Bunny to focus on setting up shop inside the prison while he deals with the things on the outside. Before leaving, Mike tells Carney to watch Davidson and asks him for a favor.

While returning to his office, Mike sees the Crips and Aryan gangs almost getting into a gunfight. However, Mike intervenes and stops the violence from ensuing. Mike reminds them that things have returned to normal and all the gangs should operate on their own turf. As a result, the Aryans walk away while Mike talks with Bunny’s cousin. At the KPD office, Kyle meets Captain Heard, who is looking into the prison riots following Robert Sawyer facing a trial for his actions during the riots.

Captain Heard advises Kyle and his boys to get their stories straight, or they could get embroiled in the trial. However, Kyle insists that the officers were the victims and fends Robert’s team. Nonetheless, Captain Heard fears that the politics and media intervention could make Robert the scapegoat for the riots. At Anchor Bay, Carney moves Bunny and Raphael to a private cell where they get some luxuries. Carney asks Bunny to thank the Mayor for their newfound comfort in the prison.

Mike visits Evelyn Foley’s office and demands she signs the papers to release Bunny and the other gang leaders. However, Evelyn blames Mike for the DA’s death. Mike insists they must uphold their end of the bargain to maintain the peace in Kingstown. He advises Evelyn to avoid making the same mistake as DA Lockett and urges her to sign the release papers. Later, Mike meets Kyle and Ian to discuss Robert’s trial.

After returning home, Kyle argues with his wife and drowns his trauma in alcohol. He leaves the house and ends up at the strip club run by Milo. Kyle spots Iris at the club and immediately contacts Mike. Ian meets Charlie and tries to get him to take about the murders he committed. On the other hand, Mariam asks Mike to meet Jacob, a juvenile prisoner who seeks Mike’s help. However, Mike decides to deal with Jacob later as he is preoccupied with matters regarding Anchor Bay.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Why Did Mike Threaten Gunner?

In the episode, Mike notices the presence of drones over Anchor Bay. Initially, Mike does not suspect it to be an inside job. However, viewers learn that the Mexican gang uses drones to smuggle drugs inside the prison. It is implied that the Mexican gang has things in their hands and creates a need for them in prison to survive. The drug business set up inside the prison likely provided Gunner and the Mexicans with the resources necessary to kill the DA and help Bunny. While the gangsters may believe they cleared the path for Mike, the DA’s death has only made matters worse for him.

Mike discovers the Mexican gang’s drug operation at the end of the episode. He seizes the drone by finding a man operating outside the prison walls. Later, he calls Gunner inside Anchor Bay and threatens the gang leader. The ending implies that Mike is done with the gang leaders messing things up for him and promises to end Gunner’s drug business inside the prison. Mike seemingly takes away all of Gunner’s privileges inside the prison. He warns Gunner that the gang leaders must work hard to earn more favors from him. The episode ends on a power-packed note, as Mike is no longer interested in playing games and means serious business. Thus, the ending hints that Mike will be taking the backseat from here on, and the Mayor of Kingstown will unleash his ruthless approach to fixing the issues in the town.

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