Monarch Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained: Who is at Nicky’s Door?

Fox’s ‘Monarch‘ tells the story of the Romans, an affluent family rooted in the country music industry. The narrative sees the Romans dealing with internal conflicts after sisters Nicky and Gigi compete against each other. In the sixth episode, titled ‘The Night Of…,’ the conflict comes to a head as Nicky and Gigi are nominated in the same category at the Country Music Legacy Awards. Meanwhile, Albie discovers a shocking truth about his past with Rosa. Therefore, we are sure viewers must have plenty of questions about the episode’s events. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Monarch episode 6! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Monarch Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘The Night Of…,’ opens with a flash-forward to Nicky comforting Ace after he witnessed the crime. Later, Nicky, Albie, and Luke discuss the dead body’s situation and wonder how they can avoid suspicion. In the present, Nicky and Luke meet District Attorney Tripp DeWitt and discuss Nicky’s involvement in Dottie’s death. However, as Tripp is an old family friend, he promises to keep the matter a secret and acquits Nicky of suspicion of being an accomplice to her mother’s death.

The Romans gather to watch the Country Music Legacy Awards nominations. However, tension rises in the family after Nicky and Gigi are nominated for the Best Single of the Year Award. While the sisters wish each other the best, Luke senses the animosity between them. He organizes a duet performance of the sisters at the award ceremony to capitalize on the rising fame of the Monarch artists. However, Luke’s actual plan is to get Nicky and Gigi back on good terms with each other.

Jamie congratulates Nicky for the nomination, but they are interrupted by Clive, who continues blackmailing Nicky. However, after Nicky reveals she has been acquitted, she throws Clive out of the house. Meanwhile, Nicky and Jamie quickly become friends, and Nicky thanks Jamie for keeping Albie busy after Dottie’s death.

Elsewhere, Albie meets with Tripp and verifies Nellie’s story about the barn fire. Tripp reveals that Rosa died in the fire, but her daughter survived. At the Country Music Legacy Awards, Ace takes Ana as his date while Nicky and Gigi arrive with Luke and Kayala. However, the sisters continue throwing shade at each other, causing trouble for Luke and Kayala. In the end, Nicky wins the award leaving Gigi disappointed.

Monarch Episode 6 Ending: Who is at Nicky’s Door?

Nicky wins the award and receives a massive boost in her career. However, Gigi is disappointed by the loss, and her animosity toward her sister grows. In the episode’s final moments, Kayala tries to console and comfort Gigi. She encourages Gigi to forgive Nicky and move past their disagreement. However, Gigi is still enraged about Nicky stealing her song and decides to confront her sister. Meanwhile, Nicky is celebrating her win at home when someone knocks on her doorstep. The next time we see Nicky, she is covered in blood and had a physical altercation with someone.

Earlier in the episode, Ana returns home after the award ceremony. However, her mother catches her lies and reprimands Ana from seeing Ace. Catt insists that Ana must not make her relationship with the Romans personal. Therefore, she heads out to speak with Nicky. Catt does not want Ace near her daughter, and her conversation with Nicky is unlikely to be pleasant. However, there is little reason for their interaction to turn violent. Nicky is shocked to see the person on her door, and their visit seems unexpected. Therefore, it is likely that the person is Clive. The couple’s marriage is near its breaking point. Hence, it is likely that the two will get into a physical altercation.

Ultimately, it is likely that Gigi, Catt, and Clive all showed up at Nicky’s doorstep at different points in the night. However, one of the arguments went too far, and Nicky inadvertently ended up hurting one of the trio. After we see Nicky covered in blood, she immediately calls Albie for help. Albie takes a shotgun before heading to the crime scene. The episode ends with Nicky taking Albie’s help in dealing with the situation, leading to the murder we see in the flash-forwards of the first episode. Hence, the episode’s ending narrows down the possibility of the dead person being Gigi, Catt, or Clive.

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