7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

Image Credit: Cr. Stephanie Meiling/Netflix

Beauty’ follows the story of the titular character, who struggles with personal relationships as her professional life takes off. The film offers a close look at the compromises one has to make in order to feed the fire of their career. The story closely resembles the life of Whitney Houston, who enjoyed an illustrious career, despite facing many struggles in the music industry. If you want to watch more stories about real-life artists and the price they had to pay for success, then here are a few options you should check out. You can watch most of these movies, similar to ‘Beauty’, on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Jimi: All Is By My Side (2013)

‘Jimi: All Is By My Side’ follows a year in the life of legendary pop culture icon, Jimi Hendrix. Instead of taking a look at his entire journey from beginning to end, or even following his career as it took off steeply, this film chooses a very specific time in his life to present to its viewers. Set in the year 1966-67, it follows Hendrix to London, where he begins to chart a course that would completely flip his life. The film also foreshadows the success and the subsequent struggles that would latch on to him. Much like ‘Beauty’, it leaves us at a point where the end only seems like the beginning.

6. Get on Up (2014)

Following the life of James Brown, ‘Get on Up’ stars Chadwick Boseman in the lead role. Going back and forth in past, the film underlines the major incidents in Brown’s life which affected his life and career. The non-linear narrative structure gives a chaotic feel to the story, which sits well with the tumult faced by the artist. The overall story stretches from 1939, with a young James Brown living with his abusive father, to 1993, when Brown is at the height of his career, the price of which proves to have been much more than he bargained for.

5. Miles Ahead (2015)

Beauty’ traces the beginnings of a wonderful career of a young artist. While the initial road to success is difficult, it is the resurrection of one’s previously successful career that proves to be more challenging. ‘Miles Ahead’ gives the audience a glimpse into that side of stardom. Co-written and directed by Don Cheadle, this film follows the story of the celebrated jazz musician Miles Davis. Set in the late 70s, it focuses on the time when Davis disappeared for a little while, dealing with several physical and mental challenges. The story goes back and forth in time, offering an intimate look into the psyche of a superstar.

4. Lady Sings the Blues (1972)

If ‘Beauty’ teased you with the beginning of the superstar’s journey and you want to watch something that goes deeper into the world of the music industry, then here’s a film for you. ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ follows the struggles and success of Billie Holiday. The Academy Award-nominated film offers a keen insight into the life of the legendary singer. It begins with her working as a housekeeper and living in destitution. Things get worse for Billie before she decides to audition as a showgirl at a nightclub. Slowly, her singing career starts to pick pace. But just as success knocks on her door, she begins to struggle with drug abuse, which ultimately leads to a bitter end for her.

3. What’s Love Got to do With It? (1993)

‘What’s Love Got to do With It?’ follows Tina Turner’s rise to stardom. It begins with a young girl, named Anna Mae Bullock, who learns to fight for herself at a young age. The absence of a strong parental figure leads her to go out into the world and find a path on her own. Her journey leads her to Ike Turner, who not only gives her a spot in his band but also begins a romantic relationship with her. As she embarks on her musical career, Anna Mae uses the stage name Tina Turner and slowly rises up the ladder of success.

2. Ray (2004)

The film that won Jamie Foxx an Academy Award follows the life of musician Ray Charles. Ray learns to play piano at an early age, but the struggle begins for him when he completely loses his vision at the age of seven. His mother acts as his support system, teaching him to live his life in the best way possible. After a few hitches, he sets himself on a path to success. However, the continued use of heroin leads to deterioration in his personal relationships. The racist environment of the country also creates a lot of problems for him. Despite all this, he makes a mark for himself.

1. Bessie (2015)

Based on the life of blues singer Bessie Smith, it follows the story of a singer who, despite all the challenges that life threw at her at a young age, carves a place for herself in the music industry. It stars Queen Latifah in the titular role and focuses on the struggles in her personal life as well as professional. Like Beauty, Bessie is also a bisexual and has to make compromises for the upkeep of her public image. The film was a critical success and won an Emmy, garnering a nomination for Queen Latifah as well.

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