10 Movies Like Hidden Figures You Must See

‘Hidden Figures’ made waves in the industry with its courageous portrayal of independent women who quashed all petty stereotypes they’re often chained to. The story charted the contributions of extraordinary black women, who immensely helped in key projects at NASA. There have been plenty of films like ‘Hidden Figures’, built along similar lines and fueled by the same underlying themes. Here’s the list of movies similar to Hidden Figures that are our recommendations. You can stream some of these movies like Hidden Figures on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.

10. A League of Their Own (1992)

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Dottie and Kit are drafted into a professional baseball league along with several other women. Jimmy, an alcoholic, and a former star, is forced to manage them. The two’s contrasting personalities and an inherent presence of racial tensions run aflare and manage to set the movie running. Through the changing tones of the film, Marshall successfully explores various unmentioned about themes relating to sports and human emotion. The performances surely elevate the movie’s emotional appeal and the ensemble makes sure you’re hooked to the story at all times.

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9. Invictus (2009)

For all of Jimmy Kimmel’s sniding and belittling remarks about Damon’s ability as an actor, ‘Invictus’ proves how good he is. Nailing the Afrikan accent, Damon practically becomes Francois Pienaar as he is shouldered with bringing together players of different races for his country. Even though Morgan Freeman’s timid performance was a disappointment, the film’s relentless pace and inspiring series of events make sure that the film is as enjoyable as it would have been otherwise.

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8. Precious (2009)

‘Precious’ probably comes the closest to ‘Hidden Figures’ in terms of its personality and underlying themes. Adapted from the novel of the same name, it deals with the story of a sixteen-year-old black woman, who is overweight and is subject to abuse by her mother. Seemingly depressed and frustrated with the state of affairs, Precious decides to follow in the footsteps of her teacher and make something out of her life.

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7. The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015)

Very few people in the world are aware of Mr. Ramanujan’s pioneering contribution to modern-day mathematics. And ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ made a solid effort at remedying that notion. Starring Dev Patel as the obscure genius, the film charts his journey from a downtrodden godman to a fellow of eminence at the Trinity College. The film, disappointingly so, vaguely touches on the issues of racial discrimination and bias that Ramanujan had to face, similar to the extraordinary women in ‘Hidden Figures’. Despite that, it remains an enjoyable film and another testament to Dev Patel’s range as an actor.

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6. Gifted (2017)

It is not often that a movie as predictable and generic as ‘Gifted’ can surprise and leave you speechless. Generally, structural tropes and star appeal prison and subvert directors and the real story to the whims of the audience. ‘Gifted’, though, takes an entirely different route and impresses with an endearing and charming story about the troublesome relationships a family of extraordinary women shares. Frank Adler is survived through his niece (which we don’t know at first), Mary, who is a genius and proves to be a menace for children her age. He talents eventually catch up with her as her rich and protective grandmother returns to the scene to embroil the family into a legal battle. Chris Evans certainly delivers the performance of his career and keeps on improving and putting himself at a distance from his image as Captain America. A really good movie.

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5. The Imitation Game (2014)

Alan Turing’s contribution to science and mathematics, and to Britain in the second world war, is surprisingly unheralded. ‘The Imitation Game’ sets things right and explores his vanguard role in winning the war. Benedict Cumberbatch gives another endearing and professional performance that solidifies his status as a regarded thespian. His imitation of Turing, right from his constricted and uneasy body language to his soaked up shoulders and a face bereft of happiness, is sublime. Much like the persecuted and down-looked women in ‘Hidden Figures’, Turing fights the narrow-minded, frivolous society with his prodigal, god-gifted talents and puts them to great use.

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4. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

The scene where Chris Gardener gets the job, after an extraneous internship, and proceeds to become “one of them”, is the perfect juxtaposition of art and human emotion. The beauty with which it was acted and the depictive way it was shot gives way to the entitlement of Will Smith to a thousand Oscars. The real-life story of a struggling salesman, beating racial epithets and defining new achievements through determination and perseverance is akin to the one we witnessed in ‘Hidden Figures’ and certainly one to remember.

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3. The Theory of Everything (2015)

As essential as science and mathematics were to ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘The Theory of Everything’, so was the eternal struggle in life. But, that struggle dwarfs when matched up against the brevity and valor of men who don’t give up. Stephen Hawking was a phenomenon, and more importantly, someone who enjoyed living his life. His contributions in astrophysics and beguiling black humor characterized him not only as a revered scientist, but as a loving human being. Eddie Redmayne’s sensational performance, that bewildered and amazed, is a true homage to the great man and his memory.

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2. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Sylvia Nasir’s vivid and shocking image of Nobel prize winner John Nash came to screen in the most harrowing of fashions. The conflicted and troubled image of Nash is animated by a typically classy performance by Russel Crowe, while his wife is brought to life by Jennifer Connelly. The narrative explores the professional and personal life of Nash and also presents a detailed reimagining of his troubles with schizophrenia. In its poignant and inclusive moments of weakness between Connelly and Crowe, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ finds its breathless cadence and revels into a film well-worthy of its praise.

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1. Loving (2016)

As much as ‘Hidden Figures’ was about maths and the underdogs, it was overcoming racial tension. Back in the 20th century, it didn’t help if you were a woman. And certainly didn’t help if you were black. Despite being profiled in both categories, the inspirational story of these extraordinary women is pretty similar to ‘Loving’. Starring Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton as an interracial couple, who get evicted from their house and thrown behind bars. Defining stereotypes and racial tropes, the Supreme Court historically legalized interracial marriages and set a precedent that changed the face if modern America forever. Sublime performances and careful narration from Jeff Nichols make ‘Loving’ a special piece that will remain relevant for centuries to come.

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