12 Movies Like Groundhog Day You Must See

‘Groundhog Day’ stands as a cult movie in the modern-day cinema. Employing the time loop theory for the first time so effectively on-screen, the film spurred Bill Murray to global stardom and set new grounds in filmmaking. Since the film’s release, there have been plenty reiterations, some good some bad, and we have all the good ones here for you today. Here’s the list of movies similar to Groundhog Day that are our recommendations. You can stream some of these movies like Groundhog Day on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.

12. 12 Dates of Christmas (2011)

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Probably the most low key movie on the list, ’12 Dates of Christma’ refers to the timeline for Kate, a young, ambitious woman, who perseveres to maintain healthy relationships in her life. To do so, she is given ample opportunities, but ends up messing up her existing relationship and potential interests. Despite not being flawless and original, ’12 Dates of Christmas’ has enough to keep you hooked.

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11. Naked (2017)

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Rob Anderson is all set to marry the girl of his dreams, but can’t quite get to the altar. He finds himself caught in a time loop, waking up naked in a hotel elevator over and over again. Netflix’s foray into comedic relatable stories has proven to be pretty fruitful for them. The interest of the audience in seeking out the representation of their lives on screen has vastly increased. ‘Naked’ works on a similar formula and manages to establish a cinematic precedent of tomfoolery and revenge.

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10. Before I Fall (2017)

Much like its contemporaries in the list, ‘Before I Fall’ employs a narrative that operates through a loop in time. Samantha’s perfect life comes to n unfortunate end in an accident, but to her disbelief, she is born again and relives a portion of her life as she aims to disarm what causes this unique phenomenon. Despite its formulaic story tropes, ‘Before I Fall’ benefits from a terrific performance by Zoey Deutch and its climax that thrills and sets the tone for a sequel.

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9. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

The inclusion of ‘Prince of Persia’ might seem to be a misdirected. And that is understandable as the time-loop isn’t made explicit in the movie. Instead, we are taken to the golden times of Persian dominance over the world and acquainted with Dastan, a handsome, and capable street-fighter who is the king’s adopted son. Tensions boil over as he is set up and suspected of killing his father for inheritance. Through his escapade, he discovers a bigger play at hand, the grand orchestrator being his seemingly loving uncle. The movie made me, and millions of others, fall in love with Gemma Arterton and gave Gyllenhaal a stepping stone for stardom.

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8.  Predestination (2014)

Employing time travel as its hinge, ‘Predestination’ makes more of the concept and yields a very satisfying result. The complex and altruistic concepts of the movie make it difficult and intriguing for viewers to follow a definite timeline. A seasoned agent is tasked with traveling back in time to set right a wrong. As he makes his way to completing his task, he realizes the trap and must end a loop that snares him in eternity.

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7. Source Code (2011)

‘Source Code’ doesn’t present anything new, yet endears and endures with its simplicity. An army officer is forced to relive a day when a train becomes prey to a terrorist attack. His sole goal is to catch the perpetrator and help preserve the city from any subsequent acts of violence. Jake Gyllenhaal carries this mind-absorbing tale about new found love, ably supported by Michelle Monahan and Vera Farmiga.

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6. Happy Death Day (2017)

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Much like ‘Triangle’, ‘Happy Death Day’ feels like a breeze and is pretty effective with its running time. Tree Glebman is Jess in this scenario, but while the latter functioned amidst a bleaker tone, the former revels in a more darkly comic and absurdist backdrop. While going to a party, Glebman is murdered by a masked killer. She doesn’t realize until the same events happen over time that she is incumbent to find out the true identity of the murderer. The charming cast is a handful and certainly gauges interest for much of its screen time.

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5. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Tom Cruise practices Scientology and his latest work is a testament to his faith. Major Cage is shouldered with the responsibility of carrying out the act of saving earth after getting caught in a time loop. The hypocrisies of man and the vagaries of love come back to haunt him as the impending doomsday edges closer. Set in a dystopian future, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ makes most of its gorgeous visual effects and an equally charming lead star to provide a well-refined and engaging cinematic experience.

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4. The Endless (2018)

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Through its hazy imagery and inviting, subtle beats, ‘The Endless’ manages to create an atmospheric and original horror-cult movie that is wholly impressive and judiciously ambiguous. Its biggest achievement is the sense of authority that it grants its audience to interpret the story and respecting our intelligence to understand nuanced facets of the story. Justin and Aaron receive a mysterious tape from a UFO death cult camp which they left years ago. The latter’s nostalgia influences the former to revisit the camp. On reaching there, they discover an endless loop that gives them immortality but takes away the joy of life. ‘The Endless’ creates an interesting parallel between our everyday lives and eternity. Don’t give this one a miss.

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3. Triangle (2009)

‘Triangle’ sets the perfect examples for wading indie features who want to get noticed. While one should be creatively emancipated to express what he pleases, an emphasis on the accessibility of the film to the audience shouldn’t be down looked. ‘Triangle’ draws a perfect match between indie high-concept and a vague sense of commerciality that allows it to become more than it wanted to be. Jess relives a day in her life in which she dies on a loop and must confront the mystery behind the reiteration to break herself free. Stylish, taut, and certainly prodigal, ‘Triangle’ is a stand out presentation and is helped by gutsy performances and the craftsmanship of the director.

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2. Her (2013)

‘Her’ is definitely the most unconventional pick on the list. And on the face of it, you’re right. it shouldn’t be there. But that is why I’m here and you need me. As much as ‘Groundhog Day’ was about reiteration and time patterns, it was about the prison that is love and the complex fabric of feelings that one finds itself chained to. Spike Jonze’s sci-fi exploration of the connection between technology and humans rests squarely on the shoulder of Joaquin Phoenix and an only vocal Scarlet Johansson. And the two certainly don’t disappoint. The existential crisis that Theodore finds himself in after her wife leaves him condemns him to develop an isolating relationship with technology. And when he finds a new artificial intelligence software that interacts with him and makes him feel loved again, he is caught in the maelstrom and has to go through the heartbreak of his life to get out.

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1. About Time (2013)

‘About Time’ is probably the most complete film on the list. Its well-roundedness touches upon all the core emotions and requirements of a story which makes the film perfect for the top spot. While ‘About Time’ minimizes on the comic part, it certainly amplifies human emotion and relationship. One fine day, Tim Lake, a young, unassuming man, is told by his father of a special ability he possesses, much like all his male ancestors.  With this revelation, he also warns Tim about the repercussions that he could have to face permanently if he isn’t careful. Poignantly acted and beautifully scored, ‘About Time’ represents a special category of films which go on to define genres and are remembered for centuries to come.

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