12 Movies Like Source Code You Must See

Seven years back, a surprisingly brilliant sci-fi thriller released called ‘Source Code’. It is a story of an army pilot, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who finds himself on a train in the body of another person.  The source code transports him to the body of another man in the last 8 minutes of his life. He soon becomes a part of a sequence to track down the bomber of the Chicago commuter train. This movie is gripping and intriguing, with an amalgamation of sci-fi, time travel, and superhero elements.

Every so often we do come across a film that makes us want to watch and have the same experience over and over again. Well, Source Code is one such film. Here is a list of films similar to Source Code that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these movies like Source Code on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

12. The Commuter (2017)

Michael has lost his job and is mortgaged to the hilt. He hasn’t told the news to the Missus. One day, while on a regular commute in a commuter, he is approached by an attractive lady, who asks him to uncover the identity of a passenger for a huge amount of money. In the process of which, he realizes that he has been lured into a vicious criminal conspiracy. Liam Neeson’s rebirth as an action hero after the age of 55 has been contributed to by director Jaume Collet-Sera. In his fourth collaboration with the director, he brings yet another spine-breaking pacey thriller located inside a train, taking place almost in real time.

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11. Somewhere in Time (1971)

A man stumbles upon a picture of an actress from 1971. Through self-hypnosis, he transports himself to the era and makes her fall in love with him. Things get tricky when the actor’s manager comes to believe that this romantic relationship might derail her career. A sublimely beautiful, pleasing love story is intertwined, very cleverly, with sci-fi by Jeannot Szwarc, starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymore, and Christopher Plummer.

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10. Primer (2004)

An indie sci-fi thriller, which, since then, has acquired a cult status in the USA. Four men accidentally invent what they think is a time traveling machine, but, then they discover the adverse consequences of their obsession, once they start experimenting with it. The dialogue delivery is done in a way that we hardly clearly understand what is being said. It gives a voyeuristic element to this mysterious film. This Shane Carruth film is eerie, puzzling and gripping in its own weird way.

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9. Adjustment Bureau (2011)

David, a young man, about to win a seat in the US Senate, falls in love with Elise. He realizes that all events in his life are predetermined by an intelligence network. Only, his falling in love with the Elise goes out of plan. He the, fights all manipulations to live a normal life. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are in the lead. Incorporated with religious themes of omnipotence, free will, and predestination, this sci-fi thriller directed by George Nolfi is a must watch.

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8. Donnie Darko (2001)

Another eerie movie starring the sublime Jake Gyllenhaal. Initially a straight-to-video movie, it went on to become one of the most sensible and relevant movies of the time. Donnie, an awkward teenager, befriends the voice of a man that he envisions in a scary rabbit outfit. He tells Donnie of the exact day when the world would end. His behavior starts to change and he begins to engage in vandalistic activities led by his visions. Directed by Richard Kelly, this movie creates an atmosphere of sinister stillness and scaling peril.

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7. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Tom Cruise has still got the adroitness to pull off a mega action movie. With Emily Blunt cast opposite him, the two bring a magic onscreen that is surely reminiscent of sci-fi alien classics but with a breath of fresh air and novelty. The movie takes place in future where the earth is invaded by enemy aliens. Major William Cage dies in a combat with them but finds himself in a time loop. With the help of  Rita Vrataski, he improves his combat skills and strategizes ways to defeat the invaders. Directed by Doug Liman, this major action film not only won the hearts of people but also received critical appreciation.

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6. 12 Monkeys (1995)

In 1996 almost the whole of humanity has been wiped out by a deadly virus unleashed by the Army of Twelve Monkeys. The ones that are alive are living miserably in underground trenches. A convict in 2035 is sent back in time to help scientists develop a cure. He is sent to different eras and years through this process.

This is another great movie about time travel that hopes to salvage a devastating situation. The world created by Terry Gilliam, with actors like Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, is dark, cold and desperate.

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5. La Jetee (1962)

A French Post- World War Two featurette could be considered to be the mother of all the time travel movies ever made. Deeply influenced by the ravaged condition of post-war Europe, it is a story set in France after the apocalypse of the Third World War. A prisoner is sent back in time, brought to the present and sent in future to find a solution. He tries to escape his enslavement and impending death in the present. It was directed by Chris Marker.

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4. Looper (2012)

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, this sci-fi time travel movie sidesteps all stereotypes. The movie is set in 2074 and 2044. in the future, time travel is outlawed but is used by crime syndicate to get rid of their enemies. A guy with a shotgun, called the looper, is the one assigned the task to kill the one sent back in time and, close the loop. Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, it is considered to be one of the most brilliant and thought-provoking movies ever created.

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3. Predestination (2014)

The movie revolves around the life of a top secret government agent who travels in time to prevent crimes. It is his story to visit back in time for the last time to catch hold of the androgynous writer of a criminal who has been evading him for a long time. With warped and twisted plot and subplots, this Michael and Peter Spierig directed movie, has elements of an old-school detective thriller intertwined with sci-fi. The story is so twisted that you would need a moment to get a hang of what just happened.

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2. Ex Machina (2014)

Written and directed by Alex Garland, this sci-fi thriller has Academy Award-winning actor, Alicia Vekander, who plays the lead as a female robot on which a young programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) must assess artificial intelligence by interacting with her and evaluating her human qualities. This ground-breaking cinematic experience received critical approval.

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1. The Terminator (1984)

I think this James Cameron movie needs no introduction. The Terminator, a cyborg assassin arrives in 1984 from 2029 to kill a woman named Sarah Connor. It would be Sarah’s son who, in future would rally against the intelligence network that would initiate a nuclear holocaust. Kyle Reeves, a human soldier from 2029, is sent back in time to save Sarah’s life. It is a cult classic that went on to become a blockbuster hit. The highlight of this gritty, intense, larger-than-life cinematic comic is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is his own badass self, a machine disguised as a human, wreaking havoc in the world of the past.

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