15 Movies Like I Am Legend You Must See

‘I Am Legend’, based on the book of the same name, tells the story of the last man alive in New York City. The scientists create a formula to cure cancer but it goes horribly wrong when the people injected by it either die or turn into a mutant zombie-like thing. Robert Neville was an army virologist who seems to be immune to the effects of the formula. With no one else left in the city, Robert has the companionship of only his dog, Sam. The film follows his quest to develop a cure, find any other survivors and keeping himself alive from the attacks of the mutants who come out at night.

‘I Am Legend’ is a thrilling story that provides nail-biting excitement. The danger of the mutants closing in on Robert keeps the stakes high while the presence of the dog around him makes us realise how badly humans need companionship. If you are into apocalyptic stories, here’s the list of movies similar to I am Legend that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these best movies like I am Legend on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prim

15. Warm Bodies (2013)

Most of the zombie films that we see, we see them from the perspective of the humans. But, what goes on in a zombie’s head? This film follows the story of R, a zombie who finds a girl named Julie and discovers that somehow, he feels something for her. After he kills Julie’s boyfriend and eats his brain, R’s attraction towards Julie increases even further. Does this mean R is gaining back his humanity?

14. Miss Zombie (2013)

While other films show zombies as a perpetual threat, this film considers the scenario where the humans have succeeded in taming them as their servants and pets. One Japanese family gets hold of a female zombie to take as their servant. With the roles reversed, the film shows the treatments of the zombie at the hands of the humans. But, she is a zombie after all. How long will it be before she fights back?

13. The Dead (2010)

Brian Murphy had been stationed in Africa when a virus broke out that turned the people into zombies. The last plane that evacuated the remaining humans, including Brian, crashed mid-flight, leaving Brian stranded in Africa with the zombies closing in on him. He receives help when another soldier turns up and they both try to keep each other alive.

12. The Night Eats the World (2018)

After a night of wild partying, Sam wakes up with more than just a hangover. As it turns out, something has happened to the people overnight and they have now turned into zombies. Alone and scared, Sam has to protect himself from these zombies and find out if someone else shares his situation.

11. Splinter (2008)

Seth and Polly are on their way to a romantic getaway in the woods of Oklahoma. Their plan is ruined when they are taken over by an escaped convict and his girlfriend. They travel in the same car in the forested region but are forced to take shelter in an abandoned gas-station when the car gets a flat tire. What they don’t know is that the attendant of that gas-station had been attacked by an infected animal and he has now turned into a zombie.

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10. I Am a Hero (2015)

A middle-aged artist feels trapped in his life. Nothing exciting ever happens in his life and he is frustrated by the mediocrity of it. However, everything changes when the world falls prey to a virus that turns people into zombies. Now, the man has to fend for himself, find other people with whom he can have a chance at survival and find a safe haven when they can live in peace.

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9. Day of the Dead (1985)

The world is a dangerous place with zombies inhabiting every corner of it. A group of scientists and soldiers has barricaded themselves in an underground facility where the scientists are trying to find a cure. The film follows their attempts at saving the humanity while trying to find more survivors out there.

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8. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

In this rather bizarre film, we see a group of college students at a cabin in the woods. Their idea is to party and enjoy over the weekend. However, unknown to them, a group of scientists is secretly controlling the surrounding of the woods and that of the things there. Under the influence of the tricks laid out by the scientists, the college students become increasingly disoriented and have to fight off a group of monsters, especially a group of zombies.

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7. The Battery (2012)

The world has been overrun by zombies and two young baseball players are stuck with each other after the death of their families. While one of them decides to take control of their lives by continuously learning new ways of survival and adapting to the new lifestyle, the other one longs for his normal life. They both continuously find themselves at crossroads with each other about their next move. However, when they discover the presence of other survivors, they have to take a mutual decision.

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6. REC (2007)

The film starts with a reporter and her cameraman documenting the night shift of the firefighters in Barcelona. The firefighters receive a call about an old woman trapped in her apartment and the reporter and the cameraman follow them to the building. However, there is something very wrong with the old woman and the situation quickly escalates when she attacks two policemen and bites one of them in the neck.

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5. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Ana had come home after a long shift at the hospital and is thus busy spending quality time with her husband while the news airs on the TV about the outbreak of a zombie virus. In the morning, with their street overrun by zombies, Ana has to flee from her house after her husband is attacked by and turned into a zombie. She finds a group of people on the way and takes refuge in a supermarket. But the danger is slowly building up outside and they’ll have to find a safe place somewhere else.

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4. World War Z (2013)

A mysterious virus is causing people to turn into flesh-eating creatures. The whole world is marked by the outbreaks of such virus. Gerry Lane and his family are in a traffic when their city also falls victim to the outbreak. Somehow, they are saved by the military personnel. And now Gerry has to help them in developing a cure for this problem. But, this means that Gerry has to go back to the zombie-infested areas.

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3. The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

It has been some time since the world belonged to zombies. In an army base, a group of humans try to find a way to control the zombies as they discover that the generation of hybrid children acts like zombies but can be taught to think and learn. A woman named Helen is responsible for teaching them. And a girl named Melanie catches her attention by showing exceptional abilities. While the humans try to find a cure, they might be disillusioned with the new world and to the ones that it belongs to now.

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2. Train to Busan (2016)

A man boards a train to Busan with his daughter. He has been busy in his career and struggles to pay attention to his daughter’s life. As they board the train, unbeknownst to them, the people outside the train are being infected by some virus and are turning into zombies. The people on the train are safe as long as the train is moving, but what happens when the train stops?

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1. 28 Days Later (2002)

Despite being warned by the scientist, a group of animal activists release the chimps being held in captivity in a research laboratory. These chimps carry a virus that makes them attack other living beings and in turn, infects the victim. 28 days after this incident, a man wakes up from a coma, alone in a hospital. As he wanders out, he discovers that something happened that resulted in the evacuation of the city. He soon finds out the reason behind this when he is attacked by a group of maniac humans.

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