Nana Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Some of us are just suckers for romance and relationship-themed shows but we hate it when things get too cheesy. Most Shoujo anime these days tend to go way overboard with their portrayal of love stories and exaggerated character relationships. Among all of these, ‘Nana’ is a rare gem that depicts a pure and realistic story with its natural characters who are no different from real humans. While you sit and go through each episode of this show, you can see a pinch of your own reflection in the lives of the main characters. This makes you believe that a person like that can actually exist in real life and also proves that a good anime does not necessarily portray annoying tsundere or “moe” characters. While the plot is your typical Shoujo tearjerker, it shines brightly when it is coupled with the amazing characters and makes you go through a series of emotions.

Madhouse Studio is known for experimenting with different art styles. While the animation of ‘Nana’ may not be as good as other series like ‘Overlord‘ and ‘Black Lagoon‘, that have been produced by the same, it surely has a very unique feel to it and once you get used to it, you actually start appreciating it for what it is. The music is yet another great aspect of the anime and almost all the background scores are so good that they’ll bring tears in your eyes. Overall, the only reason why you wouldn’t want to watch ‘Nana’ over and over again is that it is slightly longer than usual and can make you cry your eyes out every single time. This is certainly one of the best Shoujo anime ever made and is highly recommended.

Nana Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Nana’ Season 1 premiered on April 5, 2006 and went on till March 28, 2007 and during this span, the anime released a total of 47 episodes. Over the years, the anime has been a huge success along with its source material. The manga has sold close to 22 million copies and the anime has a really good rating on most popular platforms. After its release, many were sure that the creators would come up with season 2 and there were also several rumors on famous forums about its confirmation.

But strangely, that never happened and even after all these years since its initial release, we haven’t heard anything about its official confirmed dates. And now that more than a decade has gone by, it seems very less likely that we will ever hear about it again. Though some rare anime somehow get new seasons even after 10-15 years, keeping your hopes up for this one would not really be a great idea. So let’s just learn to embrace it for the one-season wonder that it was. But if we do get any news regarding its renewal or ‘Nana’ Season 2 release date in the future, we will update it here in this section.

Nana English Dub:

The English Dub of ‘Nana’ is available on Amazon Prime.

Nana Plot:

Nana Komatsu is a very vulnerable and sensitive 20-year-old girl who depends on the people around her for her own happiness and instantly gets attached to anyone who shows her a little affection. She dreams of being self-dependent and finding her true purpose someday but somehow, she ends up traveling to Tokyo for the sole reason of chasing her boyfriend Shouji Endo.

Nana Osaki is another woman who is completely the opposite of Nana Komatsu. She is independent, proud and dreams of being a famous punk rock vocalist someday. To make progress, she decides to leave her career as a singer with a popular band behind and heads to Tokyo, boarding the same train as Nana Komatsu.

The two women with the same names somehow end up talking to each other and this sparks a series of events after which they end up sharing an apartment in Tokyo. Soon, they develop an unbreakable bond and start supporting each other through thick and then. But along the way, their bond is tested with heartbreaks, music, hardships and also romance. Will they be able to get through it all without losing each other?

Nana Characters:

Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu, also known as Hachi, is one of the main protagonists of the series who grew up in a very small town with her parents and sisters. She had an affair with a married man named Takashi Asano all the way up till her graduation. She then joins Nurse Art School along with a close friend and starts dating a guy named Shouji Endo. She later runs into Nana Osaki one day while traveling to Tokyo. She moves to Apartment 707 with her and ends up working at Sabrina. She has a very innocent looking face with Auburn hair and brown eyes. She has a piercing in both the ears and sports long pink colored nails that match the color of her lipstick.

In the beginning of the series, Nana is an immature, kind, childish and ambitious young lady who later matures to become a much happier independent woman. She also becomes less self-centered and stops relying on other people for her own happiness. She previously had this habit of instantly falling in love with people and then just jumping into relationships with them without even thinking about it twice. When she meets Nana Osaki for the first time, she looks up to her as someone really cool.

Osaki takes Nana’s innocence for granted and plays all kinds of pranks on her. Initially, they just start off as roommates in the series but soon, as they start helping each other out with their day to day problems, they get closer and even become best friends later on. Time and time again their friendship is tested but they never let anything get in their way. Komatsu also claims that if Nana O. were a boy, she would surely love her for life and even lands her a kiss but since both of them are straight, they never really start dating each other.

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki is the lead vocalist of a fairly well-known punk rock band named the Black Stones. She is a tall young woman with a slender body and short emo-styled black hair. She has several piercings on her ear and she sports red lotus tattoo on her left arm. Even the way she does her make-up makes her look badass with red lipstick, black mascara, and purple eye shadow. Many characters of the show have claimed that Osaki is really attractive in her own unique way. On the outside, Nana looks like a tough Goth Punk-rock girl but she is actually a very kind and caring person who has a big heart. When she was younger, she was abandoned by her mother after being expelled from school for being falsely accused of prostitution. She grows up with her grandmother after this and soon starts to forget her mother’s face. But even after all these hardships, she never stops believing herself and has big dreams of becoming a well-known vocalist someday.

Despite all of these constant changes in her life, there are certain things that always remain the same. Her favorite designer has always been Vivienne Westwood and her favorite rock band is the Sex Pistols. She smokes seven stars and loves having coffee with milk and strawberry cake. All of these are pretty much her favorite things and no matter what happens, these things never change. She also has a very sarcastic sense of humor and often jokes about being blunt and sadistic.

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