Tim McGraw’s Netflix Bull Riding Series Starts Filming in Calgary in August

Rodeo star Aaron Tealey’s escapades will unfold north of the border! The filming of Netflix’s untitled bull riding series will kick off in Calgary, Alberta, this August. Tim McGraw headlines the show’s cast. As per earlier reports, Brandon Camp created the series, and he also serves as a showrunner with Taylor Elmore.

The plot revolves around McGraw’s Aaron Tealey, a Texan hero in his forties who is renowned for his prowess in the rodeo circuit. Despite his championship belt buckle for bull riding, Aaron’s body is a patchwork of injuries, threatening to betray him with each daring ride. Enter Gloria Soto, a spirited teenager with the potential to either enhance Aaron’s legend or challenge it. Under the right mentorship, she could claim his coveted belt buckle, but not without risking her own safety.

As the narrative progresses, Naomi Soto, Gloria’s mother, urges caution, advocating for her daughter’s academic pursuits and warning against the perils of the rodeo ring, ominously nicknamed “The Fool Killer.” Naomi’s presence in her daughter’s life raises the question: Will Gloria choose to follow in Aaron’s footsteps, or will she heed her mother’s warnings? And for Aaron, the ultimate question remains: How harshly will he land when the inevitable fall comes?

Renowned as one of the greatest country musicians of all time, McGraw boasts a staggering record of achievements. With over 90 million records sold globally, he has dominated the charts with an impressive 46 worldwide No. 1 singles and 19 worldwide No. 1 albums. His accolades include 3 Grammy Awards, 21 Academy of Country Music Awards, and 14 Country Music Association Awards. His illustrious career highlights feature being named BDS Radio’s Most Played Artist of the Decade across all music genres.

Alongside his musical endeavors, McGraw has shone as an actor. He played James Dutton in the ‘Yellowstone’ spinoff miniseries ‘1883,’ in which the post-Civil War generation of the Dutton family embarks on a journey westward. He also starred as Willie in ‘The Shack,’ and has appeared in films such as ‘Tomorrowland’ and ‘The Bright Side.’

Camp’s portfolio includes the Netflix film ‘Love & Gelato,’ in which Lina fulfills a promise to her ailing mother by spending the summer in Rome, where she discovers love, embraces the city’s charm, and indulges in its delectable gelato. Additionally, Camp wrote and directed ‘Benji,’ a heartwarming tale of two school kids who befriend an orphaned puppy. Elmore, on the other hand, has served as a co-writer of shows such as ‘Blood & Treasure,’ ‘Justified,’ ‘Justified: City Primeval,’ and ‘Limitless.’

Calgary has previously served as the filming location for American frontier tales such as ‘Billy the Kid‘ and ‘Joe Pickett.’

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