Netflix’s Wrestlers: Where is the Cast Now?

As a Greg Whiteley-directed documentary series living up to its title in every way conceivable, Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers’ can only be described as equal parts intriguing, inspiring, and imaginative. That’s because it revolves around a storied organization by the name of Ohio Valley Wrestling in Kentucky as they endeavor to gain the glory their creativity, hard work, as well as legacy deserve. Yet for now, if you simply wish to delve into the current standing of the prominent individuals to feature in this original — whether owners, athletes, or support staff — we’ve got the details for you.

Al Snow Holds a Semi-Retired Status Now

Although best known for his career as a pro for WWE, Smoky Mountain, Extreme Championship, and Total Nonstop Action (TNA), Allen Ray Sarven or Al Snow is now on a different level altogether. After all, he has been wholeheartedly serving as OVW’s owner since 2018 (first as a majority, then a minority from 2021), plus he’s even responsible for handling its daily, creative operations as CEO. Moreover, this Louisville-based family man, author of ‘Self-Help’ (2019), Al Snow Wrestling Academy proprietor, and founder of sports apparel brand Collar X Elbow currently holds a semi-retired status due to his successful return into the ring again for an OVW show in the summer of 2022.

Matt Jones Now Runs His Own Sports Bar & Grille

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that Matt didn’t really know much about the wrestling industry when he first chose to step foot into it as an investor in early 2021, but a lot has changed. In fact, the former lawyer turned Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) owner/host now holds a reputable position at OVW amongst his fellow co-owners as well as employees as a promotor/marketing man. The Bell County native actually continues to come up with new ideas to expand the sports business, is still bringing a sense of uniqueness to his radio endeavor, plus is also proud to be running his Kentucky Sports Bar & Grille (KSBar), all the while dabbling in a small network of podcasts too.

Craig Greenberg is Now the Mayor of Louisville Metro, Kentucky

There’s honestly not much we can report on OVW co-owner Craig that the world doesn’t already know owing to the simple fact he’s the elected Mayor of Louisville Metro, Kentucky, at the moment. It thus comes as no surprise this Harvard graduate lawyer/finance expert’s world primarily revolves around serving his people as well as local communities right now, but he ensures to hear grievances too. On the other hand, it’s imperative to note he was once a co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of 21c Museum Hotels, was involved in the development of Louisville Museum Plaza, and had served as a trustee for the University of Louisville.

HollyHood Haley J is a Mother Today

Despite being merely 23 as of writing, “The Boujhettoest Baddie” HollyHood Haley J (or Haley Maria James) has managed to achieve wonders in both her personal as well as professional life. She has a beautiful son named Zayden, is in a seemingly happy relationship with Eric Darkstorm, is in a good position with mother Maria James, and is flourishing as a wrestler in a way that has nothing to do with the fact she’s second generation. In fact, the truth is she may have followed in The Amazing Maria’s footsteps following years of issues between them, yet she has since surpassed her in every sense — not only is she juggling OVW in Kentucky and Women of Wrestling (WOW) in California, but she also presently holds the OVW Women’s Championship.

Maria James is a Family Woman Today

While no one can take away Maria’s monikers as The Amazing Maria (in OVW), Big Rig Betty (in WOW), and Death Match Queen, there have been times when this former convict’s penchant for pain has just driven people to look away. However, she’s presently in a drastically different personal situation than ever before, enabling her to do much more for both herself as well as her two kids, especially daughter Kayla whom she primarily supports these days. In fact, apart from helping the youngster balance her work, this happily committed family woman/OVW’s inner mother is affiliated with the firm as a talent agent/head of female talent and even manages a Holiday Inn.

Eric Darkstorm is Thriving  Today in His Wrestling Career

Next we have the Elusive Eric Darkstorm (or Wayne Eric Lewis), who has actually been described by wrestling experts as both stealthy and deadly owing to his years of experience in the industry. That’s because this 38-year-old had actually kickstarted his journey as a mere teen, and he’s currently doing his best as a member of one of the most dominant tag teams in OVW history, DarKKloudZ. Furthermore, it’s imperative to note that despite several — admittedly toxic — ups and downs in his romantic relationship with Kayla J, this dabbling musician still believes her to be “the one” he could spend the rest of his life with.

Cash Flo is Now an Official Trainer

Cash Flo, aka the Wizard or Wall Street or Michael Walden, is honestly a complete package when it comes to the wrestling industry because he is a beast inside the ring but a gentle giant outside. He’s actually usually the one to help out youngsters whenever they face an issue, which isn’t surprising considering he made his ring debut in 1996 and still feels as if he has a lot of fight left inside him. Moreover, this Louisville-based family man is an OVW affiliate athlete, official trainer, the owner of Chop Shop Wrestling, plus an entertainer with credits including AEW Dark, Impact Wrestling, and Wrestletopia TV, amongst much more.

Mahabali Shera is an Active Wrestler Today

Coming to Mahabali Shera/Khoya Shera, whose real name is Amanpreet Singh Randhawa, this “Indian Lion” has made a lot of sacrifices to be where he is today, and it’s all gradually panning out. The truth is he carefully developed his strength, speed, reflexes, as well as a killer instinct to tower over most of his opponents, so it’s no surprise he’s now considered a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. In fact, he’s in such a position at the moment that he’s crushing almost every single one of his opponents at both OVW and Impact Wrestling on a regular, essentially helping him pave the way to higher levels.

Bryan Kennison is a Ringside Commentator Now

A graduate of the University of Louisville, Bryan reportedly stepped foot on OVW’s grounds in 2019 to interview Al Snow for a podcast alongside his best friend, Steven Johnson, and they never really left. Instead, they became an integral part of their background production and the former even managed to establish himself as the Voice of OVW from the renowned commentary desk over the years. In other words, this happily married family man currently serves as the lead ringside commentator, host, producer, writer, and promotions manager at Ohio Valley Wrestling – positions he has unwaveringly held for four years.

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