Prison Brides: Here Are All Sites Where the Lifetime Show is Shot

‘Prison Brides’ by Jack Tarantino is a Lifetime docuseries chronicling interesting tales of women from around the world falling in love, and starting a life with inmates in the US. The show follows the stories of seven women as they make the life-altering decision to risk it all by investing in love for incarcerated men they have never spent a day with. Their tales begin in the home countries of these hopeful brides, covering the disapproval of their friends, family, and even strangers.

We are also given insight into how their unusual romance took shape from their days of being pen pals, and the convictions of their partners, ranging from carjacking to murder. While some women hope to secure an earlier release for their lovers with appeals, others have already taken strides and married their prisoner partners. The show takes us across the world to the homes of these women, and across the country to their meeting places, often in and around prisons.

Where is Prison Brides Filmed?

‘Prison Brides’ is filmed in multiple locations internationally, and nationally as the brides and prospective brides seen in the show come from all across the world, and parts of the show’s filming are carried out in the homes of some cast members. Season 1 was particularly shot in several parts of the country alongside Australia, Germany, the UK, Romania, and Lithuania. The identifiable prisons and locations seen within the US are in Florida, Kansas, Texas, and Ohio. Filming for the inaugural iteration of the unscripted series took place throughout most of 2023.

Miami, Florida

The South Florida Reception Center, a state prison in Miami, can be seen in drone shots of the facility, and in filming taking place around it. Located in Unincorporated Miami-Dade, the prison is operated by the Florida Department of Corrections and is meant to house 1315 male prisoners. The prison’s triangular cell blocks, surrounded by a large wall topped with barbed wire, are observable in the show. Notably, the Florida administrative code contains provisions within it to carry out marraiges for prisoners. It requires statements from both parties, and approval from the staff psychologist at the facility to ensure the marriage will not pose any threat to security.  Once approved, the marraige can be conducted within the prison in a limited nature determined by the warden.


In the first episode, Erin, a 33-year-old single mother from Australia, leaves everything behind and moves to Ohio. Her decision comes at a time when her long-distance partner, Michael, is set to be released from an Ohio prison. Intestingly, there is a facebook group dedicated to the support and education of women whose partners are serving time in the state. The Ohio Prison Wives group share their experiences, educate one another, and post updates to lighten the struggles of their circumstances with mutual bonhomie.


The second episode follows Andreea, a Romanian student in London, as she plans to marry Cage. Cage has served ten of his fifty-year sentence for aggravated burglary in a Texas prison. The show follows their unlikely romance as she flies to Texas and meets him in prison.


The story of Australia-born Jessica takes us to Kansas, where she hopes to build a life with the newly released Craig. Having already married him, her shift to Kansas represents a serious commitment to start a family with Craig, who will need to live up to her expectations outside of prison.

Other Locations

‘Prison Brides’ takes us overseas to visit the homes, families, and friends of the women in love. We are introduced to Andreea, Olivia, and Emma in London, the UK. The hopeful, Jessica and Erin, hail from Australia, while Svea and Gabby are from Germany.

Prison Brides Cast

The reality TV series is hosted by Jack Tarantino and centers around seven couples. Jack is a producer associated with the Big Little Fish production company. He has previously produced the TV series, ‘Love at First Swipe,’ ‘My Five Wives,’ ‘The 70’s House,’ and ‘Bride by Design.’ The real-life couples seen in the series are Erin and Michael, Svea and Joseph, Jessica and Craig, Emma and Curtis, Andreea and Cage, Olivia and KJ, and Gabby and Jamal.

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