Queer Eye Season 8: Where Are The Heroes Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ being a reboot of the eponymous Bravo series, it not only lives up to its reputation but actually surpasses it in every way imaginable owing to the compassion involved. That’s because it centers around five specialists known to be the Fab Five as they guide individuals (aka Heroes) from all walks of life to be the best version of themselves through pure self-care. So now that season 8 of this original — filmed in 2022 — has also landed on our screens in its entirety, let’s just find out precisely what its primary cast members/heroes are up these days, shall we?

Ernest Bartholomew Leads a Quiet Life

Although Ernest is quite a loud and proud character, it appears as if both he and his wife Miranda prefer to remain well away from the limelight these days so as to not be disturbed by prying eyes. Nevertheless, considering the journey they went through in this production, as well as their 39 years of loyal matrimony prior, we think it’s more than safe to assume the couple is still blissfully married. After all, neither of them was ready to let go even when there were issues in their union because they truly love one another, so there’s no chance they’d do so upon openly making efforts to fulfill needs.

Tom Keel is Sober and Moving On

While there’s no denying Tom was shattered when his older brother and arguably the only constant in his life, Tommy “Doody” Keel, passed away on January 19, 2023, he has done his best to move on. Obviously, the grief still hangs over his head like a dark cloud, yet it seems like he has since turned it into motivation to continue down the positive, vibrant path the Fab Five had helped him cultivate. He knows it’s what his brother would’ve wanted; plus, the feeling of sobriety has given him such a different outlook on life; he doesn’t want to go back to the dark way things were — he’s trying to be happy.

Coming to Tim’s eating habits, KISS obsession, as well as socializing, he has conceded he’s genuinely eating intentionally at the moment, dressing nicely, meeting old and new friendships alike, plus carefully containing all his KISS memorabilia in one room. He has apparently even found his passion for entertaining again, meaning whenever he doesn’t feel like doing too much or going outside but knows he needs to make some efforts to maintain connections; he calls people over to his home for a game or a meal.

Doreen Ketchens is Still Playing the Streets and Much More

Despite the fact Doreen and her life partner Lawrence’s daughter Dorian had decided to say her final goodbye to their jazz band long ago, the parents are still proudly busking — doing what they love. There’s a reason the former has been nicknamed “Lady Louis” following legendary musician Louis Armstrong or “The Clarinet Queen,” and she truly proves it every single day on the streets of her hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana, or on sound festivals or tours.

Though if Dorren is not doing that, then she’s probably recording an album considering she has released one nearly every single year for decades, with her most recent being ‘A New Orleans Christmas Too! Vol. 31.’ It’s also imperative to note it appears as if she plans to reopen her mother’s sweet shop — Doreen’s sweet shop — relatively soon while still continuing to perform and make a name for herself across the globe.

Denton Mallas Has Moved up the Educator Ladder

Denton was just settling into his role as Athletic Director at the Louisiana School for the Deaf when we last came across him, yet now this happily married Baton Rouge resident is thriving at a different level altogether. He still proudly holds this post at the establishment, but he doesn’t serve as Head Football Coach or Social Studies Teacher any longer; instead, he’s Dean of Students at the Louisiana Special School District.

According to Denton’s LinkedIn, being Dean means the Gallaudet University graduate is primarily responsible for “overseeing and coordinating student support services, student activities, implementing and monitoring the school’s attendance and disciplinary policies, supervising the admission procedures and athletics for both schools, Louisiana Schools for the Deaf and Visually Impaired.” In other words, he’s still dedicated to working for his hearing-impaired community to provide youngsters with the best possible future opportunities.

Alison McCrary is a Social Justice Advocate Through and Through

Having completed a creative writing course from the University of Surrey plus undertaken language lectures at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz before earning her Associate’s degree in Education from Georgia State University Perimeter College, Bachelor’s in English & Education from Georgia State University, and Juris Doctorate from Loyola University, Alison is clearly very well educated. It thus comes as no surprise this attorney, with her own private local law firm, is rather analytical, enabling her to do wonders as a Contemplative Activist, Movement Strategist, Social Justice Lawyer, as well as Spiritual Advisor on Death Row.

We should also mention Alison has since established a non-profit organization called Mission Mycelium, a dynamic network creating plus sustaining vast connections that nourish social movements, organizations, and individuals alike. Coming to her personal standing, this religious biromantic demisexual is admittedly “still single and on the journey of dating to possibly find a life partner, and [so I’m] thinking a lot about relationships, our intimacy needs as humans, and the importance of community and many ways of relating to each other that we have.” She even added, “I hope to inspire others to live a life of service and social justice that is spiritually grounded while caring well for themselves and cultivating meaningful relationships to support them along life’s journey.”

Anh Luu is Now a Woman of Many Hats

Anh was the proud Executive Chef at Bywater Brew Pub when we last saw her, yet she has since said a proper goodbye to that little joint for good to make her own dreams come true. In fact, the positive shake-up she experienced during her transformation week with the Fab Five is what inspired her to establish her own freelance chef company by the name of Busy Be. Furthermore, from what we can tell, it seems like she also caters for events, operates small pop-up stores in her New Orleans area, offers cooking lessons, and serves as a consultant for other restaurants.

As for Anh’s personal standing, starting with her relationship with her once estranged father, she’s admittedly much closer to him than she was before confronting him regarding their past. Then comes her romance with Sam Jones, and we’re glad to report they’re actually still together — in fact, they recently moved into a new home due to a lack of space in their former and later went on to adopt an adorable little pup named Mac. This family of three honestly appears to be thriving at the moment, so we can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for them next.

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