Quori-Tyler and Myles: Are The Circle Contestants Dating?

Although Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is a competition series wherein status and strategy collide as players befriend or catfish their way to $100,000, sometimes a romance can arise out of it too. The prime example of this is experiment rivals turned real-life couple Alyssa Ljubicich and John Franklin from season 4, so obviously the world is now rooting for Quori-Tyler and Myles as well. After all, these season 6 contestants did more than just flirt throughout their time together, which was great for not only their respective games but also their hearts considering neither ever lied.

Quori-Tyler and Myles Were Circle Boos

From the moment Quori-Tyler “QT” Bullock first came across our screens, it was evident she’d have an edge by winning hearts through her bubbly personality, charming smile, and gorgeous figure. The fact she admitted to being open to flirting as well as actually finding a man within this show’s chaos since her dating life was “as dry as the Sahara Desert” was simply the cherry on top of it all. However, this former NBA dancer plus ‘The Circle’ superfan was also determined to play with her head instead of her heart, which is why she did kind of shut down Paul’s (aka Caress’) advances.

Yet everything turned upside down the same day as QT realized her little profile-based crush on Myles Reed was reciprocated — she’d opened the door, and he came on to her hard during Rap-It-Up. Thus began what can only be described as a flirtationship for the books, albeit with a lot of strategizing mixed into it because both these players had their heads in the game at every moment. They actually became Yung Mami Fuego and Yung Papi Fuego (the latter is this AI engineer’s preferred social media handle), meaning they formed an absolutely trustworthy, unbreakable alliance.

Things did change within ‘The Circle’ as days passed, especially with them mutually involving Kyle Fuller in their group to become Tres Fuego, but their fun flitiness with one another didn’t waver. In fact, Myles soon went as far as to send QT some pancakes so that she could have a nice breakfast in bed, resulting in her revealing for the first time she’d be heartbroken if he was a catfish playing her. He’d already expressed similar sentiments since he wore his heart upon his sleeves, resulting in them conversing on a much deeper, personal level and, hence, connecting better than ever before.

It was then that the word “date” started being seriously dropped — Myles often said it in both private chats with QT as well as group chats with their alliances, which she didn’t seem to mind at all. The fact she ran almost every significant strategy she came up with in the game by him (and vice versa) is also just proof of how much she trusted him with her emotions, game, plus overall future. This much is actually even evidenced by how they backed each other at every step of the way — she might not have always rated him as her #1, yet she did always save him from the chopping block.

Quori-Tyler and Myles Do Seem To Be Together

The fact Myles not only went to see QT after he was ultimately eliminated just prior to the finale but also clarified he was serious about taking her on a date made their entire journey come together. “You’re gorgeous. You’re even better in person,” he told her the moment they met face to face before making sure she was single too and expressing he’d been wearing his heart upon his sleeves. “As soon as I saw you, I was like, ‘Yo, that’s a girl I definitely wanna kiss,'” he said, and then after they’d discussed strategy, he added, “I do definately want to take you on a date, though,” to which QT gladly said yes.

While neither Quori-Tyler nor Myles have confirmed or denied anything pertaining to their relationship as of writing, we do believe they could be dating at the moment owing to the journey they’ve had. This once-in-a-lifetime social experiment has definitely bonded them for life, yet the way they’ve recently been spending a lot of one-on-one quality time together does indicate something more than platonic friendship. Moreover, since they both currently reside in Los Angeles, California, there’s also no long distance or any significant outside factor they need to worry about — whatever the case may be though, they both appear perfectly content these days, which is all that matters in the long run.

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