The Traitors: 8 Similar Reality Shows You Should Watch

The Traitors‘ is a reality TV adaptation inspired by the Dutch series ‘De Verraders,’ with Scottish actor Alan Cumming as the charismatic host. Conceived by Marc Pos and Jasper Hoogendoorn, the show’s premise mirrors the popular party game Mafia. Contestants navigate a high-stakes game where a select few, deemed the “Traitors,” collaborate to eliminate others, vying for the coveted grand prize. On the flip side, the remaining contestants, known as the “Faithfuls,” strive to unveil and oust the Traitors through strategic voting to claim the ultimate reward.

With suspense and strategic gameplay, ‘The Traitors’ promises an intense and entertaining experience as alliances are forged, loyalties tested, and participants navigate the intricate dynamics to emerge victorious. It delves into themes of trust, betrayal, and strategic gameplay, creating a tense atmosphere of uncertainty. If you crave similar gripping narratives, here are 8 shows like ‘The Traitors’ that you should check out.

8. The Challenge (1998-)

Created by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, ‘The Challenge’ is a reality competition series that features a rotating cast of former reality show contestants facing intense physical and mental challenges. Hosted by various presenters over the seasons, including David “Puck” Rainey, it explores alliances, rivalries, and strategic gameplay. Parallel to ‘The Traitors,’ ‘The Challenge’ thrives on suspense and social dynamics, showcasing contestants navigating alliances and betrayals to secure victory. Both shows offer an adrenaline-fueled blend of strategy and competition, where participants grapple with trust issues and shifting loyalties, making them compelling watches for fans of strategic reality television.

7. The Circle (2020-)

‘The Circle,’ a captivating reality series, revolves around contestants isolated in apartments, communicating solely through a voice-activated social media platform. With Michelle Buteau presenting, the show delves into the complexities of online personas and strategic gameplay. In a parallel narrative to ‘The Traitors,’ contestants on ‘The Circle’ grapple with trust issues, forming alliances and deceiving others to secure their position. Both shows share a common thread of strategic decision-making and social dynamics, making ‘The Circle’ an intriguing watch for fans of ‘The Traitors,’ blending modern technology with reality competition.

6. Bullsh*t: The Game Show (2022)

Bullsh*t: The Game Show,’ hosted by Howie Mandel and created by Jonty Nash and Christopher Potts, adds a twist to traditional game shows. Contestants climb a money ladder by either answering questions correctly or confidently providing incorrect answers and convincing opponents of their accuracy. In a strategic play reminiscent of ‘The Traitors,’ success isn’t solely about intelligence; it’s about the art of persuasion. To claim the potential $1,000,000 prize, contestants must skillfully navigate the balance between truth and deception, creating a dynamic where clever manipulation can triumph over factual knowledge, echoing the strategic elements seen in ‘The Traitors.’

5. The Trust: A Game of Greed (2024)

The Trust: A Game of Greed‘ on Netflix, hosted by Brooke Baldwin, intricately weaves trust and betrayal among 11 strangers aiming to claim a shared $250,000 prize. Contestants decide whether to eliminate each other, with Trust Ceremonies determining the fate of the game. Games revealing secrets and ranking personalities add to the prize pot, intensifying the strategic dynamics. The option to access The Vault introduces offers that can alter individual or collective fortunes. This reality series echoes the suspenseful atmosphere of ‘The Traitors,’ where contestants grapple with alliances, deceit, and strategic decisions, creating a riveting narrative of trust and greed.

4. Whodunnit? (2013)

‘Whodunnit?’ and ‘The Traitors’ share a common thread of mystery and strategic gameplay. In both shows, contestants grapple with uncovering deception and identifying the ultimate betrayer. ‘Whodunnit?’ infuses a murder mystery element, where contestants must solve simulated murders to expose the killer among them, mirroring the intrigue and suspense of ‘The Traitors.’ Created by Anthony E. Zuiker and hosted by Gildart Jackson, ‘Whodunnit?’ captivates with its suspenseful narratives and strategic alliances, echoing the tension and unpredictability of ‘The Traitors.’ The shows intertwine mystery, deception, and strategic thinking, providing viewers with an immersive and thrilling reality experience.

3. The Hustler (2021-)

The Hustler‘ and ‘The Traitors’ both share a foundation in strategic gameplay and pushing the boundaries of deception. While ‘The Traitors’ involves contestants navigating alliances and betrayal in a party game setting, ‘The Hustler’ adds an intriguing layer of deduction. In ‘The Hustler,’ contestants work together to answer questions and build a prize pot, all while trying to identify the one among them, the “Hustler,” who is secretly sabotaging their efforts. Created by Richard Bacon and presented by Craig Ferguson, ‘The Hustler’ amplifies the tension and suspense akin to ‘The Traitors,’ combining deduction and strategic thinking for a captivating reality experience.

2. Snake in the Grass (2022)

In ‘Snake in the Grass,’ hosted by Bobby Bones, contestants collaborate to conquer challenges, earning crucial clues to unveil the hidden saboteur among them, known as the “Snake.” This reality competition, with echoes of ‘The Traitors,’ revolves around strategic gameplay where trust and betrayal play pivotal roles. The contestants’ shared goal is to unmask the Snake, akin to ‘The Traitors,’ where identifying the betrayer is essential for success. As each episode unfolds, the tension rises, mirroring the suspense and strategic dynamics of ‘The Traitors.’ In the end, successful identification leads to a shared prize, while failure rewards the Snake with the coveted $100,000.

1. The Mole (2001-2008)

For fans captivated by the intricate web of trust and betrayal in ‘The Traitors,’ ‘The Mole’ is an absolute must-watch that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Based on the Belgian series ‘De Mol,’ it immerses contestants in a world of deception and deduction. Hosted by iconic personalities like Anderson Cooper and Jon Kelley, ‘The Mole’ challenges players to uncover a hidden infiltrator among them, sabotaging their missions for a cash prize. With thrilling challenges and strategic gameplay, the show keeps viewers guessing until the very end. ‘The Mole’ is a thrilling journey into the depths of deception, making it a perfect fit for fans of ‘The Traitors.’

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