Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones & Morgan Freeman to Star in ‘The Comeback Trail’

The Oscar-winning thespians, Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman come together to star in George Gallo’s upcoming action-comedy ‘The Comeback Trail.’ According to THR, ‘The Comeback Trail,’ features De Niro as Max Barber, a desperate man in debt to the ruthless mobster played by Freeman. In a last attempt to save his life from the bullets of the mob boss, Barber orchestrates an elaborate murder plot involving the washed-up cowboy superstar Duke Montana, played by Jones. Barber’s plan is to manipulate an insurance fraud by setting up Montana in a shoddy Western script and killing him in the pretense of filming the movie.

On the other hand, Montana is depressed to the extent of killing himself and searching for a better way to exit his life. Barber, Montana and the mob boss find themselves on the same road that leads them to a dead end. Gallo, who is known for Michael Bay’s ‘Bad Boys’ franchise, will hit the Cannes market next week with Storyboard Media handling international sales.

‘The Comeback Trail’ is co-written by Josh Posner along with Gallo. The movie is based on the 1982 film of the same name, which is written and directed by Harry Hurwitz. The 1982 original features Chuck McCann and Buster Crabbe as two film producers who are on the opposite side of good luck. They plot a murder scheme of launching a movie with an ailing superstar in the lead and benefit from his death while filming.

Gallo’s remake is produced by Steven Tyler Sahlein, March On Productions’ Richard Salvatore and David Ornston, in association with Joy Sirott Hurwitz and Julie Lott Gallo. Justin Calvillo and John DeMarco, Storyboard Media’s Philip Kim, Patrick Hibler and Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard, along with Ben Ruedinger and Joerg Fischer finance and executive produce the project.

Gallo and De Niro started their successful partnership with the 1988 action-comedy ‘Midnight Run.’ Gallo is best known for the story of ‘Bad Boys,’ starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as the menacing detective pair Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. Gallo’s last directorial was the 2019 thriller ‘The Poison Rose’ starring Morgan Freeman and John Travolta. The movie is scheduled for a May 24, 2019 release by Lionsgate.

De Niro and Jones were seen together onscreen in the 2013 action thriller ‘The Family,’ directed by Luc Besson. De Niro and Morgan came together for Jon Turteltaub’s multi-starrer comedy ‘Last Vegas’ in the same year. Ron Shelton’s 2017 action-comedy ‘Just Getting Started’ brought together Jones and Freeman. Gallo will start rolling ‘The Comeback Trail’ in June with New Mexico as the major location.