Savannah and Nick: Is Perfect Match Duo Still Friends?

Given that both Savannah Palacio and Nick Uhlenhuth were part of the same popular Netflix franchise, ‘The Circle,’ the two certainly have much in common. However, the first time that the public got to see their bond in action was during the duo’s time on Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match.’ The easy camaraderie between the two, combined with their ability to be strategic, allowed the formation of a strong connection that dominated the reality show while it lasted. Naturally, people are eager to know if their on-screen bond has continued to grow strong or not. If you are wondering about the same, we have just the answers you need.

Savannah and Nick’s Perfect Match Journey

While Savnnah gained fame due to her presence in the second season of ‘The Circle,’ Nick actually was part of the third iteration of the show. This meant that their interaction before coming on the Netflix dating show was minimal at best. Despite this hurdle, the two formed a good bond though there did not seem to be a romantic spark between them. In fact, Nick was interested in pursuing a connection with Francesca Farago, while Savannah was eager to talk to Dom Gabriel. However, both of their desired partners ended up matching with each other.

Knowing that they had to take every advantage possible for the upcoming compatibility challenge, Savnnah and Nick decided to pair up. They spent the night talking with each other and coming up with strategies that would help them become the best among all. Their dedication certainly paid off as they won the first compatibility challenge and had the chance to go to the boardroom. With an option to welcome two new males into the house, Savannah wanted to ensure that the new entrants might be potential matches for her as well.

However, when the time came for the second match-up night, Savnnah and Nick were once again paired up as they did not find success in finding other romantic matches. Meanwhile, Nick could not help but lament the fact that Savannah was not interested in giving them a chance to be something more than a strategic alliance. During the kissing challenge, he wanted to impress his on-screen partner. While ‘The Circle’ star did like her kiss with Nick, she was still not eager to pursue a romantic connection.

Things changed quite a lot when Anne-Sophie Petit and Chase DeMoor decided to set Nick on a date with Izzy Fairthorne. Knowing that the arrival of two new girls would increase her chances of eviction, Savnnah decided to focus on Dom, though her plans did not come to fruition and led to a fight between her and Francesca. Meanwhile, Ines Tazi started talking to Nick and was open to the possibility of a match-up with him. Ultimately, Nick decided to match up with Ines and was eager to explore his connection with Izzy, leading to Savnnah’s eviction.

Savannah and Nick Are Likely on Good Terms

As of writing, we do believe that Savnahha and Nick are still good friends. Though the former was far from happy about her elimination from the show, it does not appear as if she let it mar her bond with Nick. After all, not only do the two continue to follow each other on Instagram but they also often comment on each other’s social media posts, as seen above. In other words, although perhaps not the best one when it comes to a dating show, their alliance was certainly quite a sight to behold. If nothing else, the two are at least on amicable terms and seem happy with each other’s success.

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