See Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Created by Steven Knight (‘Peaky Blinders’), ‘See’ is an Apple TV+ dystopian science fiction drama series. It is set in a world where a viral pandemic has wiped out most of the human population. The descendants of the survivors have lost their sense of sight. The story begins when sight starts to return to the world and revolves around a man named Baba Vos (Jason Momoa), who must protect his sighted stepchildren from the world where their very existence is blasphemy against God.

In season 3 episode 7, titled ‘God Thunder,’ the war for Paya commences as Sibeth attacks with her bombs, flung at Pennsa with trebuchets. Meanwhile, Haniwa finds out what the key that Harlan gave her before his death opens, and it might prove to be the salvation that Pennsa needs. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘See’ season 3 episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

See Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins as combined forces of the fanatic Witchfinders and the renegade Trivantian soldiers under Tormada prepare to attack Pennsa. Kofun, who was caught in the previous episode by the Witchfinders, is brought before Sibeth. As he realizes what is happening, Kofun is horrified and guilt-ridden, knowing he is the one who released the deranged, murderous woman. When Sibeth briefly stops the bombing to give her sister the chance to reflect and surrender, Kofun tries to reason with Sibeth, reminding her of their son and asking her to be a mother. It probably makes no difference, but she does send Kofun into the city to give Maghra her terms.

Rendered unconscious when one of the bombs hit the palace, Maghra dreams of the days when she met Baba. Meanwhile, Baba, Haniwa, and Ranger arrive in Pennsa, and they are guided to Maghra by Baba’s dog, No.  They find Maghra and Tamacti Jun under the rabble — injured but alive. the Payans realize that this is a hopeless war, and after Kofun arrives and delivers the message, Maghra starts considering the option of going to Sibeth herself.

See Season 3 Episode 7 Ending: What Does Harlan’s Key Open?

In episode 6, after Harlan convinces the others to leave him behind following their scuffle with the cannibals, he gives Haniwa a key. Pennsa is Harlan’s city; Maghra only rules over it as the queen of all Paya. So, it stands to reason that Harlan would know more about Pennsa than anyone else, including the queen. When Maghra learns about Harlan’s death, she is understandably devastated. They had been friends since they were children. She knew he was in love with her and confesses to her daughter that she used him. But Haniwa reminds her that Harlan wasn’t someone who could be used if he didn’t want to be.

Eventually, Haniwa locates the box that the key is for. In it, Maghra and Haniwa find a sound wand (tuning fork) and a map. At first, it seems like an ordinary map of Pennsa. But upon close inspection, mother and daughter realize that the map depicts something more — the tunnels that Harlan and his smugglers used, located underground, away from the bombings by Sibeth’s army. Maghra has to admit that this is a war that they can’t win and decides to evacuate through the tunnels.

Why Does Baba Decide to Confront Sibeth?

When Maghra decides to evacuate, not everyone agrees with her. Although Tamacti Jun supports the decision, he fears they will continue to be hunted until they stand their ground and fight or Sibeth gets what she wants. Maghra admits to Baba that he has always been right — their family should have left all the politics and war behind and retreated into the mountains. She tells Baba that that’s what they should do after they get out of the other side of the tunnels. If she is gone, Maghra hopes her sister will be forgiving toward the rest of Paya.

However, at least in this instance, Baba is more realistic than his wife. He knows Sibeth will continue to hunt his family no matter where they go. As long as she is alive, his wife and children will never find peace. So, when no one is watching, he returns to the surface and heads toward Sibeth’s camp. Ranger goes along with him, as he has a score to settle with Tormada for torturing him.

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