Servant Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Tony Busgallop’s psychological thriller drama ‘Servant’ is as dreamy and elusive as grounded. The story unfolds in real-time, backed by a cerebral score, witty dialogues, and detailed character sketches. The sixth episode, titled ‘Fish,’ already shows a live demonstration of Leanne’s powers, and the situation muddies even further in the Turner household with things coming out in the open. After the incident at the fair, Leanne seems to be the leader extraordinaire of the new cult. After breaking Sean’s minister Nancy, Leanne has more surprises in store for Dorothy. The ending of the seventh episode, ‘Camp,’ is shocking. If you are humbled, let us decode the final impasse. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Servant Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Sean decides to leap, after all. He becomes the host of the new season of Gourmet Gauntlet, set in Philadelphia, and the promo looks enticing. Leanne says with conviction that the season would be the best and snatch Jericho away from Dorothy possessively. She takes Jericho for a walk while Julian and Dorothy hang out in the backyard. Dorothy has somehow discerned Julian and Leanne’s affair, and she does not want them together. But they are not doing it anymore.

However, Leanne later tells Julian that he is not a good match with Veera since both are broken. But Julian does not need fixing according to Leanne. On the other hand, Dorothy seemingly forms a close alliance with Veera. A day passes as Dorothy finds out the sketches in Leanne’s diary. The diary holds the blueprint of the entire series from Jericho to the bees. Remember Leanne taking Jericho for a walk?

She takes Jericho to the camp, vis-à-vis the cult, and they hail the miracle child. Roscoe catches a glimpse of the spectacle and asks a camp person why Leanne is so special. Meanwhile, Dorothy comes down rushing after catching a glimpse of the gathering from her window. She is infuriated, but neither Sean nor Leanne has any problem with Leanne’s erratic behavior. Considering she is a teenager, it is only natural, as Sean says, and he has embraced Leanne’s glory even more after the impactful ending.

Servant Season 3 Episode 7 Ending: Does Leanne Leave the Turners?

Well, when Leanne previously left the Turners – or should we say, she was snatched away by her followers and liturgical enforcers – all hell broke loose in the Turner household. Dorothy kidnapped Leanne to get Jericho back, and now she decides to send her away again. All the fuss because Leanne took Jericho to the garden for a stroll with dirty-handed strangers. But that is just the pretext. Dorothy’s mind perhaps understands the implication of the drawing in Leanne’s diary in the flicker of a moment and instantly represses it.

Leanne conjures living things and events and makes them happen. In reality, Dorothy is afraid of Leanne’s consolidation of power in the household. That is why she teams up with Veera to send Leanne away.  Veera has found the perfect two-month-long course that goes with the ceremonial dancing of the cult members – semiotics of dance. That is indeed a thing if you do not know, and Leanne even dances in her room, with some Vivian Dale in the background. She is not ready to go, and she knows that the Turners are even more dependant on her grace.

But Leanne agrees, for the drama’s sake. Jericho disappears and comes back – there’s always something going on with the baby. Veera freaks out seeing the doll Jericho and escapes the scene. Amidst pouring rain, she suggests Leanne does the same. In the meantime, Dorothy has broken into a manic episode about Jericho’s disappearance. But Leanne comes back and says that Jericho is in the nursery – and a baby cries on cue. Voila, the baby is back, and Leanne is back with more conviction.

Leanne reiterates Dorothy’s words when she thanks her for broadening Leanne’s horizons. By this time, Sean has understood the invisible link between Jericho and Leanne, but Dorothy is still not a believer. But we do not think Leanne cares much for Dorothy’s qualms – she is even intimidated to an extent. She recalls Aunt May while describing Dorothy, finding a pattering in the process. Leanne stays, and Dorothy feels cornered. Sean will be away for Gourmet Gauntlet, and god forbid, Dorothy may end up taking a drastic step.

Is Jericho Dead or Alive? Does Jericho Age?

After the events that unfold in the episode, we can be sure that the original Jericho is dead. The living and kicking Jericho is an illusion Leanne conjures at her will. By some extraordinary power, she has infused life in Jericho. The story progresses in real-time, and thus, it is perhaps too early to ask. We do not know whether we shall get to the discerning point, but Jericho should not age if he is an illusion.

It is too darn fantastic that the series creates such ambiguity by simply placing a doll in the place of an alive baby. In the third season, the baby actor changes from Mason Belford and his brother Julius Belford to Jack Hoogerwerff. Anyway, the Jericho of the series is dead, and if he does not age, Sean and Julian would not forever be enticed with the crying and crawling baby. We have yet to see the tussle between Dorothy and Leanne, which will only escalate.

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