Severance Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

The sixth episode of ‘Severance‘ picks up after the MDR team’s recent exploits outside their department. In the episode, Mark’s outie begins to understand the implications of the secrecy at Lumon Industries and begins to contemplate contacting the people that helped Petey with his reintegration.

On the other hand, Ms. Cobel continues her secret machinations while taking a stricter approach towards Mark and the MDR team. In the end, Mark’s quest for answers reaches a major turning point while an unforeseen development occurs on the severed floors. If you seek clarification about the episode’s events and ending, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Severance Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6, titled ‘Hide and Seek,’ opens with giving the viewers some insights about the life of Ms. Cobel/Mrs. Selvig. She is a devout believer in the Eagan philosophy and is dedicated to maintaining the order at Lumon. She receives a phone call from Mr. Graner, who informs Ms. Cobel that Petey’s severance chip was hacked by a former employee of Lumon named Regabhi. Ms. Cobel instructs Mr. Graner to search for Regabhi.

Before heading to work, Mark disposes of Petey’s mobile phone to avoid suspicion. At work, Irving continues to visit Burt in the O&D department. On the other hand, Helly’s spirits rise after her recent comforting interaction with Mark. However, Ms. Cobel calls Mark into her cabin and reprimands him for not having control over his team. She forbids the MDR team from any kind of inter-departmental interaction until they meet their performance targets. Mark discuss the situation with his team. The MDR members agree on talking with the O&D department.

The two departments agree to work together and uncover the true nature of their jobs. Simultaneously, Dylan steals an infographic card from the O&D department. The interaction between MDR and O&D is cut short by the intervention of Mr. Milchick, who sends Mark to the breakroom. Meanwhile, Mark’s sister, Devon, meets Gabby Arteta, the wife of Angelo Arteta, a senator who supports the severance process at Lumon. Later, Ms. Cobel spies on Devon and Ricken by pretending to be a lactation expert.

Outside work, Mark goes out on another date with Alexa, his sister’s midwife. The two seem to be bonding and decide to attend a rock concert where Petey’s daughter is performing. Meanwhile, Mr. Milchick contacts Dylan’s workie persona outside work to learn where he hid the infographic card. After the performance, Mark has a change of heart and recollects Petey’s mobile phone. He answers the call from the unknown number and decides to meet the person on the other end.

Severance Episode 6 Ending: Who Does Mark Meet?

In the episode’s final moments, Mark obtains Petey’s cellphone from the garbage bin. His action indicates that he wishes to learn more about the secrets of Lumon Industries. Mark answers the number calling Petey’s phone, and the person on the other end recognizes Mark. Although surprising, the moment hints that the person calling Mark is already aware of Petey’s death and expects Mark to call them. After Mark affirms his desire to learn more, the caller asks Mark to meet them privately at a secret location.

As it turns out, the location is the school Mark used to teach at before joining Lumon Industries. A mysterious woman reveals herself from the shadows and greets Mark. She takes Mark to a private spot before speaking further. As Mark follows the woman, it becomes apparent that she is none other than Regabhi. According to Mr. Graner, Regabhi helped Petey reverse the seemingly irreversible process of severance and was helping him reintegrate until his death.

She apparently also has ties with Lumon Industries and knows some of their secrets. However, it is safe to say that Mark cannot trust her just yet. Petey’s association with Regabhi remains shrouded in mystery. Moreover, Mr. Graner is evidently keeping tabs on Regabhi. Therefore, Mark’s association with Regabh could either lead him to the answers he seeks or get him fired from Lumon for conspiring against the company.

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