Sexify Season 2 Ending, Explained: What Happens to the App?

There are apps for directions, food suggestions, and even to find a soulmate. However, imagine an app that can help you receive sexual pleasure in the best way possible. This is how the Polish comedy series ‘Sexify’ brings a taboo topic into the mainstream media. It explores the adventures of three young women as they develop an app that focuses on female pleasure. It is created by Piotr Domalewski, Kalina Alabrudzińska, Agata Gerc, Malgorzata Suwala, and Jan Kwieciński.

While the first season established a foundation and gave us interesting insights into the characters, the second season dives deeper into the development of the app and the company’s ups and downs. Sandra Drzymalska, Aleksandra Skraba, and Maria Sobocińska play the central roles in the Netflix series. If you have binged the series with utmost enthusiasm and want to dissect the details of the ending of ‘Sexify’ season 2, then you’re in luck because we have everything you need. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sexify Season 2 Recap

After some roadblocks in season 1, the protagonists seem to be doing well in life as this season opens. Adam and Natalia are happy together, but they are unable to have sex. Monika is happy by herself and is focusing on the business. Whereas Paulina is on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. She is studying design and preparing to become a graphic designer. They gear up for the app’s big launch party.

However, the launch party crashes into the ground as the girls discover their mounting debt. They scramble to look for options that can help them sustain their company. At the last second, like a miracle sent from heaven, a Female tech mogul in Poland named Malgorzata Debska shows up to their rescue. She offers to become a minority investor and help them get back on their feet. Better than having to give up the app altogether, the girls decide to take up Debska on her offer. The girls get the money, and the app seems back on track. Although, they have another challenge ahead. Debska conditions her money on the girls’ plan of making an app for men’s pleasure as well.

Natalia, Paulina, and Monika get started on collecting enough data to create an algorithm for the men’s app. They find it hard to get men to talk about their sexual desires and troubles. Most men lie in the surveys out of embarrassment and shame. They don’t want to seem weak in front of their peers even though most men share the same feeling. An emissary from Debska’s team named Maks Oleksiak comes to the Sexify office to supervise their operations. This upsets Monika as she is the CEO, and Maks overrules her decisions.

The three central characters have their personal troubles intermingled with the struggles of the company. While Natalia deals with Adam’s impotence, Paulina handles the crisis in her parent’s marriage. Moreover, Monika loses her home and has to stay at the office premises itself. Subsequently, they put more effort and focus into their work in the hope that at least something goes right. To this effect, Paulina starts going on random dates to get details about men and their sexual practices. In the process, she questions her sexuality and explores her desires as well.

Just when life seemed too good to be true, the girls discover Sexiguy, an app like Sexify but for men. They learn that Rafal and Grzes from their university are behind the app’s creation. The girls quickly squash their operations and offer them to join hands on their app. Furthermore, Sexiguy can help Sexify get the data for their app. Natalia gets Jaba and Dr. Krynicki on the team for more help with programming the application. They even go to sex experts to get a more in-depth idea about the topic they are dealing with.

Things get even worse for Sexify when focus groups and men in general dislike their app. They don’t see any need or value addition by the application in their lives. The girls get dismayed by this reaction and lose hope. Ultimately, as Debska sees no progress on the other app, she fires Natalia, Paulina, and Monika. Debska dismantles the whole company and takes the app for herself. The subsequent endeavors of the real app owners to get it back are revealed in the climax of the show.

Sexify Season 2 Ending: What Happens To The Sexify App?

After Rafal uses the revamped Sexiguy app during a sexual encounter, he realizes how good it is and that it works perfectly. He immediately texts the girls and tells them the good news. Subsequently, the core team of Sexify including Rafal, the girls, Jaba, and Dr. Krynicki unite to fight Debska’s ill-intentioned takeover of their company and application. Natalia rewrites some code and introduces a soulmate feature that helps users find a partner who is most sexually compatible with them through the app.

Paulina and Dr. Krynicki spread the word to get people to download the app and use it. In a clever move, Monika asks Young Juvenile, a famous singer, to perform a concert for the mass population. This attracts various young adults and lures them into downloading the app in exchange for attending Young Juvenile’s concert. The idea takes off, and they soon have a wide user base.

At the Warsaw Web Summit, just as Debska presents the launch of Sexify and Sexiguy, Natalia and Paulina take over the projector. They reveal the truth and declare to show the world the real Sexify apps. The crowd cheers them on from the basement of the Summit building which is the concert’s location. The attendees of the Summit see the youth using and loving Sexify apps. Moreover, they see Debska for who she truly is. When stubborn Debska refuses to cooperate with the real owners of the Sexify app, Natalia and Paulina are forced to take drastic measures. With a heavy heart, Natalia erases the app from its servers and all data related to it.

To prevent the app from ending up in the wrong hands, Natalia flushes her life’s work down the drain. Her ethics and values shine bright in the midst of this chaotic business battle. The girls believe Debska to be an empowering female entrepreneur, but she turns out to be a shark that only thinks of her hunger. Natalia, Paulina, and Monika work so hard on making the world better with their innovative app and helping women across the globe. In revenge, they take such a difficult step away from their dreams. However, Debska only focuses on app downloads and stats of success. She does not care about female pleasure or doing good for the users. The girls make a tough choice and delete the application altogether to prevent Debska from launching a fake app for the public.

How Does Marek Save The Girls?

The drastic measure taken by Natalia and Paulina at the moment causes legal damages and a lot of debt for the company. Debska is infuriated and threatens to sue them, drowning them in more debt. At the last second, Monika helps her friends out by getting her father’s help. Marek Nowicka is a well-known businessman with a lot of resources at his disposal. He is a worthy opponent to Debska, rather than three young girls who are just starting their own business.

Marek challenges Debska’s efforts to overthrow Natalia, Paulina, and Monika from Sexify. He cites how the legal battle will go on for ages till the app or its subsequent success sees the light of day. A group of skilled lawyers accompanies Marek who will do everything to save their boss’s daughter. Debska realizes she is in deep trouble and decides to let the matter go. Marek even persuades her to not press any charges against Natalia and Paulina for deleting the app.

In hindsight, none of this would have happened if Monika agreed to take Marek’s help in the first place. Nonetheless, as Debska’s reputation takes a hit, Marek’s company benefits from the hole in the market. By saving his daughter, Marek also saves his own company from getting shut down. The Nowicka father-daughter duo kills two birds with one stone and comes closer as a family in the process.

Do Maks and Monika End Up Together?

Certain tensions are clearly visible between Monika and Maks as soon as they cross paths. They are fundamentally different people as Monika is a rebel with strange means, and Maks believes in rules and procedures to stay within the lines. While Maks helps Monika save her company, he works for Debska at the end of the day. This causes some strife between the two as they fight just when they are coming closer.

After Monika loses the company and feels disgruntled, she goes away with Maks to recharge and rejuvenate. They spend some time together and feel the tension rising. Monika even teaches Maks how to break rules and have some fun while they are at it. In a typical rom-com way, they end up sleeping together.

On the contrary, when they finally get a chance to talk about it, they realize that no matter how good the sex is, they need basic behavioral compatibility to be in a relationship. Maks and Monika decide to stay friends and not overcomplicate things. We believe this is a good choice because as much as they could learn from each other, people need some basic similarities or common ground to bond and make associations. Maks and Monika have almost nothing in common, and it will be difficult for them to sustain a relationship with no foundation whatsoever. They sleep together in a moment of passion, and it’s best for them to leave it at that.

Why Does Debska Invest in Sexify?

Malgorzata Debska is a skilled businesswoman in the Polish world of technology. She did not reach the pinnacle of success by empowering younglings and investing in meager companies. Hence, it’s obvious to wonder about her hidden motives as she reaches out to the girls to invest in Sexify. As it turns out, Debska is in talks with a company named Vertigo Funding Group. The real reason why Debska invests in Sexify is to get the sensitive data that the app will collect from the users.

Moreover, Debska plans to sell the data to Vertigo in exchange for a lot of money. No one knows what Vertigo will use the data for, but in no way can it be for humanity’s good. Natalia, Paulina, and Monika misjudged Debska and come to regret their decision to let her come on board. Debska turns out to be just like so many other entrepreneurs who only focus on profits and nothing else.

While looking at the bigger picture, we see how this reflects the true reality of today’s technology and data-based companies. They sell and buy data like regular commodities without thinking about the users’ privacy or right to be safe. The subsequent data get misused when it lands in the wrong hands. There are so many applications downloaded on every person’s phone in the modern world, and those apps collect and manage data sometimes without our permission as well. Users need to be very careful about the kind of data they share and upload on apps and ensure the trustworthiness of the platforms.

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