Shizuka “Shi” Eto: Love Deadline Star is Now a Model

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline‘ has become a show known for its scenic locations and heart-touching romantic storylines. With all the contestants looking to find their future spouse and a ticking clock that can lead to the elimination of any male contestant at any time, the stakes are always high, and the women have to make their decisions before they lose the one they find themselves connected to. For season 1’s Shizuka “Shi” Eto, the journey may not have been an ideal one, but it did allow her to gain a new perspective on the concept of marriage. As such, people are pretty curious about where she is these days.

Shizuka “Shi” Eto’s Love Deadline Journey

Upon entering the Netflix show, Shi Eto was upfront about what she wanted in her future spouse. Primarily, she was candid that her partner should make about $200,000, a desire that did make many people wary of approaching her. Among the male contestants on the show at the time, she was interested in Takuya “Okapi” Okane from the very start but chose to message Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto for her first date, though the latter did not choose her.

After not going on dates two times in a row, Shi was determined to win the paddleboard contests, as that would allow her to go on a date with the man of her choice. Even before the final round started, she declared that should she win, she wanted to take Okapi on a date, which surprised the man in question. Fortunately for Shi, she did win, allowing her to go on a date with Okapi. However, he was not entirely on board with Shi’s overtly affectionate gestures. An enthusiastic Shi was trying to establish a set of signals that she and Okapi could use if they wanted something from each other. Though initially not averse to the idea, Okapi did find himself uncomfortable when Shi was physically affectionate in front of all the cast members, as he thought that this would diminish his chances with others.

It was not until Okapi deliberately ignored Shi touching his foot in the hot tub, where several other cast members were as well, that Shi realized that her gestures might not be utterly welcome by Okapi. When the group reached Kyoto, Japan, Shi wanted a chance to go on a date with Okapi to apologize but then gave Saki Kamata a chance. Instead, she presented her side of the story during a group outing the next day. However, within this conversation, Shi also found herself realizing that she and Okpai might not be compatible as she saw him being too particular about certain things.

Things took a turn for Shi when Keijiro Minoura entered the show. The new cast member had first texted Anna Tsumara, but she arranged for him to meet with Shi instead. The two hit it off instantly, which meant that when the group traveled to Nasu, Japan, Shi got the chance to live in a house alone with Keijiro. During their time together, Shi found him a bit fidgety, feeling as if he liked remaining busy. She boldly proposed the idea that they bathe together in the tub, which Keijiro hesitatingly agreed to.

Later on, Shi and Keijiro slept in the same room, with Shi cuddling with him. The next day, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see the two sprinting together and doing workouts. However, Shi’s happiness would be diminished when, during the next round of choosing who one wanted to lodge with, Keijiro and Anna chose each other. The next day, the group traveled to Hokkaido, Japan, and started to snowboard together, during which Keijiro realized that he might have strong feelings for Shi, given his concern for her.

When the time came for the women to choose who they wanted to go on a date with, Shi chose Keijiro, who did seem happy with the development. The two talked more about their feelings, with Keijiro accepting that he was developing strong feelings for Shi while also elaborating on why he chose Anna the next day when they were in Nasu. However, when it was revealed that all the cast members would be traveling to Singapore, Keijiro decided to make his final decision. He had a private conversation with Shi in which he confessed that he wanted to focus solely on Anna. This led Shi to declare that she would be leaving the show as she herself saw no point in traveling to Singapore.

Where is Shizuka “Shi” Eto Now?

As of writing, Shi Eto seems to be living her best life. Affiliated with Reforma, the reality TV star runs a spa business, which she is incredibly proud of. She also works as a model and often shares pictures of herself on social media, even though she seems to have joined Instagram quite recently. While it does not look like Shi is in a relationship at the moment, her fans are hopeful that she will soon find a partner with whom she can find happiness.

During her time on ‘Love Deadline,’ Shi’s perception regarding marriage does seem to have changed significantly. Having initially put much emphasis on the wealth status of her prospective partner, she admitted while leaving the show that she had learned how there were joys to be found in life that did not have much to do with money. As of writing, Shi remains close tiwth many of her fellow cast members from the show, including Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita.

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