Shoresy Renewed For Season 4 at Hulu and Crave

The Sudbury Bulldogs avoid relegation once again! Hulu and Crave have renewed the sitcom ‘Shoresy‘ for a fourth season. The pre-production work for the fourth installment, which is greenlit ahead of the third season premiere, is set to kick off next month, with filming returning to Sudbury, Ontario, the series’ heartland. Jared Keeso, who created the show as a spin-off of ‘Letterkenny‘ and leads the cast, continues to write the sitcom.

In the second season finale, titled ‘Accountability,’ the Sudbury Bulldogs face off against the Soo Hunt in a crucial game, securing a triumphant win that guarantees their spot in the playoffs. The episode opens with a flashback featuring Goody’s antics for the Bulldogs calendar shoot, eliciting laughter from his teammates, including Shoresy, with his infamous spray tan mishap. Fast forwarding to the present day to the present day, Shoresy declines a romantic gesture from Laura to maintain focus on the impending match, emphasizing accountability among his teammates.

As the episode progresses, the Bulldogs gear up for the showdown, and Nat and her allies devise strategies to raise funds for the playoffs, showcasing the team’s unwavering determination. The tension escalates as the game unfolds, culminating in a hard-fought victory that propels the Bulldogs into the playoffs. With a poignant montage highlighting the season’s highs and lows, the finale concludes on a hopeful note, leaving viewers eager for the excitement and challenges awaiting in season 3, which is scheduled to premiere on the 24th of this month.

In the upcoming third installment, viewers can expect the continuation of the beloved banter that defines its predecessor, as our titular chirper, Shoresy, will lead the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs into the National Senior Tournament. Having transformed the team’s fortunes locally, Shoresy and his quirky leadership style will embark on a new journey as they face formidable opponents from across Canada, including the Charlottetown Reds, Brooks Barrelmen, and Vaughan Canadesi.

Along with the thrilling hockey action, lingering questions from season 2 add intrigue as far as the third installment is concerned, particularly regarding Shoresy’s personal life, notably his unexpected decision to decline Laura’s advances in favor of maintaining focus on the game, leaving fans curious about their future. As the Bulldogs navigate uncharted territory, season 3 promises to deliver laughter, drama, and the trademark wit that has made ‘Shoresy’ a favorite to audiences. With the third installment still awaiting its debut on our screens, it’s premature to speculate on the plot of season 4.

In the third season, viewers can anticipate the return of familiar faces, including Jared Keeso as Shoresy, Tasya Teles as Nat, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat as Sanguinet, and Blair Lamora as Ziigwan. Also making a comeback are Keilani Elizabeth Rose as Miigwan, Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby as Dolo, Terry Ryan as Ted Hitchcock, and Ryan McDonell as Mark Michaels. Max Bouffard will return as Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean “JJ Frankie JJ,” while Andrew Antsanen is expected to continue portraying Brant “Goody” Goodleaf. Furthermore, Jon Mirasty, Brandon Nolan, and Jordan Nolan are set to return as the Jims (Jim #1, #2, and #3) in the upcoming season.

As we anticipate the return of the beloved cast in season 3, it is too early to have a clear image of the line-up for the fourth installment. However, given the nature of the show, fans can expect most of the main cast members to return.

While Sudbury is portrayed as the fictional town of Letterkenny in the original series, it takes center stage in ‘Shoresy,’ offering viewers a closer look at the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Notable projects filmed in the region include ‘Fitting In’ and ‘North of Normal.’

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