Deliver Me: 8 Similar Shows That Deserve Your Attention

Deliver Me‘ is a riveting tale of teenage turmoil and societal strife, adapted from Malin Persson Giolito’s gripping novel. Crafted by the duo of writers Alex Haridi and Amanda Högberg, the Swedish series looks into the harrowing journey of Billy and Dogge; two adolescents entangled in the dangerous web of a local gang. As the narrative unfolds, it confronts poignant questions about culpability and the fragility of youth, exploring the repercussions of a heinous crime committed by a 14-year-old.

Under the direction of Anna Zackrisson and set against the backdrop of escalating drug-related violence, the show poignantly depicts the plight of marginalized communities and the profound impact of societal neglect. If you crave more narratives centered around lost innocence, societal decay, and teenagers caught in a whirlwind of tragedy, here are 8 shows like ‘Deliver Me’  that you should check out.

8. Animal Kingdom (2016-2022)

Animal Kingdom‘ is a crime drama series created by Jonathan Lisco, inspired by the 2010 Australian film of the same name. The show follows the Cody family, led by the matriarch Janine “Smurf” Cody (Ellen Barkin), who surfs the waves of the dangerous criminal underworld of Southern California. As tensions rise within the family and conflicts escalate, the Cody brothers find themselves drawn deeper into a world of betrayal, violence, and moral ambiguity. Featuring a stellar cast including Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, and Shawn Hatosy, ‘Animal Kingdom’ explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the strength of family bonds in the face of adversity, mirroring the gritty exploration of societal issues in ‘Deliver Me.’

7. Baby (2018-2020)

‘Baby’ is an Italian teen drama series created by Antonio Le Fosse, Giacomo Mazzariol, Marco Raspanti, Romolo Re Salvador, and Eleonora Trucchi, loosely based on the Baby Squillo scandal of 2013. Starring Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani, the show plunges into the clandestine world of a group of wealthy teenagers in Rome who become embroiled in prostitution. As they swim through the conundrums of adolescence and the allure of forbidden desires, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, revealing the dark underbelly of privilege and power. With its raw portrayal of youth culture and societal pressures, ‘Baby’ shares thematic similarities with ‘Deliver Me,’ exploring the consequences of societal neglect and the search for identity amidst moral ambiguity.

6. Love/Hate (2010-2014)

‘Love/Hate’ is an Irish crime drama television series created by Stuart Carolan starring Aidan Gillen in the lead role. Set in Dublin, the plot follows the lives of a group of individuals involved in organized crime, exploring themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. With its raw portrayal of the criminal underworld and the twisted relationships that define it, ‘Love/Hate’ resonates with audiences seeking intense drama and moral ambiguity. Similarly to ‘Deliver Me,’ it looks into the consequences of one’s actions and the struggle to navigate a world where moral boundaries are often blurred, making it a compelling watch for those intrigued by the darker aspects of human nature.

5. This Is England ’86 (2010)

‘This Is England ’86’ is a British drama television series created by Shane Meadows. Set in the aftermath of the 1983 film ‘This Is England,’ it follows the lives of a group of friends in the Midlands as they live through the challenges of young adulthood against the backdrop of Thatcher-era Britain. Starring Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun, the series revolves around elements of identity, friendship, and societal issues, offering a raw and authentic portrayal of working-class life. Akin to ‘Deliver Me,’ this show explores the struggles and hardships of growing up in a harsh and unforgiving environment, making it a captivating watch for those interested in gritty realism and nuanced character dynamics.

4. Elite (2018-)

‘Elite’ is a Spanish thriller teen drama series created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona set in an elite secondary school in Spain. The show follows the lives of three working-class students who receive scholarships to attend the prestigious institution. As they navigate the complex social dynamics and dark secrets of the wealthy students, tensions escalate, leading to a series of shocking events. Like ‘Deliver Me,’ ‘Elite’ revolves around the lives of young people grappling with issues of class, identity, and morality against the backdrop of a privileged environment. Its well-written storyline, rich character development, and exploration of social inequality make it an excellent pick for fans of intense and thought-provoking dramas.

3. Ganglands (2021-)

Ganglands‘ is a French crime drama series created by Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq featuring Sami Bouajila, Tracy Gotoas, and Eriq Ebouaney in prominent roles. It follows Mehdi (Sami Bouajila), who is drawn into the criminal underworld of Paris after his brother is killed. As Mehdi carves his way through the dangerous streets filled with rival gangs and illicit activities, he must confront his own morals and loyalties. Similar to ‘Deliver Me,’ ‘Ganglands’ taps into themes of youth violence and the impact of social environments on individual choices. Through its gritty portrayal of urban life and atrocious character arcs, the series offers an encapsulating and immersive look into the dark annals of contemporary society.

2. Top Boy (2011-2023)

Top Boy‘ shares similarities with ‘Deliver Me’ in its exploration of the dirty realities of urban life, crime, youth, and social marginalization. Created by Ronan Bennett, the series follows the lives of residents in a fictional housing estate in East London, focusing on the interconnected stories of drug dealers, gangs, and struggling families. Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, and Michael Ward deliver standout performances, perfectly embodying the characters and bringing depth to the storyline. Through its hauntingly accurate depiction of street life, ‘Top Boy’ offers a nuanced picture of the challenges faced by individuals caught in the cycle of poverty and violence in inner-city neighborhoods.

1. On My Block (2018-2021)

On My Block‘ captures the essence of rough urban adolescence with its raw and unwashed portrayal of friendship and adversity, aligning deeply with fans of ‘Deliver Me.’ The series, created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, offers a poignant exploration of the challenges faced by teenagers growing up in a polluted inner-city neighborhood. With a diverse ensemble cast including Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, and Diego Tinoco, the show is built on fringes of identity, loyalty, and survival against the backdrop of a vibrant yet unforgiving urban landscape. Its authentic storytelling and compelling performances make it a must-watch for those seeking a dark and gripping drama garnished with troubled characters.

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