7 Shows Like Queer as Folk You Must See

Image Credit: Alyssa Moran/Peacock

Based on the eponymous British TV series by Russell T Davies, ‘Queer as Folk‘ is an LGBTQ+ drama series that centers upon a group of friends with varied sexualities and gender identities. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, the show follows Mingus (Fin Argus), who meets Brodie Beaumont (Devin Way) at a cultural event, and the two instantly form a connection. While Mingus is giving a performance on stage, a shootout transpires at the venue, leaving Brodie injured. After the incident, everyone tries to move on with their lives without letting the fear dictate them.

With its heart-touching narrative and bold characters, the show has amassed a huge fan following who just can’t get enough of this beautiful series. If you have just finished binging Peacock’s ‘Queer as Folk’ and are looking for something else to watch, these seven shows are just what you need. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘Queer as Folk’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. The L Word (2004-2009)

With a group of lesbian and bisexual women as its leading characters, ‘The L Word’ is a groundbreaking series created by Ilene Chaiken, Michele Abbot, and Kathy Greenberg. It provides a women’s perspective on topics like sex which is a rare sight in the mainstream world of entertainment. Set in West Hollywood, California, the series is primarily a creation of LGBTQ+ women who try to portray the lifestyle and struggles of lesbians and bisexuals as accurately as possible. It even received a sequel, entitled ‘The L Word: Generation Q.’ Given that the show focuses on LGBTQ+ members, you will surely enjoy ‘The L Word’ if you liked ‘Queer as Folk.’

6. Noah’s Arc (2005-2006)

Image Credit: Patrik-Ian Polk Entertainment

Noah Nicholson, Alex Kirby, Ricky Davis, and Chance Counter are gay friends who live together in Los Angeles. The group of four aims to better their personal and professional lives and often help each other during difficult situations. Despite its comedic nature, the show focuses on several serious topics like same-sex marriage, same-sex parenthood, homophobia, and much more.

Created by Patrik-Ian Polk, ‘Noah’s Arc’ is undoubtedly iconic in its own right, as it is the first series to revolve around African-American gay men. It was adapted into a movie titled ‘Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom.’ Fans of ‘Queer as Folk’ will like this series with its realistic characters and relatable story arcs.

5. Heartstopper (2022-)

Based on Alice Oseman’s eponymous graphic novel,Heartstopper‘ is a British coming-of-age series that follows a gay teenager named Charlie Spring as he falls in love with his classmate Nick, a popular rugby player. However, he is unsure how Nick might react if he confesses his feelings. Apart from the unfolding love story, it also focuses on several prominent issues common among teenagers dealing with their sexual and gender identities. Though the story revolves around young teenagers, the Netflix show has many elements that most members of the LGBTQ+ community might find relatable, just like ‘Queer as Folk.’

4. Gentleman Jack (2019-)

Image Credit: James Stack/HBO

Set during the Industrial Revolution, ‘Gentleman Jack‘ is a historical drama series that is based on the collected diaries of Anne Lister. The show chronicles Anne’s journey as a landowner and industrialist to save Shibden Hall, the estate she has inherited from her uncle. Anne eschews society’s expectations by dressing in black and pursuing relationships with other women.

Often called “the first modern lesbian,” Anne holds a prominent place in Britain’s LGBTQ+ history. She paved the path for future generations by defying the restrictions placed upon her gender and sexuality. Given the historical and cultural significance of ‘Gentleman Jack,’ fans of ‘Queer as Folk’ will definitely enjoy it.

3. Looking (2014-2016)

Image Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

‘Looking’ revolves around video game designer Patrick, who lives with his two friends, Dom and Agustín, in San Francisco. Patrick’s abysmal love life takes a turn for the better when he meets a handsome barber named Richie and gets a new boss, the attractive and not-so-single Kevin. The story of the three friends was received warmly by both viewers and critics for its refreshing portrayal of gay relationships. If you are looking forward to watching an entertaining LGBTQ+ show after ‘Queer as Folk,’ this comedy series might be the answer.

2. It’s a Sin (2021)

Created by none other than Russell T Davies, ‘It’s a Sin‘ is British miniseries set in London during the HIV/AIDS crisis. It is about a group of gay men who move to the British capital to explore opportunities and be who they are. However, the news of a virus that is transmitted sexually makes them all worry about their lives. Soon, they try to live their best life while making sure the illness does not catch them in its grip. The show comes from the original creator of ‘Queer as Folk’ and accurately tackles the issue that plagued the LGBTQ+ community for years. It is sure to entertain those who enjoyed ‘Queer as Folk.’

1. Pose (2018-2021)

Image Credit: JoJo Whilden/FX

Dive into New York City’s ball culture in the 1980s and 1990s with ‘Pose,’ a drama TV show that offers a glimpse of the thriving subculture of young African-American and Latino underground LGBTQ+ members. It centers upon dancers and models who participate in the balls hoping for rewards and recognition; most of them are a part of a House, which is another name for one’s chosen family. As the series goes on, it addresses issues like the AIDS pandemic and its impact on the community. Fans of ‘Queer as Folk’ will love this historically and culturally rich show.

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