10 Crime Shows Like The Asunta Case You Cannot Miss

Also known as ‘El caso Asunta,’ ‘The Asunta Case’ is a Spanish-language Netflix mini-series that chronicles the true events of the Asunta Basterra case and the investigation surrounding it. In 2023, a young Chinese girl adopted by rich Spanish parents disappears and after a day, is found murdered. An investigation into her home finds that her parents may have been drugging her, while they deny having anything to do with the murder. The parents face societal backlash as the police dig deeper into the increasingly darkening case. The unraveling mystery and suspense of the narrative may inspire a search for more shows similar to ‘The Asunta Case.’

10. Deliver Me (2024)

A young boy lies in a pool of blood, seemingly shot by his best friend, Douglas. With him being only 14 years old, the police don’t know how to prosecute Douglas. As Detective Farid Ayad investigates the motive behind the crime, the show takes us through flashbacks of the boy’s friendships and their unguarded exposure to crime. Originally titled, ‘I dina händer,’ the Swedish Netflix series is based on the book of the same name by Malin Persson Giolito, and much like ‘The Asunta Case,’ looks into a haunting and complex murder case involving a child. It also asks relevant questions about social responsibility for the next generation.

9. Little Boy Blue (2017)

Similar to ‘The Asunta Case,’ ‘Little Boy Blue’ tells a gripping true story of the aftermath of a tragic event that shook a community to its core. Created by Jeff Pope, this compelling drama follows the relentless pursuit of justice for a young boy who becomes an innocent victim of senseless violence. Coming upon the scenes of the harrowing crime, detectives become compelled to uncover the truth behind it and refuse to rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice. A prime teenage suspect is identified, but finding evidence to convict him becomes harder than they imagined. Through its raw portrayal of real-life events and acclaimed performances, ‘Little Boy Blue’ will likely enthrall those with an interest in true crime.

8. For Life (2020-2021)

From the creative mind of Hank Steinberg, ‘For Life’ follows the riveting journey of Aaron Wallace, a wrongfully convicted man who becomes a lawyer to fight for justice while behind bars. Spending nine years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Aaron Wallace’s family and friendships are torn apart. He realizes the only one who can save him now is the man staring back at him in the mirror.

Embarking upon a life-changing legal journey, Aaron fights not only for himself but others who were wrongfully convicted. Inspired by the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., the legal crime drama will likely appeal to those who were drawn into the judicial process and criminal proceedings in ‘The Asunta Case.’ The show explores themes of resilience and redemption alongside the glaring flaws in the legal system.

7. Innocent (2018-2021)

Created by Matthew Arlidge and Chris Lang, ‘Innocent’ is a gripping anthology series that explores the complexities of the criminal justice system as it delves into the daily lives of individuals wrongfully accused of heinous crimes. Set against a backdrop of suspicion and betrayal, the series follows the harrowing journey of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. We begin with the tale of David Collins, a man acquitted of murder after spending years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Upon his release, David seeks to rebuild his shattered life while grappling with the stigma of his past and the lingering doubts of those around him. However, while the courts declare him innocent, society holds onto its suspicions tightly, berating and abusing David. Those who found the social backlash against the victim’s parents intriguing in ‘The Asunta Case’ can experience an in-depth breakdown of the dark side of social judgment and stigma in ‘Innocent.’

6. Under the Bridge (2024)

Under the creative direction of Quinn Shephard, ‘Under the Bridge’ narrates the tragic true story of Reena Virk, an Indian-Canadian teenager who went out to party with her friends and never came back. The story is told through the point of view of an author who returns to her town in Victoria to investigate the disappearance of Reena Virk. She slowly uncovers the dark reality hidden behind the aloof personas of a group of teenage girls involved in the incident. Much like ‘The Asunta Case,’ ‘Under the Bridge’ follows a true crime case involving the murder of a troubled young girl and explores the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

5. Burning Body (2023)

With Laura Sarmiento Pallarés at the helm, ‘Burning Body’ revolves around the murder investigation of a police officer who was killed and burnt. His girlfriend and her lover, who are both police officers themselves, emerge as the primary suspects in the case. The fiery narrative involves deceit, betrayal, and scandal. Also known as ‘El cuerpo en llamas,’ the Spanish-language Netflix series will likely appeal to enthusiasts of the genre with its multifaceted characters and twisting story, which is inspired by real events.

4. Rectify (2013-2016)

Crafted by Ray McKinnon, ‘Rectify’ delves into the profound impact of a wrongful conviction on an individual and their community. At its core is the story of Daniel Holden, who returns to his small hometown after spending nearly two decades on death row for a crime he may not have committed. As Daniel struggles to reintegrate into society, he is met with skepticism, suspicion, and hostility from those around him. Fans of the genre are sure to find Daniel’s journey compelling as he grapples with his traumatic past and seeks to uncover the truth about the crime he was accused of. Against the backdrop of rural Georgia, ‘Rectify’ paints a poignant portrait of forgiveness, resilience, and the search for meaning.

3. Seven Seconds (2018)

Image Credit: JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Created by Veena Sud, ‘Seven Seconds’ is a riveting drama that plunges us into the aftermath of a tragic hit-and-run incident involving a Black teenager in Jersey City. As tensions simmer and the city’s racial divisions are laid bare, the series follows the ensuing investigation led by conflicted law enforcement officers and a determined prosecutor. At its heart is the story of KJ Harper, a troubled prosecutor grappling with personal demons, who becomes embroiled in the case as she seeks justice for the victim and his grieving family.

Meanwhile, the police officer who accidentally committed the offense struggles with the morality of hiding the truth, and the terror of losing his family and job by revealing it. Through its raw depiction of systemic injustice and moral ambiguity, ‘Seven Seconds’ will prove to be a riveting watch for fans of shows like ‘The Asunta Case.’ The well paced narrative challenges us to confront uncomfortable truths about society and ourselves.

2. Unbelievable (2019)

Created by Susannah Grant, Michael Chabon, and Ayelet Waldman, ‘Unbelievable’ chronicles a harrowing tale of crime and flawed investigations inspired by real events. The series delves into the ordeal of a young woman named Marie, who reports being raped by a masked man but finds herself being accused of lying by the police. As Marie grapples with the trauma of her assault and the disbelief of those around her, detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duvall tirelessly pursue a serial rapist whose crimes bear striking similarities to Marie’s assault. Through a riveting blend of investigation and personal drama, ‘Unbelievable’ will immerse enthusiasts of true crime in its suspenseful mystery and poignant plotlines.

1. The Missing (2014-2016)

Created by brothers Harry and Jack Williams, ‘The Missing’ is a haunting anthology series that narrates tales of loss, grief, and the relentless search for truth. The show introduces us to the heart-wrenching ordeal of Tony and Emily Hughes, whose young son, Oliver, mysteriously disappears while they are vacationing in France. As the devastated parents grapple with the aftermath of Oliver’s disappearance, the narrative weaves between two timelines: the initial investigation led by French detective Julien Baptiste and the subsequent fallout years later.

Each episode peels back layers of deception, uncovering secrets and unexpected twists that deepen the mystery surrounding Oliver’s vanishing. Presenting composites of true events, the show will grip those who would like to explore other stories ‘The Asunta Case.’ The BBC show is widely praised for its masterful writing, stellar performances and lifelike production.

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